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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - METHOD

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Patanjali, 232:the hindrances are specifically dealt with, the method of correcting them is indicated and then thePatanjali, 232:find it useful to note the graded and accurate method outlined in this marvellous treatise. It isPatanjali, 255:that is gradual, and relatively slow, is the method of every natural process and this soulPatanjali, 328:his work. It is through an understanding of the method of energizing the nerves that the thinkerPatanjali, 334:physical counterparts to all of these. Another method of working these out is as follows: [336]Patanjali, 363:and time concepts, will with wisdom follow the method of developing intuitive [364] knowledge,Patanjali, 369:are of the nature of hindrances, and the method of their overcoming is the same. 29. The man whoPatanjali, 379:function. 1. Incarnation The physical plane method. 2. Drugs The release of the astralPatanjali, 379:3. Words of Power Creation by speech, or the method of the mental plane. 4. Intense desire ThePatanjali, 379:desire The sublimation of aspiration or the method of the buddhic plane, the sphere of spiritualPatanjali, 379:the sphere of spiritual love. 5. Meditation The method of the atmic plane, the sphere of spiritualPatanjali, 383:is due to one of two methods: [383] A slow method, that of repeated lives, experiences and physicalPatanjali, 401:his own liberation, it is also by the same method, one-pointedness and unification. The oldPatanjali, 411:approach to a very difficult problem, and this method of reasoning is not an easy one for westernPatanjali, 422:are of the nature of hindrances and the method of their overcoming is the same. The rightPatanjali, 424:control, - the approach via the head, the occult method, - complain that the old moments of joy andProblems, 6:years. This will have to be done by the simple method (simple to write but difficult to implement)Problems, 43:of the nations, even though uniformity of method and of techniques may not be possible. DifferencesProblems, 57:to be assumed. Education will be regarded as a method of preparation for that useful andProblems, 118:of right human relations. The technique or method to bring this about remains everywhere the same:Problems, 132:are relatively free, owing to their hierarchical method of government and their centralizedProblems, 151:step forward and undergo the new birth. The method whereby a man could enter into the kingdom ofProblems, 158:movements, for the fifth imminent Approach; the method employed will be the scientific andProblems, 160:human approach to Deity. Men have long used the method of prayer with important and deeplyProblems, 160:focused, have employed more generally the method of meditation in order to arrive at knowledge ofPsychology1, 5:aspect (this latter being the true scientific method), and is therefore limited and circumscribedPsychology1, 8:physical plane, but we shall have a practical method of analysis whereby we can arrive at a rightPsychology1, 62:order to produce a specific intent through the method of the evolutionary process. Psychology1, 73:the particular, which is ever the truly occult method. However, all that I am positing about a rayPsychology1, 101:of the psychic nature into activity, and the old method of sitting for development in order toPsychology1, 109:expressing a deep seated hope, and is not man's method of building a defense mechanism; nor is itPsychology1, 116:the inclination to interfere with the way and method of a man's daily life. Why should we, whenPsychology1, 120:is the coming new approach to the correct method of training and developing the human family.Psychology1, 125:Then what else will occur, and what will be the method of approach to these devas? More and more,Psychology1, 126:with invocations, and through their use the method of calling the devas will be discovered. ThisPsychology1, 128:as endowing him with capacity. It governs the method of his relations to other human types and isPsychology1, 142:and Whose justice is supreme. Nine: The mode or method of development for humanity isPsychology1, 143:One and in identification with the One. Ten: The method employed to bring about this realization isPsychology1, 163:of struggle. Hatha Yoga, the most dangerous method of psychic growth. Saturn. Green. V Lower Mind.Psychology1, 171:which were (in spite of errors in technique and method) of any usefulness in [172] aiding theirPsychology1, 180:towards a liberty of thought (through the old method of experiment, of discard, and of renewedPsychology1, 202:that in attempting the cure of disease the best method for the first ray man would be to drawPsychology1, 202:his part of occult methods. The characteristic method of approaching the great Quest on this rayPsychology1, 203:literary work would always be instructive. The method of healing, for the second ray man, would bePsychology1, 203:case to the best advantage. The characteristic method of approaching the Path would be by close andPsychology1, 205:as the patient whom he desires to relieve. The method of approaching the great Quest, for this rayPsychology1, 207:to live with. In healing, the best fourth ray method is massage and magnetism, used with knowledge.Psychology1, 207:massage and magnetism, used with knowledge. The method of approaching the Path will be byPsychology1, 208:surgery and electricity. For the fifth ray, the method of approaching the Path is by scientificPsychology1, 210:composer of oratories and of sacred music. The method of healing for this ray would be by faith andPsychology1, 258:when it was instituted it superseded the earlier method, employed upon the Moon, wherein the urgePsychology1, 258:aspiration where man is concerned) was the method employed. This really means that, when thePsychology1, 259:of a reaching out and of an expansion. But the method usually employed at this time is in thePsychology1, 273:each has been the common custom and the rightful method, according to the location, the tradition,Psychology1, 364:subhuman kingdoms. Heal through a scientific method of bringing together soul and body. ProducePsychology2, 62:the length of time that a soul has employed the method of physical incarnation. 