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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - METHOD

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Externalisation, 305:the lesser Avatar come to institute a slower method of gradual reform? This slower method will beExternalisation, 305:a slower method of gradual reform? This slower method will be necessitated only if and becauseExternalisation, 307:with full understanding and consciousness of method, process and results. It is an act of freeExternalisation, 308:day for humanity if it cannot), then the third method of avataric expression becomes possible. 3.Externalisation, 311:to bring the war to an end. Every physical plane method must be used to drive the forces of evilExternalisation, 332:co-workers in the Plan by the old and tried method of trial and error. The less evolved theExternalisation, 340:that the condition of unity of objective, of method and of interrelation had to be brought aboutExternalisation, 360:understand a profound and useful hint as to the method and purpose of the undertaking staged forExternalisation, 369:one which is as yet inchoate, uncertain as to method and process, though clear as to goals andExternalisation, 383:to the moulding of public opinion and as a method of building up that reservoir of thought powerExternalisation, 412:the new birth or the first initiation. The method whereby this next step could be taken in the newExternalisation, 413:with Deity. Therefore we have: The Buddha, the method: Detachment, Dispassion, Discrimination. TheExternalisation, 416:of Invocation and Evocation as a means and method of approach to divinity. This will grow out ofExternalisation, 462:new modes of suitable living, and for a method whereby right human relations can be established.Externalisation, 569:has entirely superseded the more strictly human method. Except in the case of Masters working onExternalisation, 569:money is the travestied symbol. This newer method of financial relationships will beExternalisation, 573:and which also condition the hierarchical method - which is somewhat different; this effort willExternalisation, 575:way and utterly false as to design, location and method. Christ will return; the Jerusalem referredExternalisation, 602:exact moment has not yet arrived, nor has the method of His appearance been determined. The factualExternalisation, 656:Masters and Chohans, deciding in council the method, the extent and the quality of the distributionExternalisation, 671:where spiritual reality is to be found. The method of the Hierarchy is to work through [672]Externalisation, 691:lower identifications. This might be termed a method of eliminating all tendencies to registerExternalisation, 696:in physical bodies and sometimes not. This method of activity will not be possible as long as [697]Externalisation, 701:the imposition of ideas, and which can be the method of the democratic nations and of the churchesExternalisation, 701:churches everywhere, just as much as it is the method of the U.S.S.R. This we call totalitarianism.Fire, viii:of the Ageless Wisdom. [viii] The age-old method of arriving at truth by the process of acceptingFire, viii:such experiment and attempt to use this new age method has been made available to the public in theFire, xviii:of things macrocosmic, but if the occult method is adhered to, if the Law of Correspondences isFire, 39:two; gada, the (whirling) mace, is the spiral method of the procession of the world and theFire, 41:the second aspect. (S. D., I., 108) Their method is objectivity The reawakened Energies sprang intoFire, 54:plane, the monadic, and magnetism (which is a method of demonstrating radiatory fire) is thereforeFire, 79:body and prana comes comprehension of the method of logoic manifestation, and therefore much ofFire, 88:that the correspondence lies in quality and method more than in detailed adherence to a specifiedFire, 127:form of triangle that is [127] the correct method of circulation from center to center, will driveFire, 144:seeks ever to separate itself from matter by the method of attracting an ever more adequate type ofFire, 154:holds itself as a separated unit by the very method of repulsing all other forms. It can be seenFire, 173:seek to use them in world service, follow the method of imparting a fact (oft veiled in words andFire, 173:developed, and discrimination is the main method whereby the Spirit effects its liberation from theFire, 192:Sound, the basis of existence; sound, the method of being; sound, the final unifier; soundFire, 192:therefore realized as the raison d'ętre, as the method of evolution, and therefore as beatitude.80Fire, 214:who are His expression, is characterized by that method in the distribution of matter which we callFire, 231:way than briefly to indicate that the whole method of evolution is simply that of adjusting theFire, 235:a: Cosmic principle, in six differentiations by method of: Expansion, vibratory stimulation,Fire, 238:is periodical and that the Law of Rebirth is the method that evolution takes in dealing with a man,Fire, 260:will be put into his hands and he will find the method whereby electrical impulse, demonstrating asFire, 276:law, and hence rebirth again and again is the method of exercise. When the innate conscious facultyFire, 298:I would here point out the inadvisability of the method whereby the names of the globes in a chain,Fire, 299:in a chain and its corresponding chain lies a method of communication. The same is true likewise ofFire, 