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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - METHODS

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Discipleship2, 22:or possibility for any changing of hierarchical methods, and who are the fundamentalists of theDiscipleship2, 22:point of view; they must learn that the past methods and techniques were devoted to bringing theDiscipleship2, 48:made by the Hierarchy; the adaptation of old methods to modern needs and to more highly developedDiscipleship2, 64:and varied lines are being reached. The mode, methods and techniques of training (as I have earlierDiscipleship2, 66:will not be present when the newer modes and methods are more generally established. The problem,Discipleship2, 85:ones. Most of you are too anxious to see the old methods and modes of work perpetuated. I andDiscipleship2, 107:majority, and in order to exploit and use the methods which they regard as essential to success.Discipleship2, 109:and unimportant details anent the lives and methods of the Masters, a high point of spiritualDiscipleship2, 155:nature of the hierarchical mode of work and the methods to be employed in any particular worldDiscipleship2, 170:not what word you use - by means of these three methods spiritual energies are tapped and broughtDiscipleship2, 188:will unify, blend and bring together the two methods (hitherto in use) of prayer and meditation. ToDiscipleship2, 220:they exist today, and with the processes and the methods which are characteristic of theDiscipleship2, 222:about through organized and conscious meditative methods; planetary, group and individualDiscipleship2, 255:a complete test-out of past hierarchical methods and modes of work. Has what the past has givenDiscipleship2, 255:adequate preparation for that which will be the methods and propositions of the future? Have theDiscipleship2, 271:shall in the future give anent initiation, its methods, processes and application will appearDiscipleship2, 271:phrase; thus modes of daily living, civilized methods of conduct and cultural developmentsDiscipleship2, 272:anent them, and which have used them as modes or methods of focusing triadal light upon theDiscipleship2, 276:in the West. This does not mean that the earlier methods were not correct and right. It means thatDiscipleship2, 276:so advanced (relatively speaking) that the old methods would no more apply than do the simple sumsDiscipleship2, 294:but also the processes of revelation, and the methods used to bring the stage of revelation about.Discipleship2, 296:clear purpose for humanity as well as modes and methods of developing the subjective and subtleDiscipleship2, 312:the seven rays, the seven qualities, modes and methods, techniques and energy expressions of allDiscipleship2, 314:their days - should be forgotten and the newer methods and techniques should be substituted. ThisDiscipleship2, 317:and in which he learns group cooperation and methods of working; for the more advanced disciple, itDiscipleship2, 318:lesser disciples of the world. All these three methods are in use at this present time. As a manDiscipleship2, 345:of the formulas to the first and third methods of interpretation, whilst the larger group of ideasDiscipleship2, 345:concerns the second and the fourth interpretive methods. This is something which it is importantDiscipleship2, 383:which has led to the present basic change in the methods of the Hierarchy. A would-be-initiate doesDiscipleship2, 404:point of revelation, the same three sequential methods of apprehension of truth as is to be foundDiscipleship2, 404:be found in all such revelations. What are these methods? There is, first of all, the recognitionDiscipleship2, 582:ray energies, you are in a position to use both methods under the inspiration of the Ashram. TheDiscipleship2, 589:humanity and incidentally for us. Sound business methods must distinguish the physical planeDiscipleship2, 628:You may and will fail on details, techniques and methods; you may err in understanding or in promptDiscipleship2, 659:of his truly enlightened personality but his methods are nevertheless personality ones and when -Discipleship2, 659:to go his way; he will be wedded to his own methods and anxious to impose them upon others. He isDiscipleship2, 659:to learn to recognize the many ways, the many methods and the widely differently developedDiscipleship2, 659:and the strengthening of the ways and the methods which suit those with whom they are associatedEducation, vi:but to get this by the freely chosen cooperative methods that Dewey advocated. In the broadestEducation, xii:which is that of the new and coming educational methods and ideas. The objective is to elucidateEducation, 2:of spiritual insight and understanding. Methods of Building the Antahkarana. This leads to theEducation, 10:to the endocrine system, plus the usual modern methods in relation to eyes, teeth and otherEducation, 14: Education in the New Age - Chapter I - Theory, Methods and Goals Theory, Methods and Goals AllEducation, 14:- Chapter I - Theory, Methods and Goals Theory, Methods and Goals All that I have to say here isEducation, 15:theory as to education, and certain basic methods are universally employed. Countries vary greatlyEducation, 15:Countries vary greatly in the application of methods, and systems differ very considerably. All,Education, 18: Education in the New Age - Chapter I - Theory, Methods and Goals It might be of value here if IEducation, 21: Education in the New Age - Chapter I - Theory, Methods and Goals Education must work, therefore,Education, 24: Education in the New Age - Chapter I - Theory, Methods and Goals You will note that these wordsEducation, 26:details of this process, nor to elaborate the methods