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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - METHOD

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Psychology2, 598:to proceed by means of the "trial and error" method and it is in many ways a sound choice, but itPsychology2, 639:unity of objective, [639] definiteness of method, and uniformity in technique and good will. Let usPsychology2, 648:of the old mistakes in policy, judgment and method, and ignoring the habitual barriers and ourPsychology2, 651:are possible, if there is a unity of ideal and method amongst us. A picture of the immediatePsychology2, 655:which are characteristic of the old order. Their method is the method of education; they will mouldPsychology2, 655:of the old order. Their method is the method of education; they will mould public opinion andPsychology2, 717:considered by the Council in May, 1937, was the method of deepening the hold these new ideas mustPsychology2, 723:is small, yet the effectiveness of this method is very great. The result is in the nature of groupPsychology2, 731:and its significance and right use. The general method employed is one of inspiration and of thePsychology2, 732:it be emphatically stated here that the major method with which we can concern ourselves, and thePsychology2, 742:desires impotent? It is this particular method of straightening out the world which the spiritualPsychology2, 742:time, determined to use. It is a somewhat slower method from your point of view, but the effectsPsychology2, 742:and it has in it dynamic possibilities. This method is based upon two premises: First, the provenPsychology2, 742:for one's brother extant. Secondly: it is a method which has in it a long range success, and yetPsychology2, 747:the spirit of silence, for silence is the best method whereby spiritual force is both generated andRays, 50:Plan and quality give place to purpose and method. Plans are fallible and tentative and serve aRays, 80:or incarnation. Its two figures define the method of evolution; 2 equals the quality ofRays, 105:of Rule IV, we are to consider two things: The method of evoking the Will aspect. The process ofRays, 108:It might be stated, in an effort to clarify the method whereby this is done, that by the carryingRays, 191:formula for group activity and also a potent method (once the group can unitedly work together) forRays, 212:aspect - it will be apparent to you that the method employed is that of the utilization of theRays, 278:will nature of the Monad. Transmutation - the method whereby that which is lower is absorbed by theRays, 325:teaching anent the antahkarana or the mode and method whereby the initiate could relate in oneRays, 403:not in a position to ascertain the truth. The method of the Master's work upon this Path is alsoRays, 427:via the sign Sagittarius Hierarchy The fifth Method Prismatic identification Symbol A colored crossRays, 427:sign Hierarchy Veiled by the numbers 14 and 17 Method Duplex rotary motion and rhythmic dancingRays, 427:via Aquarius Hierarchy The first and the second Method A process of electrical insulation and theRays, 464:nature of relationship Wisdom. Understanding The method of evolution Consciousness. Soul The noteRays, 479:to convey to you an almost visual concept of the method whereby man has reached the stage ofRays, 484:Therefore, again, the understanding of the method of building the antahkarana is essential ifRays, 485:inadequate. I can but outline to you process and method and a consequent hope for the future; onRays, 486:the time we have investigated these words, the method of construction and the means whereby theRays, 490:Up to the present stage in the process, the method for all the seven rays is identical; but at thisRays, 503:himself for the distinctive use of his ray method in preparing for the "projecting sound" or WordRays, 504:Hold in mind, specifically and in detail, the method to be employed in building the bridge,Rays, 512:The calling in of the will through the method appropriate to the Ray of the disciple, the soul ray.Rays, 523:science of Invocation and Evocation. It is the method to be followed by average humanity at thisRays, 528:are the result of a process, a technique, a method (choose which word you will) of invocation byRays, 529:mind and its capabilities. I have indicated the method whereby the mind, trained in meditation, andRays, 557:It might also be stated that initiation is a method whereby the circulation of energies isRays, 605:Once humanity has decided upon the goal and the method of reconstruction and of reorganizationRays, 652:certain words which are [652] concerned with the method whereby the vision is accorded andRays, 663:so to consider them, we will preserve the old method of counting them. The thought of soul-infusionRays, 705:work and not just occasionally, as has been the method hitherto. He can work through a physicalRays, 717:the divine purpose; we have only indicated the method whereby it is being attained, but the trueRays, 757:in the fact that it is, in reality, a great method of integration. It links the Father, the ChristReappearance, 49:The exact moment has not yet arrived nor has the method of His appearance been determined. TheReappearance, 103:itself presents a field of research to Them. The method hitherto followed has been to decide whatReappearance, 117:(Matt., V, 48.) This time, He will teach men the method whereby this possibility can becomeReappearance, 151:the greatest of all the Approaches. The method employed will be the scientific and intelligent useReappearance, 181:process, as applied to humanity. This method of work - the use of human beings as agents to carryReappearance, 186:Let me emphatically here state that the major method with which we can concern ourselves and theReappearance, 189:(which is the basic world need) and as the method of so doing - goodwill - is developed, the ChristSoul, 93:that through a knowledge of a certain technical method it becomes possible for a man to workSoul, 129:etheric body, determine his character, his method of expression, his type and [130] also the tenureSoul, 130:be possible to apply a technique and employ a method which may in time suffice, through the mass ofSoul, 131:investigate and apply a recognizably dangerous method and work directly on or through the centers ?Soul, 131:it not be possible to arrive at a solution and a method which will give the soul the full use ofSoul, 131:of psychical and mental states. Through this method it is possible to bring about a union of theSoul, 132:Soul, but, limited by their peculiar bent and method, their testimony is one-sided. One is tooSoul, 133:we should be able to work out a system and a method which will be for our day and generation theSoul, 137:effects resulting from following the above method, even after we have eliminated much that savorsSoul, 149:is in many ways equivalent to the scientific method of inquiry by observation, experiment andSoul, 157:in which investigation and use of the scientific method of massing evidence to prove or disprove anTelepathy, 3:These three work primarily through the method of influencing the minds of the adepts and theTelepathy, 18:use the solar plexus. This is the most frequent method, and I would ask you to remember this. TheTelepathy, 31:to all these four aspects of the word. This method will serve to shift the receiver nearer to theTelepathy, 34:to understand: The medium of transmission. The method of transmission. The manner of reception. TheTelepathy, 39:must be strenuously guarded as to motive and method; any group endeavor which involves a unitedTelepathy, 40:a meaningless phrase. [40] Forget not that the method of work of the Hierarchy is that ofTelepathy, 40:three injunctions as to motive, technique and method. [41] Telepathy, 50:and Evocation is the name given to the mode or method whereby the desired relationship is broughtTelepathy, 67:which is reached by the Hierarchy via the method of invocation and evocation. Within the humanTelepathy, 67:i. e., the instinct of the homing pigeon or the method whereby cats and dogs and horses will findTelepathy, 72:use of speech or words but is simply a technical method whereby an initiate within the Hierarchy orTelepathy, 73:been attempting to substitute the invocative method for the selfish use of prayer and the limitingTelepathy, 73:It is a slow process by means of which this method of intercourse must be learnt and mastered, andTelepathy, 91:the divine WHOLE is realized by man. The method is impressed from a hitherto unrecognizedTelepathy, 144:the plane on which he should function, and the method whereby he should govern his environment,
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