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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - METHOD

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Healing, 118:as follows: the average psychologist employs the method (when dealing with nervous cases, withHealing, 255:be incorporated in the medical curriculum and method; the risks to the human subject are too great,Healing, 295:from the form of man in time and space. The method used by the Perfect One and that employed byHealing, 297:of transient imperfection, and death is just a method for refocusing energy, prior to a forwardHealing, 307:asking of intelligent questions is the occult method of focusing the mind, of synthesizingHealing, 309:and its end. [309] There is also a more physical method, which is based on sensitivity in the lowerHealing, 314:cooperation of the one to healed, for the only method (which I may later elaborate) is to blend theHealing, 322:fully than this, for the problem of origin and method remains an insoluble problem just a long asHealing, 373:and despises all other systems of diet or method, it will not be possible to establish the trueHealing, 381:of curing certain forms of disease, and the method (frequently employed by nature) of subjectingHealing, 417:style in this treatise, we will continue our method of tabulation. The withdrawal of the ethericHealing, 480:in spite of what cranks and people with a pet method of cure may say, or even those who have no useHealing, 527:at all times complete harmlessness. "The method used by the Perfect harmlessness." This,Healing, 535:evil from the form of man in time and space. The method used by the Perfect One and that employedHealing, 537:everywhere. Thus, and also through the method of trial and error, much will be learnt. The healingHealing, 627:mental approach, but by the much more prosaic method of directing streams of energy, via certainHealing, 642:should be encouraged, and not the present method of burial. Cremation returns the life of the lunarHealing, 642:to the central reservoir of life than any other method, for "our God is a consuming Fire" and allHealing, 649:which he employs: The laying on of hands. This method is employed when the diseased area isHealing, 650:and not to the action of the hands in the second method, when the hands are immersed in the ethericHealing, 660:evil from the form of man in time and space. The method used by the Perfect One and that employedHealing, 660:that such a dire possibility is not present! The method employed under the Law of Perfection isHealing, 660:"perfect harmlessness," and that was ever the method used [661] by the Christ, the Perfect One. ItHealing, 664:choose (and had better choose) the slow but safe method. It is a method in which imperfection isHealing, 664:better choose) the slow but safe method. It is a method in which imperfection is only veryHealing, 699:use a secondary technique as an aid to the basic method, and use the appropriate lower vehicleHealing, 700:the human body), and then attempt to decide what method, mode or procedure the healer would be wiseHercules, 12:The third key thought gives us a clue to the method. Down the ages the words have sounded forth: "IHercules, 51:will be avoided. There is a danger in the method of many aspirants in inhibiting or shutting offHercules, 61:of good and of evil. This is a symbolic method of telling us the story of the appearance of mind,Hercules, 93:can become equally aware, but which has its own method of contact and its own response apparatus.Hercules, 137:the keynote is "adaptability", which indicates a method by which the "ease" of Libra may beHercules, 156:mind reveals direction sure." Reflecting long, a method came to mind. Two cymbals had he, large andHercules, 190:cycle he inaugurated would pass away, that a new method of work would have to emerge whereby theHercules, 201:affairs, it seems to me he might try another method. He may work with his own in every land,Initiation, 13:and that the rationale of a subject, and the method of procedure, are his to use intelligently.Initiation, 17:well in Masonry, and in combining the Masonic method with what we are told of the steps on the PathInitiation, 24:their right to serve, and the strength of the method of their appeal. Knowing the quintessence ofInitiation, 30:his own plane was enabled to take a more direct method in producing the results he desired forInitiation, 31:source, and also the close analogy between the method of functioning of a Planetary Logos and ofInitiation, 32:just as the radioactivity of minerals is the method of bridging the gulf between the mineral andInitiation, 33:a change, or innovation in the Hierarchical method. Certain of its members were called away toInitiation, 52:for results and the consequent karma. The method of procedure is somewhat as follows: - The MasterInitiation, 53:work of the disciple to ascertain the best [53] method for bringing about the desired results, andInitiation, 64:They gather in the Hall of Learning and the method is much the same as in the big Universities, -Initiation, 87:the personality [87] through direct contact, a method different to the individualization as shownInitiation, 90:aware of the great fundamental fact that the method of initiation is the method of: [91] ForceInitiation, 90:fact that the method of initiation is the method of: [91] Force realization. Force application.Initiation, 91:rhythm is superseded by the higher, and the old method of expressing energy dies out entirely. HeInitiation, 96:schemes, Neptune, Uranus, and Saturn, the method