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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MET

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Astrology, 65:the Ageless Wisdom. This same difficulty will be met with in the science of astrology and someAstrology, 131:with his emanating source. Mercury is then met with again under another name, this time as the Sun,Astrology, 266:they mark points of attainment, through crisis met and triumphant achievement. Cancer-Virgo-PiscesAstrology, 430:will ordained the Plan. The Bear and the Lion met together and laid their plans [431] in conformityAstrology, 546:ancient crystallized forms of belief are met with something more ancient still and the combinationAstrology, 570:this first stanza was immediately successful and met with a full response from those good andAstrology, 639:as these signs were opposites of each other, yet met in the center they are connected; ... (S.D.Atom, 98:noted how in him all the three divine aspects met; and recognized man as a central will manifestingAutobiography, 12:by beauty; my life was full of variety and I met many interesting people. I never knew what it wasAutobiography, 21:me (battered and bruised) upstairs where I met much comforting - but no understanding. As I went onAutobiography, 27:obligations and that these obligations must be met. The other thing I remember vividly was theAutobiography, 33:without me. How I was tolerated by the people I met I do not know. I was so religious and so imbuedAutobiography, 37:knowing nothing whatsoever of Their existence, I met one of Them and that He talked with me. TheAutobiography, 42:after a God behind all forms, Who could be met everywhere and touched and really known, Who trulyAutobiography, 46:that this entailed. I had a good time; I had met many people; I had traveled a lot. I forget howAutobiography, 46:I are still friends and exchange letters. We had met in Switzerland and together had learnt to makeAutobiography, 53:was not greatly intrigued. The evangelists I had met (and they were many) had not impressed meAutobiography, 61:Barracks, and the men of the battery (whom I had met up at the practice camp during the summer)Autobiography, 77:I would like to say here that I have always met with endless kindness from the officers of theAutobiography, 87:men but never once had I been intrigued until I met Walter Evans. He was exceedingly good looking.Autobiography, 95:little seaside town near Dublin where she bad met Theo Schofield and me. She bad heard Theo's storyAutobiography, 102:can come out of all classes. I have met frightful snobs from the so-called lower classes. I've metAutobiography, 102:snobs from the so-called lower classes. I've met them, also, of an equally virulent kind among theAutobiography, 104:experience with thousands of young men had he met a man as gifted - spiritually, physically andAutobiography, 106:of work and living conditions. I have never met one who was demanding social equality, though theAutobiography, 106:the inevitable ostracism, and I have not yet met a girl of my own race who could give me the mentalAutobiography, 111:and had traveled and read and I sometimes met them. But the bulk of the people were small tradesAutobiography, 114:of Bishop Sanford. The first time I had met him he had come down for a confirmation. I had servedAutobiography, 121:ages. The Jew never seems assimilable. I have met Jews in Asia, in India and in Europe as well asAutobiography, 123:was a churchman and the other churchmen I had met seemed to be so mediocre, with the exception ofAutobiography, 128:enough money at this to warrant my effort. I met with much kindness in this department. I thinkAutobiography, 129:women, Mexicans and the type of man I had never met before - even in social work. When I first wentAutobiography, 134:in [134] Great Britain as myself. I had never met them but had wanted to, largely because I wasAutobiography, 137:beliefs and the new concepts together. Then I met two very old ladies who lived side by side in twoAutobiography, 144:of the leading movie people. I have met many of the movie people and they are grand and [145] humanAutobiography, 152:room where members of the Esoteric Section met and a cafeteria which fed the people. The place wasAutobiography, 155:I would have no difficulty. In January, 1919, I met Foster Bailey and later, after [156] I had beenAutobiography, 156:Divorce proceedings had been instituted before I met him. I had dreaded and feared the divorceAutobiography, 158:not be so limited in consciousness and later I met many people who were disciples of the MastersAutobiography, 171:unimportant. I had traveled so widely and had met so many people whom I knew to be more effectiveAutobiography, 180:and loved. I travelled to New York where Foster met me and took me to an apartment house inAutobiography, 191:were, naturally, all old people when I first met them. The attitude of the current TheosophicalAutobiography, 191:for awhile on our part in it. This group met steadily from the summer of 1922 until the summer ofAutobiography, 209:So Mrs. Bailey was over at the Ritz at 11. I was met in the foyer by the Grand Duke's secretary. HeAutobiography, 212:I, myself, had written several books which met with a good reception and I wrote them to prove thatAutobiography, 222:as far as we could go by train and there Olga met us and took us to her lovely villa where weAutobiography, 224:was a great success. People of all nationalities met there and we all lived together for weeks andAutobiography, 224:It was there for the first time that we met Dr. Robert Assagioli, who had been our representativeAutobiography, 225:trip. Dr. Assagioli is a Jew. At the time we met him at Ascona and later visited him in