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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MERGED

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Atom, 33:concepts which produce a coherent whole when merged with the other two. It is for you to decide ifAtom, 90:[90] and the group consciousness itself will be merged in that of the Aggregate of all groups. WeAtom, 115:of the vegetable and animal kingdom merged, and the life passed from the lower kingdom into theAutobiography, 268:of humanity and the Hierarchy. He becomes merged in group activities and - losing none of hisDiscipleship1, 22:whose ideals are one, whose personalities are merged into one forward swing, whose rhythm is oneDiscipleship1, 50:to aspiration and that, in its turn, must be merged in the group life and the group good; glamorDiscipleship1, 211:when the time comes for their identities to be merged in a group soul and their personal isolationDiscipleship1, 212:forces from the astral plane as being lost and merged in an ocean of intelligent love. On their wayDiscipleship1, 679:I, God. I am the form in which all forms are merged. I am the soul in which all souls are fused. IDiscipleship2, 46:the mass consciousness with which he has been merged hitherto, but has not yet found his group,Discipleship2, 55:Ponder on this. Individual approach must be merged into group approach, and the approach of groupsDiscipleship2, 353:deliberation and with his full and free consent merged into the group; he achieves this fusion byDiscipleship2, 417:place to identification, and the light is ever merged in darkness. These seven hints are all hintsDiscipleship2, 561:Ashram I have taken my place. My little light is merged and blended with the greater light, forExternalisation, 170:the kundalini fire) is carried upwards and merged with the power and the light of the soul. TheExternalisation, 560:now in the Monad; hierarchical experience is merged into the purposes of the Council Chamber atExternalisation, 560:to you in the two final categories has been merged by you into an interested but totallyExternalisation, 561:the Hierarchy and Humanity - are [561] merged, fused and interdependent; they are all mutuallyFire, 13:of the lowest forms, manipulating densest maya, merged their production with the forms built by theFire, 13:forms built by the watery ones. Matter and water merged produced the third in time. Ascension thusFire, 17:fused. The fourth, the fifth, the sixth blended, merged and intermingled. The aeon closed, the workFire, 22:shade of blue irradiates the whole and all is merged in gleaming. Within the cave of iridescentFire, 23:It mounteth to its Source. Another fire is merged; another point of blue findeth its place withinFire, 33:the cycle is completed the purple fadeth and is merged into the rose, and the path again isFire, 145:two planes of superhuman evolution, till it is merged in its own essence. Therefore: The goal ofFire, 219:Spirit and on the consummation of the chord is merged in the Self, or the source from which heFire, 219:matter is not, and naught is left but the Self merged in the ocean of the Self. At each stage ofFire, 236:because the seven sacred planets are eventually merged into the three, and finally the three areFire, 236:major ray, and the three major rays are finally merged into the one synthetic ray, the Love-WisdomFire, 261:seven will be seen when buddhi and manas are merged. Much has been hinted at in certain of ourFire, 325:him atoms of an opposite polarity. When he has merged and blended the two poles, and produced lightFire, 407:Lipika Lords dispense the law to those who have merged themselves with their divine principle, andFire, 420:initiate can say "I am That I am," then he has merged himself with his divine essence, and is freedFire, 455:and a devotee, and where these two are not merged, we have the mystic and the man in danger ofFire, 506:threefold personality and the threefold Triad merged and blended and perfectly produced through theFire, 514:if the two points blended, or the two electrons merged, and (in merging) produce such an intensityFire, 526:force which these atoms generate and embody is merged and blended into the higher force points.Fire, 538:when the force of the Sacred Tetraktys is merged with that of the Holy Twelve. - The OldFire, 572:Heavenly Man, the Logos. Yet, though we are merged with the whole, we do not lose our identity, butFire, 700:gradually developed until it imperceptibly merged into manas, being of a similar nature; in thisFire, 717:of the Logos and of the planetary Logoi are merged, and one coherent vehicle of expression isFire, 766:itself; in the final two cycles this law becomes merged (though not superseded, being still potent)Fire, 929:energy, and his small plans and ideas will be merged in the greater ones. He will no longer,Fire, 1044:of the life imprisoned in the sphere. It is merged in its greater whole. As the fires of the sphereFire, 1117:as the consummation is achieved. They are merged, and lost in the general "beatific light," as itFire, 1119:Jewel of fire remains. When all the petals have merged their forces elsewhere, the process