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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MESSAGES

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Astrology, 353:of the Gods or the "divine Intermediary, carries messages between the poles with speed and light."Astrology, 353:and its environment. Secondly, it carries the messages between the soul and the brain andAutobiography, 302:any of the service activities by means of any messages of any sort or kind. Humanity is passingDiscipleship1, 14:but not of the subconscious; the registering of messages from the soul or from other disciples andDiscipleship1, 465:have you assimilated all that I gave. Study the messages again, all of you, and see anew in theExternalisation, 292:are the Buddha and the Christ, because Their messages are familiar to all and the fruits of TheirExternalisation, 408:intention. The response of mankind to Their messages is dependent upon the point in evolution whichExternalisation, 481:said but not upon direct dictation. To these two messages, the Christ will add a new one, imbuedExternalisation, 591:opportunity. Every year I have prepared these messages with great care, and in their synthesisExternalisation, 599:of God here and now. Perhaps one of the major messages I have for all of you who read my words isGlamour, 153:Christ, and also in the Wesak and June Full Moon messages, I have dealt with this most practicalHealing, 688:people and beginners interpret calls and messages they hear or receive as coming to them from someIntellect, 16:world spoke with words of power and gave forth messages which have moulded the thoughts of men, andIntellect, 76:in their frameworks of time and space; they are messages in cipher of which we shall not understandIntellect, 101:majority of cases, is first of all to receive messages from the outer world, via the five senses,Intellect, 165:stream of illuminated writings and of the world messages down the ages, which have guided theIntellect, 213:of the soul, and in which he can receive the messages and impressions which emanate from thatPatanjali, 8:can be brought en rapport with the soul and its messages received, The "light in the head" can bePatanjali, 230:of the soul and in which he can receive the messages and impressions which emanate from that realm.Psychology1, 109:of inspired writings, and of personal messages and teaching. When you add to the above the equallyPsychology1, 112:of personality attention and of personal messages are over, and have been over for quite a while,Reappearance, 10:in the East and the Christ in the West. Their messages are familiar to all, and the fruits of TheirReappearance, 46:of God here and now. Perhaps one of the major messages for all of us who read these words is thisSoul, 34:aware of information ceaselessly conveyed to us. Messages are carried along the millions ofTelepathy, 8:will learn nothing, and will probably receive no messages, unless faked. Hence, therefore, when itTelepathy, 27:of the solar plexus contact and response [27] to messages by the emotionally polarized man orTelepathy, 75:being the custodians of mysterious spiritual messages - usually of a most unimportant andTelepathy, 75:nature. There are many sources of these messages and it might be useful if I here mentioned some ofTelepathy, 75:to be of value to the general occult public. Messages emanating from the relatively nice,Telepathy, 76:important, and then proceed to formulate it into messages, which they expect their friends and theTelepathy, 76:public to regard as spiritually based. These messages are normally innocuous, sometimes beautiful,Telepathy, 88:the highest astral or spiritual nature, plus the messages received from the usually beautifulTelepathy, 88:the average person upon the Probationary Path. Messages from the disciple's own soul areTelepathy, 88:communication, there will be found mixed certain messages or impressions from the Ashram which theTelepathy, 89:some degree the significant difference between messages from his own subconscious or theTelepathy, 89:people with whom he may be en rapport, and the messages coming from his own soul, his life thenTelepathy, 89:to the Hierarchy. He learns to distinguish the messages coming from his own soul from those whichTelepathy, 89:type of communication become possible - direct messages which are due to contact with the Master of
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