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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MERELY

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Astrology, 669:stands for or veils a hidden planet.) The sun is merely one of those suns which..."are sunflowersAtom, 48:the group. This makes the entire hypothesis not merely a wild dream, but a practically usefulBethlehem, 41:Initiation relates to consciousness and is merely a word which we use to express the transitionBethlehem, 46:order of his activity can he carry on any longer merely on the surface, a purely external life."Bethlehem, 109:of human nature. Apart from it we should be merely unmoral creatures... It is with the capacity toBethlehem, 227:and death. In the case of the Disciples it was merely a question of [228] unselfish subjection: inBethlehem, 237:sometimes on a cross of wood, sometimes merely on the stone floor, in the posture of a crucifiedBethlehem, 249:is to be ultimately achieved, the question is merely one of time and location. The Christian mayBethlehem, 266:a [266] simple rule is given us, and we are told merely to obey the voice of conscience and toDiscipleship1, 491:with the Plan. Forget not, that a glamor is merely a distortion of the truth and a faultyDiscipleship1, 704:varied nature and the Ashram life is usually merely an interesting background for daily experienceDiscipleship2, 280:is a point where confusion oft arises. They are merely the broad, general and universal perceptionsDiscipleship2, 589:think you already know and I reiterate them not merely to emphasize them in your consciousness butEducation, viii:Orient deny us that time and decide to meet us merely on our own grounds, then this might writeEducation, ix:In some instances the approaches are merely two "languages" for stating universal truths aboutFire, xv:SAID that we must not believe in a thing said merely because it is said; nor traditions becauseFire, XVI:he in concluding, "I taught you not to believe merely because you have heard, but when you believedFire, 575:have perfected vehicles for all evolutions (not merely the human), of fivefold atomic subplaneFire, 604:4); and all these three, be it remembered, are merely the ramifications of one Agni; which in itsFire, 733:may be involved, a pralaya may be considered merely as a transference of force from one directionHercules, 117:at a climax." This time the Teacher did not say merely that the work was badly done. He saidHercules, 118:For it appears, that a villain in this sense is merely a narrow-minded, rather uncouth fellow, aHercules, 129:over the brawl, to which all had contributed, merely saying, "Ponder upon the lessons of the past"Hercules, 161:don't be good, don't be harmless, don't serve merely in order to get away from it all, which isHercules, 218:us that: "... to the astronomer the Zodiac is merely the pathway of the sun, the moon and theInitiationsaid that we must not believe in a thing said merely because it is said; nor traditions becauseInitiationhe in concluding, "I taught you not to believe merely because you have heard, but when you believedInitiation, 73:A practical purity of life; a purity not merely theoretical. A freedom from care. Here bear in mindInitiation, 92:of the planet (esoterically understood, and not merely the force or energy of the material globe)Initiation, 123:He becomes a participant in solar and not merely planetary purposes. At this sixth Initiation theIntellect, 36:beyond what we see. To experience the world as merely a world of things is doubtless to fail ofIntellect, 82:or rather virtually; what is involved is merely the effectual attainment by the individual being...Intellect, 150:explain, but he knows that he has known and not merely felt, and often that knowledge remains anIntellect, 157:with the consciousness that it is not merely his own self that is [158] being realized andIntellect, 171:a possibility that the prophet was not speaking merely symbolically when he said that "the path ofIntellect, 233:to be effective in producing results must not be merely a sporadic effort in which we engage whenMagic, 135:also the working out of karma. This karma is not merely individual nor purely national, but is partPsychology1, 165:all are subject to a considerable extent, not merely those belonging by nature to that particularPsychology1, 165:carefully note that the term "subray" is used merely for convenience to designate the shorterPsychology1, 204:of the man's consciousness as no longer to be merely intellectual knowledge, but a spiritual rulePsychology2, 231:of the superlative Whole can be sensed - sensed merely - not known. Psychology2, 245:of the book is for use in days to come and not merely for today's understanding. The relationshipPsychology2, 733:as the word is usually interpreted, to mean merely an enforced freedom from war, and an expedientlyRays, 15:mystery and can only be understood (and then merely theoretically) if you bear in mind that all ourRays, 660:of the subhuman kingdoms in nature - is merely a mode whereby men can reach perfection and developSoulthe body; it becomes a city of meanings, and not merely a city of cells. Its organs are no mereSoul, 19:following words: "As for the Self or Soul, it is merely the sum total of the hereditary characterSoul, 23:as he would any lower form of life, and observes merely the overt and objective responses theSoul, 25:any such reality. The 'I' and the 'You' are merely compulsory expressions required by theSoul, 30:help even to the trained exponent, not merely enabling him to ascertain [31] the impression whichSoul, 31:quote largely from the available books, not merely because one is then more likely to speak asSoul, 51:a sinner and the sinner into a saint, and this merely by increasing or decreasing certain internalSoul, 52:glandular functions primary causes, or are they merely effects or instrumentalities? Is there not,Soul, 68:it as fundamental, the more we perceive it as merely the externality of energy, as our flesh is theSoul, 79:vital energy; whereupon the 'body' ceases to be merely matter and is conceived of as beingSoul, 80:Greek word psyche does not by any means signify merely consciousness, but can usually be translatedSoul, 98:which clusters matter and energy. Prana is merely a form of energy used by the Ego in its materialSoul, 115:severely condemned. These force centers are not merely situated up the spinal column and in theSoul, 126:and we time and amplify them, but after all we merely reinforce the sound waves which in theirSoul, 127:field and thereby acquire dominance over the merely physical and material? Such is the agelongSoul, 145:the following words: 'The laws of Nature are merely hypotheses devised to explain thatSoul, 155:in its relation to the lower immediacy - the merely temperamental [156] man with his impressionsTelepathy, 169:other three aspects of life - as listed - are merely indications of its existence. It is that which
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