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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MESSAGE

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Externalisation, 470:preparatory and familiar stages. The note and message sounded by the Christ when last on Earth wasExternalisation, 480:for which Christ is responsible. This year the message of the past and of the present will beExternalisation, 541:1946 I have delayed writing my usual Wesak message until this late date because of a certain eventExternalisation, 542:obsolete these ancient ceremonial rites. In this message I would like to consider with youExternalisation, 546:This is the most important statement in this message, as far as humanity is concerned. Great andExternalisation, 557:in all of them. This is an intensely practical message and calls for your renewed pledge to serveExternalisation, 591:The Return of the Christ May 1947 (Part of this message and the one following it on Page 612 appearExternalisation, 591:have written you (and all who care to listen) a message which has often been prophetic, alwaysExternalisation, 609:again in the world arena wherein His earlier message has been negated, forgotten or misinterpretedExternalisation, 613:emphasis of what I have to say is related to the message which I recently sent out re the Return ofExternalisation, 613:sent out re the Return of the Christ. That message carried its own challenge and the questionsExternalisation, 631:Coming Decades April 1948 This is the last Wesak Message which I intend to give you. In 1949, IExternalisation, 632:should do and I have no intention (in this final message) of pleading with you to do it - beyondExternalisation, 659:energies referred to in my June (1948) Full Moon Message will swing into great activity as theExternalisation, 659:of labor is here of great interest. In my June message for 1948, I referred to the five specializedExternalisation, 660:entitled The Reappearance of the Christ (Wesak Message, May 1947). To this must be added theExternalisation, 701:is coming because He loves humanity. This is the message which you must give at this time. And withFire, xv:and unfailingly do its work, carry its message, and thus reach the hearts and minds of searchersFire, 1150:of it at the time of the Baptism. Again when a message has to be given out to the world during someGlamour, 181:e'en though it may not concern the intuitive message which he may bring back from his highGlamour, 182:then sees a vision, hears a voice, registers a message, or - highest form of all - he becomes aGlamour, 187:and find their way back to Christ and His simple message which has in it the power to save theGlamour, 188:with conscious divinity that he can receive the message direct from the central divine Source. HeGlamour, 189:it took decades and sometimes centuries for His message to penetrate into the hearts of humanity.Healing, 125:the center, sending forth the note, giving his message, distributing directed love energy, andHealing, 439:- Chapter V - The Process of Restitution June Message, 1940: The forces of death are abroad today,Hercules, 120:Doctrine is a clear statement of the whole message of this sign: "Matter is the vehicle for theHercules, 123:temperament is called a battlefield, for its message is "liberation," and liberty must be foughtHercules, 137:yet not distort or lower the character of the message; to use the values born of the past, yet notHercules, 199:by their words they have sounded the note, the message that humanity needed in order to take theHercules, 201:to them the tendencies, give them the new message, and repeat himself in every country. It isHercules, 203:intelligently and are not in a hurry. [203] The message that comes to them from the inner side isHercules, 203:go into the dark in order to deliver a message in the light. Therefore, they are tied by no dogmasHercules, 203:the need of their fellow men, and theirs is the message of Christ, "A new commandment I give youHercules, 217:and sixty years to traverse each sign." The Message of Aquaria, p. 23,by Homer Curtiss. AnInitiation, 1:to the open-minded consideration of the message to which her name happens to be appended. InInitiation, 2:material whether the reader receive the message of these pages as a spiritual appeal in anInitiation, 209:of the Masters' Records, that carry with them a message for the struggler on the Way. They areIntellect, 36:attention in words that carry the true mystical message. He says: "In the main, we are creaturesIntellect, 166:in character, and carry nothing new, or any message which will lead man on another step into theIntellect, 245:work that he has been chosen to do; some world message that he has to give and to which the entireMagic, 95:soul and broods reflectively upon the imparted message. During this period "the Energy circulates."Magic, 144:of the third word, vibration, appears. His message is heard, for it is sounded forth; it carriesMagic, 145:intelligence [145] animate it. This is true of a message, of an organization, and of all forms ofMagic, 303:for a careful consideration of the Buddha's message, and he is ready because he has been devouredMagic, 329:- Sons of God who have enunciated a world message and brought an increase of