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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MERGE

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Astrology, 470:so necessary a stage before the individual can merge himself as a conscious Self-respecting unit inAstrology, 471:of [471] this which made the ancient astrologers merge Virgo-Leo into one sign. Then as the dualismAtom, 86:as it also has later to be drawn into and to merge and blend with other atoms in the formation of aAtom, 89:his identity in the service of the group, and to merge his consciousness in that of the group. OfAtom, 113:the wall of his personal life, but will begin to merge that life within the greater whole. He willBethlehem, 24:sanely and wisely with God's Plan and to merge one's will in the divine Will must call intoDestiny, 41:these divine attributes and consciously to merge Themselves in a still higher process or scale ofDiscipleship1, 411:- Contact - "I see that Presence as myself. I merge myself in Light." Fifth month - Service - "TheDiscipleship1, 417:[417] inner detachment which will enable him to merge himself in the consciousness of his brotherDiscipleship1, 421:where the "gold and the blue meet, blend and merge." Then endeavor to feel that utter silence. WhenDiscipleship1, 462:many lines or rays of light; these lines then merge and blend until the lighted Way appears beforeDiscipleship2, 339:of the events which will, if experienced, merge the two into one major happening; time, therefore,Discipleship2, 546:that light you seek to identify yourself, to merge within and thus to avail yourself of itsDiscipleship2, 547:all-pervading, all-consuming Light, I blend and merge. I can no longer see the two - the greaterEducation, 29:say this manvantara or world period. He seeks to merge himself with the soul, to identify himself,Externalisation, 201:undefined larger wholes in which they seek to merge and lose themselves, such as the state, anExternalisation, 244:the good of the group; when the group or groups merge their interests in the national good, whenFire, 7:the two triangles - the greater and the lesser - merge into one flame, which burneth up the whole.Fire, 17:of sevenfold fire. "It is not fit," He said, "merge thou this Stone within the wheel which startedFire, 24:schemes, adjusted to the second karmic circle, merge [25] Their migrating spheres and blend TheirFire, 31:central forty-nine. Above they work, seeking to merge the whole. Upward they strive, who in theirFire, 45:cosmic ray of intelligent will meet, blend, merge, and blaze forth, the Logos will take His fifthFire, 48:brings about the synthesis of matter. As the two merge by means of this active energizing factor,Fire, 60:reflection, having no inner fire to blend and merge with light external. These inner fires of theFire, 63:Logos of Love. These two cosmic Entities blend, merge, and demonstrate as Soul, utilizing forFire, 63:of the third Logos. The three fires blend and merge. In this fourth round and on this fourth globeFire, 65:be seen, and later the seven, who eventually merge into the primary three) rule on the first, thirdFire, 95:grey; they are in a transitional state, and merge with a puzzling confusion with groups of entitiesFire, 102:great interaction goes on, and all parts blend, merge and are interdependent; and all partsFire, 122:is always on the atomic subplane, and the six merge and become the seventh. In this solar systemFire, 124:fire and the threefold pranic fire meet and merge, then evolution proceeds with greatly increasedFire, 139:to be able to identify himself with and to merge himself into it. 2. Antahkarana is the lowerFire, 172:the two triangles - the greater and the lesser - merge with one flame which burneth up the whole."Fire, 232:is produced that will adequately express Spirit. Merge the essence within the form, which isFire, 236:then the two from the four. Again the two merge, producing a united whole, and the one thusFire, 236:of the Son is effected. The two cosmic units merge. If we here naturally ask which is the cosmicFire, 252:uniformity of contact with each other, and to merge eventually Their separated identities in theFire, 258:place of His polar opposite; thirdly to [258] merge and blend with that polar opposite. This is theFire, 276:attracts matter. The tendency of Spirit is to merge and blend with Spirit. Form repulses form, andFire, 322:back into the central electrical reservoir, or merge in their opposite pole, and are consequentlyFire, 328:and portions of both hierarchies blend and merge so as to form the body of the divineFire, 336:ether, and have vehicles of buddhic matter. They merge into the greater life of the Lord of theFire, 339:only to choose but to discard, and he begins to merge the two poles intelligently. In the [340]Fire, 340:of Activity or Intelligence and is beginning to merge this synthesis into the higher one ofFire, 360:will the Logos of our system begin to blend and merge and coordinate all His vehicles; then willFire, 406:which form the logoic Quaternary [406] will merge into their synthesizing scheme, that of Saturn,Fire, 406:that of Saturn, while Venus and Mercury will merge into Uranus and Neptune. No importance need beFire, 414:in the same sense as certain of the schemes will merge until only three will apparently be left.Fire, 415:at certain stages 10-7-3. As [415] the opposites merge the ten become the seven and the three, andFire, 479:seek a new center. The central life escapes to merge with its