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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - METHOD

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Meditation, 81:and laborious effort, which is the consistent method of all that evolves, is after all but anMeditation, 93:and not that which develops one sole line of method to the exclusion of all others. The dangers ofMeditation, 93:caution and an approximation of the necessary method to the immediate need. To the man thereforeMeditation, 95:deciding which that center will be. This is the method of the majority. Then that point having beenMeditation, 108:Logos. It is his field of manifestation and the method whereby he attains a demonstrable object.Meditation, 108:or it may be the transmutation of desire by the method of meditation on the path. It is for eachMeditation, 112:of the higher that it is the aim of the present method to offset. If the adepts of the dark pathMeditation, 113:that when the real occult work is begun, the method may differ - and will necessarily differ - inMeditation, 131:of hindrance in active work. Glamor is another method used, or the casting over the disciple of aMeditation, 132:of being led astray will be nullified. A third method frequently employed is to envelop theMeditation, 140:lead to further enlightenment. In the occult method of teaching step by step is given, point byMeditation, 141:meditation and not the imparting of any definite method. I seek to show the essential nature ofMeditation, 141:is the basis of all work of this nature. The method employed by the Logos in this the second solarMeditation, 146:later consciously dwell there permanently. This method is the one most largely used, and is theMeditation, 146:is the path of love and devotion. In the second method the student pictures himself as the idealMeditation, 146:himself what he visualizes himself to be. This method is employed by the more mental types, theMeditation, 151:August 10, 1920 We studied, two days ago, the method whereby the mystic attains union, and outlinedMeditation, 152:law to himself. Rigid self-discipline is his method, and necessarily so, for the dangersMeditation, 168:was the source, love is the goal, and love the method of attainment. Meditation, 168:all, at the same time, quite distinct in their method of approach. If this is borne in mind it willMeditation, 169:a vaster whole. In these three departments the method of approach to the Head of the Department isMeditation, 170:We might here somewhat indicate the approximate method, and lay down certain rules which will serveMeditation, 170:of occultism. It emphasizes the hierarchical method, it embodies the divine autocracy, and it isMeditation, 171:life but concentrates primarily on its method and form of manifestation. The basic rules ofMeditation, 204:how of phenomena. It is the finding out of the method whereby results are achieved, and it involvesMeditation, 204:storehouse is entered, but to understand the method whereby that storehouse is kept replenished,Meditation, 239:perfections. On the intelligence side it is the method whereby the life utilizes the form andMeditation, 239:is the rule, in contradistinction to the earlier method. The indwelling life renounces the forms,Meditation, 240:the sheaths that imprison, he discovers that the method whereby this is accomplished is by theMeditation, 245:has causal vision and consciousness. This latter method, and the major part of these types ofMeditation, 250:turn of the spiral. Mental comprehension of the method will be developed. They were raised throughMeditation, 251:of letters on meditation? Simply this: that the method employed in the utilization of color andMeditation, 254:approach to Them be better comprehended and the method more simplified; and the effect of contactMeditation, 258:the path to be trodden by one and all, and the method is meditation. The goal is perfect love andMeditation, 258:after subplane on all the three planes; the method is that of occult meditation; the reward is theMeditation, 261:the Triad. He has done this always by the occult method, that is, consciously and with fullMeditation, 273:his being one with his Master and group, but the method of interblending is one of the secrets ofMeditation, 282:via Meditation 1. Sanctified Service This is the method of the man who wields the law, the methodMeditation, 282:is the method of the man who wields the law, the method of the occultist, and the rudiments of theMeditation, 282:of the occultist, and the rudiments of the method are laid down in raja-yoga... [283] The wordMeditation, 283:of the plan of the Hierarchy of Light. The method followed is that of the intensest application toMeditation, 285:you understand it, is superseded. In this first method the occult student works from the peripheryMeditation, 285:Masters via Meditation 2. Love and Wisdom This method is the line of least resistance for the sonsMeditation, 286:the powers inherent in the threefold man. The method here is perhaps not so hard in some ways, butMeditation, 287:round will show the greatest exposition of this method. It will be the round of supreme mentalMeditation, 287:now. This round marks the height of the second method, that through love or wisdom. It is theMeditation, 290:2. Recognition of Vibration In this instance the method is not quite the same. The student becomesMeditation, 291:upon His pupils in a specific manner. This method of contact is frequently attended by perfume. InMeditation, 293:the Aspirant is aware of Success This fifth method is not so usual but it is known to some natures.Meditation, 294:and Masters, will