light to the peoples.Magic, 329:many centuries. What will be the effect of the message of a group Avatar? What will be the potencyMagic, 329:each other's efforts, reinforce each other's message, and constitute an [330] organism throughMagic, 330:numbers are increasing and increasingly their message will be felt. In them is vested a spirit ofMagic, 397:their note and for whom they definitely have a message. Hence the myriads of small groups all overMagic, 418:to see that this is done and [418] make this the message and keynote of the work you all doMagic, 633:are enough developed to respond to the Aquarian message, but who - as yet - cannot trust themselvesMagic, 633:to employ the real Aquarian methods of work and message. For instance, they have in the politicalProblems, 35:man-made interpretations of Him and of His message, and which emphasizes the authority of the humanProblems, 121:and the five hundred who recognized the message of the Christ. The new era in which Christ willProblems, 124:is essential that we return to Christ and to His message and to the way of life exemplified by Him.Problems, 136:bad old ways go and turn to the people with the message that God is Love, proving the existence ofProblems, 151:and identification with each other - such is the message of the Christ. Thus we have had four greatPsychology1, 112:of illusion, on the astral plane. This is a hard message, but no true disciple will misunderstand.Psychology2, 143:of group interdependence (which is the major message of the New Group of World Servers) willPsychology2, 565:intentional mental perception of a directed message; there is only a tuning in on a state of mindPsychology2, 565:with the one who is regarded as sending the message. In nine cases out of ten, this message is onePsychology2, 565:the message. In nine cases out of ten, this message is one of distress and goes forward andPsychology2, 566:recipient to induce the reception of the [566] message. An illustration of this would be thePsychology2, 566:which has been imparted; they will see the message, word or information appear before their eyes inPsychology2, 572:the masses. The refusal to accept any contact or message which has personality implications orPsychology2, 573:Service, of the many messengers carrying the one message, of the many teachers of the many aspectsPsychology2, 666:Group of World Servers or who respond to their message of good will, sacrifice our personalPsychology2, 667:be grasped. Its function is the spreading of the message of international good will and religiousPsychology2, 735:now rests upon those who have received the message. One can only observe that until those who knowPsychology2, 740:through discovering those who respond to this message and idea; secondly, to educate such people inRays, 10:earnestly and more intelligently. This is the message that must [11] go forth, for all the varyingRays, 110:masses simultaneously must be reached with the message of goodwill. The will-to-good is dynamic,Rays, 228:the initiate, this rule simply carries the same message but on an infinitely higher scale, and (ifRays, 615:will be responsive to the work and the message of the Christ, as it is [616] implemented from theRays, 754:is old, obsolete and separative and has no true message for the spiritually-minded which cannot beRays, 754:Founder seeks to bring a new Gospel and a new message that will enlighten all men everywhere.Rays, 766:Rays and the Initiations - Appendix An Occult Message The key is found; and with the pressure ofReappearance, 10:Intermediary, a Christ. He gives the message which will heal, which will indicate the next step toReappearance, 16:recognition of His spiritual status and His message, there must necessarily be an universalReappearance, 17:the news of His coming and the contents of His message. Today, when He comes, He will find a worldReappearance, 21:Right Effort. Right Rapture or Happiness. This message is uniquely needed today in a world in whichReappearance, 23:or of the Crucifixion; this time His message will be concerned with the resurrection life. TheReappearance, 56:again in the world arena wherein His earlier message has been negated, forgotten or misinterpretedReappearance, 104:Vyasa, appeared. He gave one simple and needed message that death is not the end. From His time,Reappearance, 109:those who think naturally in unison with His message, or the gullible and the credulous would flockReappearance, 114:which will enable men to respond to the message of the Christ and, therefore, the selflessReappearance, 182:saviors - Sons of God Who have given to men a message which brought an increase of light to theReappearance, 182:many centuries. What will be the effect of the message of a group Avatar or world Savior? What willReappearance, 183:each other's efforts, reinforce each other's message, and constitute an organism through which theReappearance, 183:numbers are increasing, and increasingly their message will be felt. In them is vested a spirit ofTelepathy, 18:problem. Frequently the communicator will send a message via the throat center, and the recipientTelepathy, 18:ask you to remember this. The sending out of a message may involve, and frequently does in
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