3. The result ofPsychology2, 63:aspirant in the New Age. 4. As the introspective method is pursued, and as we study the humanPsychology2, 80:Energy of Love-Wisdom Souls on this ray use the method of "gathering in" or "drawing into". ThePsychology2, 80:attracted to the central point of energy. The method is relatively gentle, when compared to thePsychology2, 80:is relatively gentle, when compared to the method of the first ray, and the process is somewhatPsychology2, 81:is characteristic of this third ray. This method is totally different in its technique to that ofPsychology2, 90:or plan; and only aspects of His technique and method begin to appear to the illuminated mind. ItPsychology2, 97:for a human being to do more than sense that method which exists on our own particular planet.Psychology2, 97:of the ray Lives condition most peculiarly the method of expressing sacrifice, during the course ofPsychology2, 106:of purpose and objective, of technique and method, or complete understanding and oneness ofPsychology2, 106:age and time, a complete accord on detail, on method, and [107] on interpretation of principles isPsychology2, 125:people must strenuously strive, nor is it a method of world salvage. This distinction must bePsychology2, 130:as to the nature of the soul. Service is a method of producing phenomenal outer and tangiblePsychology2, 144:type for a very long time. But the sixth ray method of evoking desire for the materializing of anPsychology2, 161:is to be made. The way of discrimination, the method of dispassion and the discipline of the lifePsychology2, 173:and by choice - comes under the influence of the method whereby this death is brought about. By thePsychology2, 173:in dying for other lives, and aware also of the method which he must employ in achieving andPsychology2, 179:of Elevation. The time has now come when this method of raising the race can begin to be tried.Psychology2, 185:These three work primarily through the method of influencing the minds of the adepts and initiates.Psychology2, 186:as yet one of group integration and the method whereby it can be developed. The reason why Those onPsychology2, 188:our lives. This embodies a most practical occult method of work. The astral-physical brainPsychology2, 190:work is largely first ray work. It embodies the method whereby the divine Will works out in thePsychology2, 228:of all things; They will reveal the nature and method of activity of the Cosmic Christ, and willPsychology2, 237:men have sought to do this and have called the method of their search by many names -Psychology2, 313:the previous tabulation in connection with the method whereby the soul appropriates the variousPsychology2, 353:The man functions as a whole. This process and method of work brings him eventually to a point ofPsychology2, 353:an alteration in his direction, a change of method, and a different attitude. These three changesPsychology2, 353:the center of his being, the heart; a change of method takes place, for, instead of moving straightPsychology2, 405:right understanding of our subject, and of my method of handling it, I would like to lay down fourPsychology2, 463:by the action of a man's own soul. The first method takes much time and patience. The second methodPsychology2, 463:method takes much time and patience. The second method may be instantaneous in its effects, as inPsychology2, 478:is unique and stupendous. The details of the method whereby it can be done are too numerous for usPsychology2, 480:the problem of guidance as the problem of the method whereby a man, through processes ofPsychology2, 497:is encouraged by certain of them under the method of "transference") and in his desire to producePsychology2, 498:all types and cases. There is, first of all, the method with which we have been dealing. ThisPsychology2, 498:the method with which we have been dealing. This method delves into the patient's past; it seeks toPsychology2, 498:constitute the source of all the trouble. This method (even if the psychologist does not realizePsychology2, 498:until they can be more safely opened. The second method which is sometimes combined with thePsychology2, 498:interests. I would like to point out that this method could be more safely applied if thePsychology2, 498:were left untreated - temporarily at least. This method is (for the average ordinary person who isPsychology2, 498:cooperation of the person concerned. The third method, which has the sanction of the Hierarchy andPsychology2, 499:It will be apparent to you, however, that this method is of use only to those who have reached thePsychology2, 544:the mystical way and to regard the mystical method as "lying far behind him". But both must learnPsychology2, 589:I would remind you that service is a scientific method whereby the forces which awaken, stimulatePsychology2, 591:analysis, the Science of Energy and teaches the method whereby energy can be controlled, directed
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