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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - METHODS

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Astrology, 184:substituted for the present unsatisfactory methods - methods which most astrologers who have anyAstrology, 184:for the present unsatisfactory methods - methods which most astrologers who have any real capacityAstrology, 206:Cruelty - which is satisfaction with personality methods and which makes the mind the instrument ofAstrology, 209:mode of human development and the former to the methods of the Piscean age which is just passing.Astrology, 237:to the bringing up of young people. The old methods must give way to the new and the conservativeAstrology, 266:above ideas will prove fruitful in establishing methods and relationships; they should alsoAstrology, 515:of their origin, their point of impact and the methods of their [516] assimilation and transferenceAstrology, 519:destiny, I might as well work at other modes and methods of raising the human consciousness. ButAstrology, 624:the latter does not require the slower methods of the steady drive. It is also the will whichAtom, 49:will be changed, and people will study the right methods of utilizing energy. Disease throughAtom, 49:through ignorance will no longer exist, and the methods of transmitting force will be studied andAtom, 112:sound a word of warning. Avoid those schools and methods which combine forms of breathing exercisesAtom, 112:organs or centers. Those who follow these methods are heading towards disaster, and apart from theAtom, 122:planetary Deity and the solar Logos) in the two methods of unfoldment that are followed. We haveAtom, 143:within a still greater whole. We studied three methods of evolution, or development, in connectionAtom, 145:to express fundamental ideas, and upon varying methods of organization. When the scientist, forAutobiography, 157:which should have governed policies and methods but did not. The society was founded for theAutobiography, 169:also been given. Great changes are being made in methods and techniques and because of this theAutobiography, 173:were controlled by the E.S. but felt that the methods employed were shocking. Many of them did whatAutobiography, 198:the records and take those businesslike methods that would insure our students being promptlyAutobiography, 251:purposes, and made suggestions as to modes and methods of cooperation with this group of WorldAutobiography, 259:of Alice A. Bailey - Appendix - The Methods in Producing "A Treatise on Cosmic Fire" The Methods inAutobiography, 259:in Producing "A Treatise on Cosmic Fire" The Methods in Producing "A Treatise on Cosmic Fire" ThereAutobiography, 259:"A Treatise on Cosmic Fire" There have been four methods employed in transmitting this teachingAutobiography, 270:conscious of learning all the time, and of the methods whereby he has been taught and led forwardAutobiography, 271:head whose motives are usually sound but whose methods and approach to those he seeks to serve areAutobiography, 271:against which the lesser interpretations and methods break and drop away. He teaches certainAutobiography, 272:for humanity and some personal ambition. Their methods are, in the last analysis, exoteric; theyAutobiography, 274:old ways and instituting new and more suitable methods of teaching occult truth. The Arcane SchoolAutobiography, 274:elementary instruction and training disciples in methods of work and how to serve. The last andAutobiography, 280:involves a reorientation of your life and life methods, in all probability; it means the learningAutobiography, 281:will no longer serve its originating purpose. Methods and techniques may change; dogmas andAutobiography, 281:that - decade by decade - the techniques and the methods of training offered by the Arcane SchoolAutobiography, 282:how they are expressed through the Arcane School methods and mode of working. Autobiography, 292:the universal field of service and the ancient methods whereby human beings can pass from theBethlehem, 28:values will be seen and the new techniques and methods of living will be evolved as a result ofBethlehem, 60:their message, or who objected to their methods. All of them "descended into hell and rose again onBethlehem, 91:and men. That the technique employed and the methods used to enforce the sensed and visioned idealBethlehem, 94:different set of wishes, desires, ideals, and methods of world activity. Bethlehem, 114:in the basic fact of His utilizing those methods of service, triumph and sacrifice which areBethlehem, 204:this and the Christian way of forgiveness. Both methods are wholly personal, both depend upon aDestiny, 22:you are, nevertheless, far more affected by the methods employed to materialize the ideas and byDestiny, 30:activities of the new era and of ending the old methods of life and the old crystallized attitudesDestiny, 62:two Axis Powers, Germany and Italy. But the same methods can be applied to any nation and race andDestiny, 81:one to mete out justice and indicate the right methods of law and order; yet her Gemini nature atDestiny, 82:that good intentions are oft offset by bad methods. The British are just and wise, but theirDestiny, 109:the modern disciple should be discarding the old methods and steadily learning to employ the newDestiny, 110:newer influence must then be studied, the newer methods investigated and mastered, and the newDestiny, 110:method and objectives. Let us take the sixth ray methods of activity and its major characteristicsDestiny, 114:and peculiarly the goal of all disciples. The methods whereby the activity of the sixth ray and itsDestiny, 118:Spiritual Life in the