ofFire, 1173:the two, the one. This final one is eventually merged in the Sun, producing in this prolongedFire, 1194:body at all, but an ideal breath; consciousness merged in the universal consciousness, or soulFire, 1213:been made, and few are the human units who have merged their consciousness with that of the greaterGlamour, 104:the Threshold, [104] the Angel, and the Presence merged into a divine synthesis. The questionHercules, 12:subjective have become so closely blended and merged that it is almost impossible to say where oneInitiation, 109:Planetary Logos himself who officiates. They are merged at that time into one Identity, manifestingInitiation, 123:point and center to center until the energy is merged and synthesized and the three work togetherIntellect, 119:at-one-ment... Having all his ideas and concepts merged with the Primal Cause (he) had eliminatedIntellect, 194:outside with all named things. So the soul is merged into pure unity." - Pfeiffer, Franz, MeisterMagic, 10:This developed unit has eventually to be merged, with full intelligent participation, in theMagic, 145:moved on, blended this time with light. Life merged with light, both blending to reveal a beautyMagic, 386:I, God. I am the form in which all forms are merged. I am the soul in which all souls are fused. IMagic, 392:in the human kingdom, and is realized but merged into and negated by the greater forms andMagic, 394:a personality have been successfully fused and merged and the mechanism or instrument of theMagic, 622:in the world, every time the lesser is merged in the greater and the unit is blended in the whole,Magic, 627:its huge cities and its massed tenements have merged, and we have modern herding, carried to theMagic, 636:in the secret place of the Most High. We have merged our first point as to the immediate goal andMeditation, 36:fructify into satisfaction, and aspiration be merged in sight. The Hierarchy begins to take actionMeditation, 38:On the second subplane the groups become merged and blend, and from their forty-nine groups areMeditation, 148:comprehension: after initiation the mystic is merged in the occultist for he has become a studentMeditation, 161:so that it is only as the Personality becomes merged in the Ego, and the polarization shifts fromMeditation, 261:has learnt [261] that synthesis exists and has merged those five senses into the synthetic two,Meditation, 295:and then forever he may say that faith is merged in sight, and aspiration has become recognition.Patanjali, 308:4. In the solar plexus, the animal soul becomes merged in the soul of man, and the ChristPatanjali, 366:present is lost in the past instantaneously, and merged in the future as it is experienced, is ofProblems, 75:radio and today, television and radar. All these merged into the present age of science which hasPsychology1, 70:and not the two alone. Form and its soul are merged. The inner vision watches o'er the fusion,Psychology1, 278:run and the two separated halves will again be merged in their essential unity. In the abovePsychology1, 281:and hatreds will fade out and men will be merged in a true unity. The third factor underPsychology1, 345:will this fusion be completed. The lower four, merged in the middle four, will leave the triplePsychology2, 34:Beatific Ones, will eventually find ourselves merged with all that is, in love and understanding.Psychology2, 45:Heart to heart, the beating of these twain is merged in one. Foot to foot, the strength is passedPsychology2, 200:went forth. But only one returned. Four Saviors merged themselves in two, and then the two becamePsychology2, 237:sensed a vision; they have seen it, and have merged themselves with it after much struggle andPsychology2, 332:wherein [332] the consciousness of man, becomes merged in that of the soul upon its own level, andPsychology2, 393:in deep contemplation, the man is consciously merged with the soul and that soul, in meditation,Rays, 21:fifth feeds on the fourth. Let then the group - merged in the fifth - be nourished by the sixth andRays, 107:The little will of the little lives must be merged in the larger will of the whole. IndividualRays, 124:fifth feeds on the fourth. Let then the group - merged in the fifth - be nourished by the sixth andRays, 129:words of importance are: Let then the group - merged in the fifth - be nourished by the sixth andRays, 168:within the group, because the will of the merged soul is identical with that of the group andRays, 221:speaking. The soul of the group, being now merged with the life aspect on levels higher than thoseRays, 260:XIII for disciples and initiates) have become so merged with the soul (within themselves and withinRays, 455:which still preserves identity whilst merged in the whole. Another qualification is creativity;Rays, 718:and pray is that your individual will can be merged into the divine will, that revelation will beRays, 722:when the will of the Master is completely merged in that of the planetary Logos. Between the sixthSoul, 71:when the Eastern and Western psychologies are merged and the relationship of the Glands to the
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