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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - METHOD

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Astrology, 8:I have been faced with the problem of the best method whereby to handle it. [9] I decided onAstrology, 21:zodiac will necessitate a readjustment of the method employed by astrologers when they are castingAstrology, 56:and beat upon our planetary life, then the true method of resolving the dualities will be known. ItAstrology, 58:in Aries to consummation in Pisces. The present method is based upon the temporary truth thatAstrology, 106:soul changes its direction, its purpose and its method, and finally enters upon that definitelyAstrology, 123:[123] changes. Change is ever needed but the method changes itself from the constant variabilityAstrology, 127:that the way of incarnation is the "beneficent" method of evolutionary unfoldment and that the wayAstrology, 132:to be successful in so doing and indicating the method employed, that of conflict and of war. LeoAstrology, 137:and the mode of attaining the goal. This mode or method is that of conflict and struggle in orderAstrology, 188:through the light of the mind and through the method of conflict, for they are also Lords ofAstrology, 192:fight for an ideal. This idealistic concept and method of work is always the characteristic ofAstrology, 240:and stage by stage, under law and through the method of gained experience whilst in manifestation,Astrology, 261:final stage, he returns to the same directed method, rhythm and measure of the earlier massAstrology, 339:of the soul. Form life becomes a conscious method of expression for service. Aquarius-LeoAstrology, 343:lighted house and therein dwell." The temporary method of the personality is also clearly givenAstrology, 398:of liberation would do well to employ the [398] method of directed and motivated speech of anAstrology, 516:Unless, however, there is some scientific method of comprehension, some mode of adapting the lifeAstrology, 527:today and will understand the goal [527] and the method of its attainment more clearly. There isAstrology, 532:been given in the Ageless Wisdom. The slower method of research is the safer at present. In theAstrology, 591:modes of human interpretation. Under the occult method, we must begin with the universal and theAstrology, 595:Absorption. Relation and Living Activity. The method is one of Invocation and Evocation. In theseAstrology, 648:Rays and the Planets (According to Besant) Ray Method Planet Color I Will or Power Raja Yoga UranusAstrology, 679:second solar system, and in connection with the method employed therein, another point meritsAstrology, 679:particular groups involved. In every case the method was that of a slow evolutionary growth tillAtom, 13:him they are. This is a perfectly legitimate method of solution, but for some of us it fails inAtom, 22:of indwelling Existence can be demonstrated. The method whereby this is achieved is that ofAtom, 24:use of the discriminative faculty, and by the method of cyclic development or repetition. TheAtom, 46:like for a moment to take up what is perhaps the method of their evolution, and this from the humanAtom, 46:then, we may deduce from these facts, that the method of evolution for every atom is due to twoAtom, 54:evolution of the form, or the group; then the method of group development; next we will considerAtom, 57:or perhaps some abstract concept. If this same method of study can be extended to include the ideaAtom, 61:It is not possible to deal with the method whereby the forms are built up, or to enlarge upon theAtom, 62:unity which we call a kingdom in nature. This method might be briefly summed up in three terms:Atom, 62:involving of the subjective life in matter, the method whereby the indwelling Entity takes toAtom, 86:us, therefore, consider for a little what is the method of the evolutionary process for a humanAtom, 103:life through the medium of the objective. The method of the evolutionary development ofAtom, 106:atomic stage? In the Orient for many ages the method of evolution has been regarded as a twofoldAtom, 111:the product of meditation, and there is no other method of attainment. Atom, 112:own way of concentrating, to ascertain our own method of approach to that which lies within, and toAutobiography, 23:features of the experience. I believe that this method of capitalizing on the adolescent urges andAutobiography, 71:by the Moslem." I suggested that the slower method of education might, therefore, be wiser. HeAutobiography, 189:Hitler's use of the word. It concerns the Aryan method of spiritual evaluation and the way in whichAutobiography, 261:while out of the physical body at night. This method was employed in connection with the Stanzas atAutobiography, 292:religious, sociological or economic - as a vast method or field of experience whereby and whereinBethlehem, 17:gave to us a picture of the stages and method whereby identification with God can be brought about.Bethlehem, 17:can be expressed as follows: The Buddha - The Method Detachment. Dispassion. Discrimination. TheBethlehem, 79:and of problems, but its essence is love and its method is love. It leaves us an example that weBethlehem, 109:preparing [109] for initiation, and the method whereby evil can be turned into good. He metBethlehem, 125:Divinity) He simply ignored the temptation. His method was so brief and concise, and remainsBethlehem, 130:into being. His mission was to reveal the method whereby unity could be brought about; to proclaimBethlehem, 164:and pass on to true knowledge, through the method of