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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MERGES

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Astrology, 104:Latency becomes potency and midnight merges into midday. God, the Father, rules. The power of VenusAstrology, 156:redeems that all; the sacred Goat that merges in the Unicorn and lifts impaled upon his golden hornAstrology, 259:The Light of Life All these express desire as it merges into aspiration and in the process bringsAstrology, 326:[326] The evolving understanding as intellect merges into the intuition. The fivefold nature of theAtom, 21:all units, the developing urge which eventually merges all units and all groups, until you haveDiscipleship1, 389:two in one. He sees the Presence as himself. He merges with its light. Behind the Presence gleamsDiscipleship2, 204:a descent from the Hierarchy which meets and merges with the energies of the ascending groupExternalisation, 337:with its uncomfortably recognized dualism; this merges into occultism which is the intelligentFire, 47:of mind, that of the higher self, and finally merges with the Divine Flame, then the man takes theFire, 72:by the action of the personality Ray which merges with this fire and stands in the same position toFire, 137:matter (the dual fire) is attracted upward, and merges with the fire of mind through a junctionFire, 167:and the pranic fires, eventually blends and merges with the fire of mind, and later with the fireFire, 582:and is consummated on the second, when the man merges with the Triad, preparatory to the finalFire, 582:When this disintegration is effected, the man merges with his astral vehicle, establishing aFire, 697:the five-pointed star, and it descends upon him, merges in him, and he is seen at its very center.Fire, 1034:emanates from their greater center, and which merges itself a little, a very little, with the twoFire, 1135:the activity becomes rhythmic and the vegetable merges in the animal. In the animal kingdom theFire, 1208:transitional state, as the negative blends and merges into the positive, and the positive becomesFire, 1279:approaches to the denser and the greater. He merges and He blends, and all is lost in dissonanceHercules, 92:driven by the urge of the Christ life, he again merges himself with the mass and becomes identifiedInitiation, 16:the five-pointed star and it descends upon him, merges in him, and he is seen at its very center.Initiation, 115:in action but also is love wisdom in origin. He merges his consciousness with this Life, andIntellect, 80:our understanding of the term, until knowledge merges into wisdom. This is direct knowledge of GodIntellect, 85:and not upon the potencies of that Self. As he merges himself more and more in the Reality who isIntellect, 205:of concentration. Third: As concentration merges into meditation (which is the act of prolongedMagic, 17:mind can formulate and know. This ultimately merges in the intuition, which is the "knowingMagic, 323:also strive after that self-forgetfulness which merges itself in the good of those contacted. ThisMagic, 535:intellect in the human family. Later intellect merges into intuition and intuition intoMeditation, 32:with other egos, yet retains identity; that merges itself with its fellows, yet preservesMeditation, 133:end of the enveloping cloud, the point where it merges itself into sunlight; he should pass throughMeditation, 168:until he gradually embraces all, and merges at last with the Monad, and later [169] with theMeditation, 284:out of the set forms and times of meditation, merges that meditation in the everyday living, andPatanjali, 152:of the thinking principle so that he no longer merges himself in the great world of thoughtPsychology1, 290:that drama whereby the purely human being merges himself in divinity. The great final drama of thePsychology2, 29:and from the final sense of selfhood, and merges itself in that sublime condition in whichPsychology2, 45:will, and love meets love. The will-to-power merges with the will-to-love and strength with wisdomPsychology2, 65:force center, and passes to the heart. There it merges with the individual life principle. ThroughPsychology2, 263:as personalities, is also becoming powerful. It merges with both the first group and the third. WeRays, 768:of the fire. Slowly the chalice threefold merges into an altar, and from that triple altar mounts
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