polar opposite becoming itselfFire, 510:of his own Ray. Then he begins to synthesize and merge the seven into the major three subrays,Fire, 514:center - also approach each other, blend, merge, and dissolve. The center of positive life gathersFire, 538:own particular Heavenly Man, they all blend and merge. The [539] inner three which complete theFire, 639:the rôle of the scientist and the occultist will merge. H. P. B. has said (See S. D., II, 621.)Fire, 665:They originate by medium of the fifth, yet merge upon the planes of yoga. When the fiery essencesFire, 671:great devas seek each other, when they meet and merge, the promise of life is fulfiled. When theFire, 697:where the three, the four and the five blend and merge perfectly. Confusion on this point arisesFire, 718:(whether human or planetary) must eventually merge itself in universal consciousness. CertainFire, 740:cover the period wherein the lesser four Rays merge and blend, seeking duality, and their polarFire, 840:The one, the two, the three, the four and five merge into one and mingle with the sixth. The flameFire, 912:friends. As the two planes, astral and physical, merge and blend, and continuity of consciousnessFire, 1002:Sound, light, vibration, and the form blend and merge, and thus the work is one. It proceedethFire, 1044:basis of the spiral-cyclic activity, blend and merge. The ring-pass-not of the confining spheroidalFire, 1049:in the dark soil of earth; the other to rise and merge itself in the clear air of heaven. BetweenFire, 1063:is ready to escape from that form and merge itself in the greater form of which the lesser is but aFire, 1097:view. The eye looks sideways and the dimensions merge, and again the atom disappears. Outward itFire, 1158:fire. As the various types of fire blend, merge, and circulate, they gain thereby and produceFire, 1171:smell rose not up to Heaven; they refused to merge. No perfume was theirs. They hugged to theirFire, 1178:this in the words: "The points of golden flame merge and blend with the four-leaved plant of tenderFire, 1182:as a tendency to concentrate at a center, or to merge. [1183] The streams of energy which pourFire, 1231:the two triangles - the greater and the lesser - merge into one Flame, which burneth up the whole."Fire, 1241:are indicated, - seven streams which blend and merge to form one Path. It should also be noted thatFire, 1244:become three when units upon the four minor rays merge themselves into one of the three major rays.Fire, 1265:Ray Path. On this latter Path the two evolutions merge and from the fifth, the sixth Path can beGlamour, 32:surrounding aura which they constitute blend and merge with the world glamor and fog and form partGlamour, 103:and sees the Dweller on the Threshold merge into the Angel of the Presence. In the fifth initiationHealing, 139:to the five stages above mentioned. These all merge and blend into each other, and often constituteHealing, 331:might be likened to two streams of energy, which merge and blend to form one stream when detachedHealing, 426:own objectives. But - in time and space - they merge their interests for the benefit of both, andInitiation, 81:they progress, the various lines approximate and merge. All have been at one time magicians, forInitiation, 81:Master), the inability to cooperate and to merge their interests in the good of the group will passInitiation, 118:faith for ages is justified, and hope and belief merge themselves in self-ascertained fact. FaithInitiation, 190:On this latter Path, the two evolutions can merge, and from the fifth Path the sixth can beInitiation, 202:- Rules for Applicants Rule 9 Let the disciple merge himself within the circle of his other selves.Intellect, 119:till he attained the Goal wherein all doctrines merge in at-one-ment... Having all his ideas andIntellect, 210:the light of the soul and the life of the body merge and blend. The man who can train himself to beMagic, 27:planetary consciousness. Secondly, he begins to merge that planetary awareness into something moreMagic, 76:and [76] great the light that shines: the three merge with the One and through the blaze a fourfoldMagic, 90:here and in this life, to the man who seeks to merge his everyday consciousness with that of hisMagic, 121:Sound, light, vibration, and the form blend and merge, and thus the work is one. It proceedethMagic, 302:to the mental processes, which will eventually merge into that intuitive meditation, plusMagic, 385:of duality. The disciple seeks to blend and merge the soul with its vehicle and to do thisMeditation, 100:plane and the fire latent in the lower vehicles merge with the sacred fire of the Triad, the workMeditation, 100:deep in the heart of our earth sphere, will merge with the sacred fire of the sun at the end of theMeditation, 101:the two triangles - the greater and the lesser - merge into one flame which burneth up the whole."Meditation, 144:is aiming at something different; he seeks to merge himself with his higher Self and with all thatMeditation, 151:and pointing out later how the two have to merge and their individual elements be fused into one.Meditation, 158:later with his egoic group. [158] They tend to merge the occult and the mystic paths in the life ofMeditation, 158:tendency, till the time comes when the paths merge and all forms are alike to the Initiate. YouMeditation, 210:loose the inner light divine. Then the two fires merge, mount upwards and are lost in the Triadal
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