thought, reflection, experiment, experienceBethlehem, 168:are brought together, and God's purpose and His method are seen as one. Theologians have oftenBethlehem, 169:some definitely Christ-like concept. That their method of application and the techniques employedBethlehem, 226:service of the kingdom is our duty and also our method of release from the thralldom of humanBethlehem, 261:Cross as a boundary, a symbol, and an example of method, between the world of tangible values andBethlehem, 273:formulations of truth, its specialized method of government upon earth and of approach to God. TheDestiny, 101:place today and will understand the goal and the method of its attainment more clearly. There isDestiny, 106:been given in the Ageless Wisdom. The slower method of research is the safer at present. Early inDestiny, 109:possession because it has been transmuted from method and mode into characteristics and establishedDestiny, 110:of training, of attribute and quality, and of method and objectives. Let us take the sixth rayDestiny, 113:the devotee becomes much more occupied by the method of applying his ideal than by the idealDestiny, 113:in the ideal and the ideal, in its turn, in the method of its application. The man becomes theDestiny, 126:about the necessary changes in technique and method of development which the seventh ray type willDiscipleship1, 23:unity of thought, plus diversity of method, of effort and of function and its quality is friendshipDiscipleship1, 38:is largely first ray work. It will embody the method whereby the divine Will works out in theDiscipleship1, 44:used to reach men's minds spiritually: 1. The method of raising the consciousness of an individualDiscipleship1, 44:mind and lesser periods of time. 2. The second method employed for raising the consciousness of theDiscipleship1, 51:them. To develop them, outlining your method of so doing. 4. Just how do you feel that you succeedDiscipleship1, 53:their servant and disciple. Through the first method, the New Group of World Servers came intoDiscipleship1, 106:brother, and I believe see now the reason for my method of training you. The love aspect of yourDiscipleship1, 109:the next six months we will simply follow the method of a general psychic "washing" or purging byDiscipleship1, 143:the problem is seen and realized. There is the method of a sudden and drastic adjustment, wherebyDiscipleship1, 143:and a new state of affairs is inaugurated. This method - though oft the best - is not easy for theDiscipleship1, 143:same condition is brought about as in the first method. This is the usual method for a second rayDiscipleship1, 143:about as in the first method. This is the usual method for a second ray disciple. Between these twoDiscipleship1, 156:along the line of love, using the ancient method which has been called "the wheel of living fireDiscipleship1, 156:fire which burns not but ever heals." This method is occult and safe and constitutes no barrier toDiscipleship1, 156:as does the building of a separative wall. The method is as follows: See before you a wheel of fireDiscipleship1, 164:whom you recognize by similarity of purpose, of method and of attitude. This, my brother, is notDiscipleship1, 164:As you go forward with this task, the right method of approach to those working in the New Group ofDiscipleship1, 187:Center and in each other's presence. Such is the method of the New Age groups. The utmost impartialDiscipleship1, 199:If this review work is a definitely scientific method of bringing about subjective results withDiscipleship1, 224:them or not as may seem best to you. Upon your method, however, of aspecting them will depend muchDiscipleship1, 246:best effort and this should convey to you the method for your and their deliverance. You may nowDiscipleship1, 266:is to be achieved, for you will unfold by that method. What you have done is known and recognized,Discipleship1, 287:I but indicate your goal. As one gets older, the method of active expression has perforce somewhatDiscipleship1, 322:concerned, the vision is not so clear yet the method of close self-analysis would land you inDiscipleship1, 338:nothing interfere with this. It will be the best method for your first ray nature and will enableDiscipleship1, 355:about an evenness of treatment and a balanced method in your handling of your physical problem,Discipleship1, 358:in the day's activities you change your method considerably. I suggest that you work with colorDiscipleship1, 399:If this review work is a definitely scientific method of development, have I ever given the methodDiscipleship1, 399:method of development, have I ever given the method of joy a fair trial? Or the work of the reviewDiscipleship1, 399:What basis can I find in my study that this method of reviewing is the way for me, and that it willDiscipleship1, 408:must be one of potent loving contact. Your method should be that of a deep interest in them, moreDiscipleship1, 418:that rapid intense work is for you the indicated method during the coming six months' period. Discipleship1, 429:during the coming six months as the method to be followed, in order to produce spiritualDiscipleship1, 430:and do I desire it? Is this review a scientific method of achieving indifference? Have I everDiscipleship1, 444:If this review work is a definitely scientific method of development, have I ever given theDiscipleship1, 444:What basis can I find in my studies that this method of reviewing is the way for me, and that itDiscipleship1, 451:which is at any time wrong; it is the motive and method used, leading to and governing the use of
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