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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - METHOD

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Discipleship1, 452:a hearing. There is, therefore, in this method the probability of a quicker ending of the presentDiscipleship1, 472:need the mystic vision far more than the occult method just now. The keeping of a spiritual diaryDiscipleship1, 495:implications, using knowledge and mind as the method of understanding. Accept the implications atDiscipleship1, 499:this will ever constitute for you the rightful method of release, because it is the true techniqueDiscipleship1, 510:with you, if you rightly build and learn the method of ascent. (A description of this garden willDiscipleship1, 544:To K. E. S. August 1935 BROTHER OF OLD: This method of beginning an instruction is one oft used byDiscipleship1, 545:soul in the light. You are not yet used to my method of instruction, as are senior disciples in myDiscipleship1, 604:be transmuted and it is for you to discover the method. I can but indicate need [605] andDiscipleship1, 605:indicate need [605] and opportunity. As for the method you should follow in meditation, I wouldDiscipleship1, 621:become static or crystallized, as that is the method whereby the first ray destroyers work - and itDiscipleship1, 650:they are concerned. Loving detachment is the method which should govern your [651] approach to theDiscipleship1, 673:stage wherein the chela is permitted to know the method whereby he may set up a vibration and callDiscipleship1, 696:and direction lie the key to any technique or method of contributing to what I might here call theDiscipleship1, 713:wherein the disciple is permitted to know the method whereby he may set up a vibration or a callDiscipleship1, 724:the mind and brain of the aspirant. Today, this method still persists in the majority of cases butDiscipleship1, 729:The effort of the Masters who work through the method of forming Ashrams is to bring about asDiscipleship1, 749:"The stage wherein he is permitted to know the method whereby he may set up... a call which willDiscipleship1, 764:of the Breath. That Breath is all and in the method of invocation and evocation which underlies theDiscipleship2, 5:of the Hierarchy. But this is not their method of work with personalities and with those whoseDiscipleship2, 5:in the three worlds of human endeavor. Their method and procedure is to try out the personalitiesDiscipleship2, 9:the question arises in your minds as to the method whereby I ascertain the content of your papers.Discipleship2, 9:I psychometrise them? None of these expresses my method or conveys the true mode of ascertaining. IDiscipleship2, 50:later date) will bear fruit and inaugurate a new method of drawing nearer to God. It might be ofDiscipleship2, 115:are [115] told. This truth lies behind the method of meditation which I shall seek to give you, andDiscipleship2, 116:leading to radiatory and magnetic living, the method suggested is as follows: Discipleship2, 122:fact that it is of a sevenfold nature and the method of transition and of transference is dependentDiscipleship2, 186:for much misery in the world. The scientific method safeguards the scientist from this type ofDiscipleship2, 188:attitude and firm assumption), but employs the method of prayer which - when divorced from allDiscipleship2, 189:in which this divine nature is expressed. The method, based on ray tendencies, of this revelation.Discipleship2, 199:who make mystical appeal and all who employ the method of occult meditation and direct invocation.Discipleship2, 218:the spirit of worship, which is the fundamental method of spiritual recognition. Thus, creatively,Discipleship2, 222:the horizontal activities are descriptive of the method of invocation and of evocation, as employedDiscipleship2, 226:of yourself, and it is here because it is a method of personality, focused attention and alignsDiscipleship2, 302:of personality hints. In the future, the true method will be to develop in the disciple the senseDiscipleship2, 318:to hold back teaching from the enquirer. Their method is, in reality, threefold: The presentationDiscipleship2, 318:to the esoteric teaching of the time, and this method is essentially a linking presentation.Discipleship2, 319:he return for a consequent new hint. Today, this method is no longer being used, and this changeDiscipleship2, 324:These hints are good illustrations of that method of teaching which is profoundly rooted inDiscipleship2, 352:of group initiation, growing out of the slow method of individual initiation. [353] These areDiscipleship2, 377:of the heart and mind of the initiate, the method is simultaneously revealed to him. This method isDiscipleship2, 377:method is simultaneously revealed to him. This method is the use of an "advancing point of light";Discipleship2, 381:will come into exoteric manifestation. The method of making this hitherto subjective kingdom aDiscipleship2, 399:into that vortex of force in which he learns the method of handling the planetary correspondence ofDiscipleship2, 412:already satisfactorily established; the ancient method, therefore, began to prove futile. TheDiscipleship2, 560:lies at the foundation of the hierarchical method of work. A disciple becomes spiritually magnetic;Discipleship2, 613:that can and should be gradually applied; this method is more likely to be successful than aDiscipleship2, 628:opportunity. That is inevitable, and the method whereby a disciple learns. But you will not fail inDiscipleship2, 633:his social relationships - uses every and any method to penetrate into those social milieus whichDiscipleship2, 675:chose and have faithfully followed the second method of handling this present incarnation. With aDiscipleship2, 