whereby the children of the race can beEducation, 29:necessity for a new unfoldment in educational methods. The "group aspirant" must be met and theEducation, 36:in the new age will deal with the processes or methods to be employed in bridging the gaps inEducation, 46:This necessitates a drastic change in our methods of presenting history and geography. Science hasEducation, 49:Hierarchy; it should be the custodian of those methods, techniques and systems of thought and ofEducation, 58:after due study, the right vocation. Teach the methods whereby the coordination of the PersonalityEducation, 72:the demonstration of the advantage of the above methods of studying and training children thatEducation, 72:been made to correlate the best of the present methods (probably well adapted to the child of theEducation, 73:period) and some of the more [73] appropriate methods embodied in the new vision, particularlyEducation, 73:and thus slowed up the process. Second, the new methods can be tried out successfully only throughEducation, 73:The question here arises: How can such methods be employed without the whole process appearing tooEducation, 83:training which has been distinctive of past methods. The new education will consider a child withEducation, 86:above in no way implies an indictment of past methods except in so far that the world today itselfEducation, 87:the required shift in objectives and change in methods will take much time. We shall have to trainEducation, 96:and will eventually dominate the new educational methods in schools and colleges. It is intendedEducation, 97:of parents towards their children and in the methods which they employ to train and teach them whenEducation, 104:that the process is spoiled and handicapped by methods and motives that are highly undesirable, butEducation, 114:marxism, nationalism and democratic ideals. Methods of rule by this or that group of thinkers areEducation, 134:producing the promiscuous use of contraceptive methods. As the intelligence of the race isEducation, 136:The desired ends may be aided by educational methods and already this is being done in a tentativeEducation, 138:may go forward and supersede the present methods, which are based upon an uncontrolled response toEducation, 141:will appear upon the planet. 2. Inculcate the methods, productive of quality and not just ofExternalisation, 13:themselves they must avoid the present negative methods, and instead of "sitting for development"Externalisation, 14:the application of differentiated and suitable methods so that he may progress with the leastExternalisation, 15:and their intolerance of other schools and methods. The leaders of these schools need to absorb theExternalisation, 17:to hinder each other's work by comparison of methods and of techniques, by criticism andExternalisation, 17:on exclusiveness. It is these attitudes and methods which at this time are hindering the entranceExternalisation, 29:of thought and a lessened reaction to the methods of orthodox religion. This is due to the factExternalisation, 29:the ideals and develop the techniques and methods of the new schools of [30] thought which willExternalisation, 32:physical plane adjustments, relationships and methods of living. A culture is essentially anExternalisation, 34:exist on earth a replica of the Hierarchy, its methods and techniques of work. Such is the purposeExternalisation, 43:at all. They have much mental theory and astral methods. Desire is the motivating power and notExternalisation, 51:and secondly, we have the problem of the methods which should be employed, so that the chosenExternalisation, 54:therefore, more practically to the third ray methods of work, for they are intelligent, expedient,Externalisation, 56:by seventh ray aspirants, but using fifth ray methods. They will thus combine, in their personnel,Externalisation, 73:to penetrate behind appearances, behind the methods and schemes, the results and effects on theExternalisation, 74:of the form life and the working out of methods and aims which are inherent in the processes ofExternalisation, 84:would regard as true. The basic underlying methods employed are those of organizational arrangementExternalisation, 84:group adherence to the leader, and group methods. Success depends upon the gained group cohesion,Externalisation, 86:who respond to the love influence - can change methods (though not the purpose or the direction) byExternalisation, 99:so the higher sensibilities. And now, as to the methods to be employed in creating these groups.Externalisation, 99:method employed, which lay behind the three methods outlined in The Secret Doctrine and referred toExternalisation, 104:goodwill and upon non-destruction, and as its methods lead to right relations between men andExternalisation, 127:masses and can thus determine the policies and methods - religious, political and social - of theExternalisation, 127:it is of no value for me to compare the old methods and the modern usages whereby one side or theExternalisation, 130:It will be apparent to you that three major methods or modes of producing these fusions can beExternalisation, 130:inspiration but employing their own specialized methods to bring about the desired ends. Be notExternalisation, 131:and dangerous personalities, and the use of the methods of force and cruelty have been avoided inExternalisation, 135:and to alter the face of civilization. The wrong methods employed and the evil things done are theExternalisation, 140:can provide a platform of objectives and of methods. Nothing that I have outlined is now abrogated;Externalisation, 167:sorry story of past evolutionary processes and methods. When it is recognized that the "giving-for"
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