New Age In considering the methods whereby the seventh ray purposes areDestiny, 122:by the sixth ray disciple, because the methods employed by Those Who are handling and directing theDestiny, 122:comprehensible by him, grounded as he is in the methods of the past; hence the appearance of theDestiny, 122:and indications of crystallized and worn-out methods from the ancient past is all too prevalent atDestiny, 134:This thought brings to our attention the three methods of activity as employed by all the rayDestiny, 134:changed attitudes to life and very different methods of daily living. These three are: GroupDiscipleship1, 5:changing the old ways and adapting the old methods to the newer circumstances and to the advance ofDiscipleship1, 6:so inadequate a term. The experiment of changing methods and of implementing the new technique ofDiscipleship1, 17:all else, it is a group formed to inaugurate the methods of the New Age as regards group work, andDiscipleship1, 18:this is to be perfected. The objectives of both methods - the mystic and the occult - are the same.Discipleship1, 36:between individuals so that the rules and methods whereby speech can be transcended may becomeDiscipleship1, 37:whole. This will distinguish the New Age methods from the past, for the work will be group workDiscipleship1, 44:far enough for our purpose), that the following methods have been consecutively used to reach men'sDiscipleship1, 99:lead you to understand the nature, purpose and methods of educating accepted disciples in theDiscipleship1, 131:are attempting to embody the coming New Age methods of work. Earlier, you have worked with anotherDiscipleship1, 139:to indicate to those who work in my group the methods they should follow as regards diet. SuchDiscipleship1, 143:of urgency. All problems are susceptible of two methods of solution, once the nature of the problemDiscipleship1, 146:inaugurate a period in human history in which methods will be tried and principles establishedDiscipleship1, 161:and with no sense of pressure. Blend the wise methods of the present organizations with the visionDiscipleship1, 161:involved... The technique to be followed and the methods employed to arouse interest and to evokeDiscipleship1, 222:Your motives are seldom at fault. Your methods are somewhat first ray methods, forcefully appliedDiscipleship1, 222:at fault. Your methods are somewhat first ray methods, forcefully applied at times; this damagesDiscipleship1, 245:all love and tenderness, suggest that the ideas, methods, formulas and ways of living which seemDiscipleship1, 311:which you can convey to others will be the chief methods which you will employ. Can you grasp theDiscipleship1, 328:Bringing through from those levels the ideas and methods of work which must materialize upon theDiscipleship1, 347:remain eternally the same. But techniques and methods of presentation alter with each cycle,Discipleship1, 349:a true channel for the soul. When these three methods of development are fully expressed and becomeDiscipleship1, 374:They are built in through the second ray methods of love, contact, attraction, understanding,Discipleship1, 384:attitude assumed towards all happenings and the methods employed in handling them is that which isDiscipleship1, 468:men as souls, and not of devotion to forms and methods which your personality ray approves. YourDiscipleship1, 494:studies the situation and then applies those methods which seem to him to be promising and to beDiscipleship1, 535:you, my duty ends. The way, the means and the methods are yours to decide. Release will come forDiscipleship1, 538:but a simple message for you today, and yet the methods whereby you may conform to the hints I seekDiscipleship1, 552:upon the subject of healing, its laws and methods. You master the technique whereby you can projectDiscipleship1, 576:of your work; it will not negate in any way the methods in which you seek to help my work. It will,Discipleship1, 593:and grasped; possibilities and plans, modes and methods of teaching and of service, andDiscipleship1, 625:each other, interfering not with each other's methods but giving to each other the love andDiscipleship1, 640:psychoanalysis. The goal of all these three methods of expression is to bring together and relateDiscipleship1, 645:one who has been trained for some years in right methods of work. You have a definite karmicDiscipleship1, 681:stands - techniques, presentations, idealism and methods must necessarily change. This is not anDiscipleship1, 681:person to be fluid and to change details and methods in relation to that which has been taught inDiscipleship1, 681:argument and contention among disciples concern methods and relative non-essentials; they deal withDiscipleship1, 691:vision of the united Hierarchy and to the methods which they propose to employ in materializingDiscipleship1, 702:which may (and frequently does) have differing methods and techniques. The work of the Ashram isDiscipleship1, 707:of the vision and not of physical plane methods of work. As disciples learn to integrate themselvesDiscipleship1, 762:of energy, its distinction from force and the methods of distribution - the latter being one of theDiscipleship1, 783:purposes, and made suggestions as to modes and methods of cooperation with this group of WorldDiscipleship2, 4:assistance in inaugurating the New Age methods and technique and to train groups (for it [5] is aDiscipleship2, 18:and give you hints as to the nature and methods of educating accepted disciples in the processes ofDiscipleship2, 22:It is part of my work to begin to indicate the methods and processes and the modes of instruction
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