707:essentially has to be? It is not an organized method of meeting world problems, of organizing newDiscipleship2, 707:to say that you made a mistake in technique or method or approach, in judgment or in speech, shouldDiscipleship2, 746:Now must come the mastering of the technique or method whereby (from that place) you move forwardDiscipleship2, 756:present to you a compromise between the Eastern method of hinting and the Western method of plainDiscipleship2, 756:the Eastern method of hinting and the Western method of plain speaking! I am, at the same time,Education, 3:ideal. Hence we have a history which covers the method whereby tribes acquired national statusEducation, 3:of territory are all indicative of the Piscean method, with its idealism, its militancy, and itsEducation, 13:learn to teach by teaching. There is no surer method, provided it is accompanied by a deep love,Education, 15:needed outer appearance. Writing symbolizes the method whereby the process is carried on, but it isEducation, 17:to cognize the higher. [17] When the right method of training is instituted, the mind will beEducation, 38:and equipping. To this must be added the old method of memory training and the attempt either toEducation, 45:of the nations, even though uniformity of method and of techniques may not be possible. DifferencesEducation, 56:factors are better understood and their method and purpose are grasped, we shall see an effort onEducation, 69:and because some man of vision works out a newer method and imposes his will upon those around himEducation, 73:they are of small use in determining process and method. The imposition of the new age ways inEducation, 84:to be assumed and that education is a method of preparation for that useful and interesting future.Education, 97:the true science of creation and is a scientific method of establishing continuity. These threeEducation, 115:towards a liberty of thought (through the old method of experiment, of discard, and of renewedEducation, 149:of Service and anent the Antahkarana gives method, mode, promise and point to it all. Externalisation, 16:of this "discipline" and that, and of this method being right (usually their own) and the otherExternalisation, 16:being right (usually their own) and the other method which may be right, but it is probablyExternalisation, 28:many others are outstanding examples. Another method was the evocation of the desire of the massesExternalisation, 28:- Section I - Introductory Remarks The first method was strictly mental, and even today remains so;Externalisation, 29:refutation of them - down the ages. The other method is strictly emotional and so more easilyExternalisation, 36:(Telepathy and the Etheric Vehicle). The method of communication between the Members of theExternalisation, 37:is unfolding and when, therefore, the mental method of working is that of mental relationship orExternalisation, 37:intelligently and theoretically understood. The method of communication between members of theExternalisation, 51:measures will proceed either by the method of enforced control, or would be of such a nature thatExternalisation, 55:Therefore, any truth or presentation of truth or method which has in it the possibility ofExternalisation, 55:of the Forces in nature and in man and the method of their utilization for divine purposes by man.Externalisation, 83:inevitably disappear. Reflect upon this law. The method whereby the forces of separation and ofExternalisation, 98:of the implanted seed, and the second to the method of its implantation. The quality of the "seedExternalisation, 98:are in any sense of the word personalities. The method employed was the gift of mind to the moreExternalisation, 98:instinctual faculty in others, whilst a third method was the leaving of a minority to the ordinaryExternalisation, 99:employed in creating these groups. The primary method is the presentation of the more advancedExternalisation, 99:amazing results. Ponder on this. The basic method employed, which lay behind the three methodsExternalisation, 100:minority, correspond to the earlier and first method of mind-implantation in animal man, whilst theExternalisation, 100:Group of World Servers corresponds to the second method of general stimulation. In both of theseExternalisation, 131:with its paternalism, conservatism and its method of slow adjustment. The U.S.A. expresses theExternalisation, 131:its quick and sympathetic touch upon life. Its method is not that of slow adjustment but of quickExternalisation, 143:Great Invocation can be increasingly used if the method outlined by me is studied and rightlyExternalisation, 148:unconvinced of the advisability of the indicated method of work, or fear the arduous task ofExternalisation, 148:upon the significance of the entire process and method of invocation. Much has been said andExternalisation, 224:best but believing in the worst; they use the method of prayer and of invocation because suchExternalisation, 227:beyond human comprehension at present) and the method of God, which is love; it provides also theExternalisation, 234:else who are today seeking by every possible method to stop Germany. Externalisation, 236:and meet force with force, which is the only method which the forces of aggression can understand. Externalisation, 237:of appeasement and the way of aggression. The method of peaceful discussion was tried by theExternalisation, 240:decide its own issues and make progress by the method of trial and error, by the success of its ownExternalisation, 259:possible. The use of cataclysm was the method employed in Atlantean days, as you well know from theExternalisation, 268:do this is not for us to say; the most probable method will be through the over-shadowing of some
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