guard their door by another method, later to be revealed. When, in meditation, aMeditation, 294:response, then he can begin to find out the method and watch the causes that set the vibration inMeditation, 298:civilized countries are under supervision, and a method of stimulation and intensification is beingMeditation, 300:microcosm. The laws governing man's being. The method of occult development. A beginning hasMeditation, 303:are receiving it from Them. They say not: "Our method is the only right and true method." They say:Meditation, 303:say not: "Our method is the only right and true method." They say: "When receiving instructionsMeditation, 303:the macrocosm and its sevenfold application. The method of this development and the place of theMeditation, 311:beginning must find out for themselves the method, place and manner. All must be wrought out in theMeditation, 325:the scheme of the student's work and to show the method whereby he is gradually led on until he isMeditation, 336:the same need and purpose are served, though the method of application necessarily differs, owingMeditation, 336:physical, but is either emotional or mental. The method of application differs in all three, andMeditation, 337:coincides with that of the physical body. The method consists principally of living in theMeditation, 337:The Refining of the Emotional Body Here the method of procedure is different. The emotional body isMeditation, 343:three things are of moment: The motive. The method. The attitude following action. With wrongMeditation, 347:does slovenly and ill-judged work? A further method of service shews itself in adaptability. ThisMeditation, 349:personal self for the good of the One Self. The method may also be shortly put: Wise control of thePatanjali, 11:of the God within. In these three verses, the method and the goal are described in clear andPatanjali, 16:- Book II, Sutra 20. Deduction is not a sure method of ascertaining knowledge and the otherPatanjali, 17:stage and has to be superseded by a different method. The student of Raja Yoga has to realize thatPatanjali, 44:the way of least resistance for many; it was the method of attainment for the race preceding thePatanjali, 44:way of intense feeling. Through following this method the four planes are dominated and buddhi (orPatanjali, 44:this sutra point out that those who follow the method of Raja Yoga and use the will are dividedPatanjali, 45:as they permit no excesses of any kind. Their method is to be recommended to men in this particularPatanjali, 70:and the new man come into his heritage. The method of the disciple must not only includePatanjali, 70:those conditions. They contain a hint as to the method whereby liberation from the wrong states ofPatanjali, 78:this mode of arriving at peace follows upon the method of sane wholesome living and its consequentPatanjali, 79:teaching gives the following suggestions: Method Sense Result 1. Concentration upon the tip of thePatanjali, 80:of the sounding board of the mouth and the method whereby speech becomes possible, a knowledge ofPatanjali, 81:can infer that the seven centers are involved. Method I. Sutra 33. Solar plexus center. The peacePatanjali, 81:or pain, or towards all forms of good or evil. Method II. Sutra 34. Center at the base of thePatanjali, 81:brought about by the regulation of the prana. Method III. Sutra 35. Center between the eyebrows.Patanjali, 81:which have relation to the sense perceptions. Method IV. Sutra 36. Head center. By meditation uponPatanjali, 82:be reached and thus peace can be achieved. [82] Method V. Sutra 37. Sacral center. The chitta isPatanjali, 82:lower nature is purified and no longer indulged. Method VI. Sutra 38. Throat center. PeacePatanjali, 82:meditation on the knowledge which dreams give. Method VII. Sutra 39. Heart center. Peace can alsoPatanjali, 90:in all these ranges of consciousness, the method of mastery is the same - perfectly concentratedPatanjali, 95:is utilized in the process, is the separative method. Things become separated into their componentPatanjali, 95:of all meditation becomes apparent and the method whereby occultists are made becomes clear. AlwaysPatanjali, 107:imperfect. They are: Sense perceptions. In this method the dweller in the body ascertains thePatanjali, 130:Learning, the central mystery is contacted. The method of release is seen, the law is wellPatanjali, 132:contact and awareness become possible. The method and process through which the human being hasPatanjali, 145:experience sum up human existence, its object, method and goal and with them we need not deal. ThePatanjali, 161:form which is but the effect of some cause. This method of endeavor can only be developedPatanjali, 170:will be of value as it is the first great method of attaining liberation [171] or freedom from thePatanjali, 171:physical world. Finally the following of this method eventuates in the entrance of the aspirantPatanjali, 178:the book, wherein instruction is given as to the method to pursue if full yoga, union, orPatanjali, 183:and of feeling. Here can be noted the orderly method which is followed in the pursuit of yoga orPatanjali, 189:produce impure conditions and though the method of counteracting these conditions may savor of deadPatanjali, 190:the same idea in very beautiful words and the method is adequately brought out. He says: "WhenPatanjali, 201:why of life are answered. The reason for and the method of physical plane existence is no longer aPatanjali, 222:the possession of more. This is ever the occult method. Let us, therefore, deal briefly with our
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