Italy theAutobiography, 229:are not enough. During these years of travel we met many types of occultism in the differentAutobiography, 262:leaders. This one true School has eternally met the need of seekers who - down the ages - haveAutobiography, 283:types and of the devotees can well be met in other groups and esoteric schools, and is thus beingAutobiography, 283:groups and esoteric schools, and is thus being met. Running through all the work of the ArcaneBethlehem, 23:of death daily undergone can the final Death be met and endured. (I Cor., XV, 31.) The ResurrectionBethlehem, 63:ecliptic, of the equator and of the horizon all met in that constellation. It is interesting alsoBethlehem, 109:method whereby evil can be turned into good. He met temptation with no great new technique orBethlehem, 109:He knew, what He had been taught and told. He met temptation each time with "It is written,"Bethlehem, 110:we meet the problem in the spirit in which He met it, turning the light of the soul upon it, andBethlehem, 116:with "If" on the lips of the devil, and each is met by Christ with the words, "It is written."Bethlehem, 118:refers in Zanoni. All of these four Christ met and vanquished in the desert-experience. Maya refersBethlehem, 121:the temptation which Christ so triumphantly met. We live by the life of God. Let that life flow inBethlehem, 121:but only concern and interest in others. Christ met this temptation to use His divine powers forBethlehem, 122:true. Upon what basis shall the problem be met? Will one be regarded as too idealistic and as anBethlehem, 125:immortal. As one studies the way in which Christ met this temptation one is inclined to believeBethlehem, 137:which come when the requirements are duly met - purification and self-sacrifice. In these fiveBethlehem, 142:mankind is so distressingly the expression, met in Him, and resulted in a synthesis of suchBethlehem, 144:upon the mount of Transfiguration. The past met in Him and was superseded by a living present. Bethlehem, 145:top, the past and the future of humanity met in Him. That He at-oned in Himself certain basic humanBethlehem, 155:and those who were immediately His friends, met with God, and so potent was this combination thatBethlehem, 158:Mountain of Transfiguration, and there seen and met with God in the glorified Person of JesusBethlehem, 167:Christ [167] began again to serve. He was met, as well we know, by a person in distress, and He atBethlehem, 223:and sorrowful contradictions, I was not met as in intercourse with my fellowmen by the coldBethlehem, 223:disparities of life were but apparent, but I was met from the eyes and brow of Him who was indeedBethlehem, 241:however, be more than these things, and can be met in a different way. It can be made to hold aDestiny, 21:than personal relationships, though those are met as need (note, I say, need) arises. DisciplesDestiny, 151:of the upper chamber in which the disciples met and arrived at a true recognition of the RisenDiscipleship1brought to my notice; some of them I have since met; others I have never met; some I knew well andDiscipleship1of them I have since met; others I have never met; some I knew well and could understand why theyDiscipleship1, 20:that your conformity to the requirement is met in the measure of your [21] physical strength,Discipleship1, 60:- Part VI The group requirements which must be met and preserved by the group, as a group, are asDiscipleship1, 75:each and all of you, even if you have not met each other. The strength of this situation is foundDiscipleship1, 84:to the practical and wise expression of the met need upon the level of daily living. One of theDiscipleship1, 142:yet been prepared; one of them you have not yet met. Think out with clarity, therefore: The noteDiscipleship1, 269:The routine of the daily demands can usually be met by the technique of an aligned personality andDiscipleship1, 272:off the earth and the situation will have to be met in some other way. Let us hope that this willDiscipleship1, 278:This determination of yours is sound. It has met a most needed demand of your own soul. It has beenDiscipleship1, 299:These all threatened to bewilder him and he met each of them in turn with the enunciation of aDiscipleship1, 307:know, all right responsibilities must always be met by disciples. I refer to that inner, active,Discipleship1, 395:rise, as the months have slipped away. You have met this with wisdom, [396] good intention andDiscipleship1, 450:plane. Broadly speaking, these forces can be met in three ways. There is the long and almostDiscipleship1, 494:suggest solutions. These three conditions I have met. The disciple studies the situation and thenDiscipleship1, 538:obligations and interests must continue to be met, but I am talking to you in terms of innerDiscipleship2, 13:the hallmark of the disciple, and every crisis met and rightly handled provides (once theDiscipleship2, 55:success, when the requirements had been duly met. It will be apparent to you, if you have followedDiscipleship2, 85:that the need of the youth of the world is met. The principles of the Ageless Wisdom must beDiscipleship2, 193:woven by the soul-infused personality, and met by corresponding threads projected by the SpiritualDiscipleship2, 232:all the many grades in the social order must be met; world groups of every description have to beDiscipleship2, 234:of the unskilled laborer) can be adequately met and the great mass of men swung accurately intoDiscipleship2, 234:The need of these unthinking masses must be met by disciples of less spiritual development, andDiscipleship2, 234:but that, in its progress towards expression, it met the need of all possible groups and grades of
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