333:of life, and the field of experience. By the method of manifestation, which is a gradual growthFire, 334:- the mineral and vegetable - the key or method whereby the life escapes into the higher kingdom isFire, 335:human. We must always bear in mind that the method of individualization on this globe was not theFire, 346:is quite possible. These methods are: First, the method pursued on the moon-chain (the planetaryFire, 346:connection with the Heavenly Men, this was the method pursued by Them, and These advanced cosmicFire, 346:physical permanent atom of the Logos. In this method of individualization, the emphasis is laid onFire, 347:second solar system, and in connection with the method employed therein, another point meritsFire, 347:particular groups involved. In every case the method was that of a slow evolutionary growth tillFire, 347:Heavenly Man - Earth chain - Venus. This second method therefore is that which is brought about byFire, 347:bring about the merging of the poles. The first method touched upon was that of the earlier solarFire, 347:upon was that of the earlier solar system. The method we are now considering is the distinctive oneFire, 347:the end of the mahamanvantara. That the earlier method was seen in the moon-chain is only evidenceFire, 348:as a Cosmic, Systemic and Human Factor b. The Method of Initiation In this second method the "RodsFire, 348:b. The Method of Initiation In this second method the "Rods of Initiation" are used to effectFire, 349:from that source. 30, 31 Third, the third method of individualization is the one to be followed inFire, 349:the will at present incomprehensible. The first method of individualization [350] is that of theFire, 350:resistance under the Law of Economy; the second method is the purely electrical one, and worksFire, 350:under the Law of Attraction; whilst the third method lies hidden in dynamic will and is as yet toFire, 350:consideration of human individualization and the method thereof. We saw that individualization isFire, 358:differently, and have a different purpose and method, from His Brother Who stands for the heartFire, 366:scheme for another scheme. Fourth, the fourth method of transference of consciousness, and theFire, 380:body of a Heavenly Man. The difference in the method of individualization. The different rate ofFire, 399:of the three lower planes. Through the method of dominating matter, or the Personality, consideringFire, 450:certain set words and phrases and the due method of chanting and intonation. They cannot bringFire, 472:results entirely beneficent, and before the true method of contact is comprehended, and theFire, 477:these formulas and who meditates upon the method and suggested process will receive a general ideaFire, 482:of the atom. The keynote of the planes. The method of working from the egoic level throughFire, 488:(if so I might term it) or through the method of the reduction of the form, rather than throughFire, 488:as does the white Magician. These differences of method need to be carefully considered and theirFire, 490:for it brings out clearly the difference of method between the two schools. In the transmutativeFire, 512:causes of the heat of the solar system, to the method of the cosmic Law of Attraction andFire, 548:sphere to another will be realized; the method of arousing consciousness on the different planes byFire, 550:and build his own system, to understand the method of creation and to comprehend somewhat theFire, 561:it shows itself in: Its source Its mission Its method Its objective. All these will vary accordingFire, 575:vibration repeated in its own little world the method of logoic vibration, giving rise itself toFire, 584:descending Monad, using the spark of mind as the method of at-one-ment. Again we can see how itFire, 620:consideration of the laws of being, and of the method pursued by the Logos in giving His conceptionFire, 659:physical, and [659] man's astral body, and the method of its vitalization will be foundFire, 666:in the plan of evolution. They have Their own method of expressing these ideas, the medium beingFire, 668:mantric sounds and balanced modulations are the method of contacting them, and of producing varyingFire, 675:in touch with the desire nature of the God. This method naturally involves a vast knowledge of theFire, 686:levels, and the resultant individualization. Method and time may vary according to the nature ofFire, 700:and the karma of its planetary Lord. Their method of work on the Earth can be studied in the SecretFire, 711:be revealed through the Christ, the Son, by the method of incarnation made possible through theFire, 711:worlds of human endeavor. We have dealt with the method of individualization through the coming inFire, 711:the Lords of the Flame because it is the prime method in this solar system; whatever methods may beFire, 715:to open the door into the fifth kingdom by the method of forced initiation. A third type ofFire, 717:We have seen how the characteristic method of individualization in this solar system is the resultFire, 719:will begin to show indications of the third method, - that of the next system. [720] This methodFire, 720:method, - that of the next system. [720] This method has been described as that of "occultFire, 720:of extraneous agencies. It is the distinctive method of this system. In the next round and chainFire, 720:of this system. In the next round and chain the method will be abstraction through will power, but
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