of initiation will not be employed. They will beInitiation, 97:vibration of things as they are. Therefore the method for them is an ever-increasing intensity ofInitiation, 108:to teach two things, first, the unity of the method, second, that the truism "as above so below" isInitiation, 138:the limiting agency of words, to describe the method and the rites whereby spiritual liberation isInitiation, 138:achieved in this cycle; first, through the method of evolutionary unfoldment, or gradualInitiation, 169:forces, the brothers of darkness, employ this method for the startling and the enthralling of theInitiation, 171:planetary scheme and in the solar system. The method of development in the three earlier rounds isInitiation, 173:him, and he sees the unity of the scheme. The method of egoic at-one-ment is seen clearly revealed,Initiation, 174:of the name of the Solar Logos. The work and method of the destroyer aspect of divinity. TheInitiation, 178:very largely in the nature of an experiment. The method whereby a man assumes conscious place inInitiation, 195:study the constitution of man, to understand the method [196] of functioning in the lower nature,IntellectONE Introductory Thoughts "The scientific method - apart from a narrowly agnostic and pragmatistIntellect, 3:of the present educational impasse and the method whereby the fact of the soul may be ascertained -Intellect, 24:life, we are due again to revert to the ancient method of specialized training for the specialIntellect, 29:to help in this work by applying the scientific method of ascertaining agreements amidstIntellect, 31:and held down by our mass [31] system and by the method of cramming the memory with ill digestedIntellect, 32:of Education This book seeks to deal with the method whereby the capacity to function in the largerIntellect, 33:advancement, many will gladly seek the way. The method proposed is an individual technique whichIntellect, 39:development. It is in this connection that the method of meditation will be seen as a part of theIntellect, 40:so the soul type is the product of a new method of mental training, imposed on the individual byIntellect, 41:has been spectacular in the extreme. The eastern method is the only one which has produced theIntellect, 44:Reflection Yet the cause is basically one - a method of education. Both are also fundamentallyIntellect, 59:of God becomes the goal, of all endeavor. This method is not that of the mystical devotee whoIntellect, 59:emotional nature has sought after God. It is the method of intellectual approach and of theIntellect, 68:in its life and states of consciousness. One method involves the emotional nature and is based onIntellect, 74:intermediary? The answer comes that there is a method which has been followed by countlessIntellect, 75:265. Again, we might define meditation as the method whereby a man reaches the glory of theIntellect, 82:and an experimental system of coordination. Its method is that of focused attention, of mindIntellect, 100:is in the strictest conformity with the eastern method, which aims first to put a man in control ofIntellect, 106:to hold it there as long as desired; it is the method of accurate perception, and the power toIntellect, 112:The meditation has been positive in its method and has not led to a negative or trance condition.Intellect, 124:Six - Stages in Meditation We have outlined a method, old and tried, whereby it is claimed the mindIntellect, 129:For them we must either formulate a new method, or modify the present technique and so find timeIntellect, 130:in Meditation In the preceding chapter the method was dealt with through which a man could begin toIntellect, 140:in God Himself..." - Malaval, F., A Simple Method of Raising the Soul to Contemplation, page 102.Intellect, 141:between two activities." During this lull a new method of knowing and of being is instituted. ThisIntellect, 151:for our consideration an ordered process and method which carries man to the state ofIntellect, 157:pages 114, 83, 288. The Knower has a different method from that of the mystic. His is the directingIntellect, 177:should go." John Oxenham We have outlined the method through which the mystic can become theIntellect, 177:the Kingdom of God. They speak, likewise, of a method by means of which they have arrived at thisIntellect, 177:truth, and that they claim for this universal method that it brings them certain results that mightIntellect, 182:tell us that when they have arrived, through a method at a Way, and through the following of thatIntellect, 185:Eight - The Universality of Meditation The Method in Tibetan Buddhism In studying the life ofIntellect, 185:for him that he attained union through the method of discipline, meditation and practice, and,Intellect, 186:Eight - The Universality of Meditation The Method in Chinese Buddhism One of the main contributionsIntellect, 188:Eight - The Universality of Meditation The Method in Hindu Yoga The Hindus have analyzed theIntellect, 191:Eight - The Universality of Meditation The Method of Sufism The writings of the Sufis are muchIntellect, 191:the same expression of truth and the same basic method. The following excerpts from the oldestIntellect, 193:Eight - The Universality of Meditation The Method in Christianity It is, of course, easy to findIntellect, 193:East. They bear witness to the same efficacy of method and they too use the intellect just as farIntellect, 199:on to outline meditation work and indicate the method which it is advisable to follow. [200] In
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