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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - METHODS

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Fire, 1003:about: First. By an unconscious recollection of methods and formulas known and used in AtlanteanFire, 1035:in seven ways; of these, the three major methods of demonstration are symbolized in the Rod ofFire, 1054:influences begin to be comprehended. When the methods are understood whereby adjustment isFire, 1133:three lower kingdoms first and pass later to the methods and activities of a human being, of aFire, 1144:its technicalities, and can understand its methods of time computation, he has attained initiation.Fire, 1146:on our planet is hidden in the methods employed by the Lords of the Flame at that time. They, weFire, 1146:at that time. They, we are told, employed three methods. First, They themselves took bodies andFire, 1147:to achieve full self-consciousness. These three methods bring us to the fourth factor which must beFire, 1149:anent the incarnations of disciples and the methods involved in the later stages of evolution. ItFire, 1174:the fanning of the spark of mind - one of the methods employed by the Lords of the Flame, asFire, 1186:on life, on nature, medicine and science and on methods of construction or destruction will beFire, 1212:in him and through him can be worked out group methods and laws which - in a later solar system -Fire, 1215:The seven laws of group work. The twenty-two methods of interplay. These thirty-two phases andFire, 1218:to the interests of the group, are but the methods whereby the work of liberation is carriedFire, 1220:will gradually be applied to the working [1220] methods of all organizations, brotherhoods,Fire, 1222:F - The Law of Attraction 3. The Twenty-two Methods of Group Interplay These methods of groupFire, 1222:The Twenty-two Methods of Group Interplay These methods of group interplay can only be graspedFire, 1222:added, thus making the twenty-two: Ray Methods of Activity Ray of Power. 1. Destruction of formsFire, 1223:forms. 21. Vital energy. These twenty-one methods and their synthesis sum up very largely all thatFire, 1223:following factors: 3 Atomic Relations 7 Laws 22 Methods of activity --- 32 make the thirty-twoFire, 1233:seven groups - create through seven ways and methods, and thus produce a diversity of symbols andFire, 1243:parlance of the Lodge of Masters to the seven methods of work, of endeavor and of aspirationFire, 1244:initiates will become apparent perhaps if the methods and purposes of their work are studied fromFire, 1245:of the Hierarchy. Their field of employ, Their methods of work will eventually become exoteric, andGlamour, xi:to develop the intuition. The means or methods whereby this development is to be brought about, canGlamour, 15:years, your knowledge of the subject and of the methods whereby glamor can be dissipated can beGlamour, 18:and world glamor. An increase in the right methods of healing. If this is so, you can see howGlamour, 27:these situations of difficulty. To find out what methods are effective in inducing a cessation ofGlamour, 34:some teaching upon the causes of glamor and the methods of its dissipation. But I have given youGlamour, 64:Its cure is the application of fifth ray methods, which are the methods of the mental plane. ThisGlamour, 64:application of fifth ray methods, which are the methods of the mental plane. This form of errorGlamour, 125:it, did he but know it, and that there are methods and techniques whereby he can emerge theGlamour, 132:the light of their soul, besides employing those methods which have the warrant and the sanction ofGlamour, 134:in presentation and hidden through wrong methods), of spiritual objectives and of definite positiveGlamour, 150:The motive is soul control, and though the methods employed are (in many cases) definitelyGlamour, 150:inevitably determining and conditioning. The methods used may not save the unprepared physical bodyGlamour, 162:of the present worldwide struggle, the modes and methods of re-establishing the spiritual contactGlamour, 266:mastered all possible techniques and modes and methods of activity, of control and of fusion. ButGlamour, 267:contacts, He has to master techniques and methods of development which will make Him omnipotentHealingthere has been also much formulation of methods, of techniques, of formulae, of prescription, ofHealing, 4:and must gradually supersede the more physical methods of the present art of healing? You naturallyHealing, 4:In the second place, I shall elaborate the seven methods of healing which govern the "work ofHealing, 4:which must be employed. You will note that these methods and techniques are conditioned by the raysHealing, 7:the impartation by me of laws, of techniques and methods. Secondly, we will consider the healer andHealing, 13:in most cases only part of a greater idea. [13] Methods of healing and techniques of alleviationHealing, 16:can then proceed with our consideration of the methods which will enable us to handle theHealing, 16:of those palliatives and ameliorating methods which gradually cure disease and eliminateHealing, 16:so that disease can be thrown off. Of these methods the allopathic and the homeopathic schools andHealing, 16:are not apparent on the surface. Under these methods, the patient is in the hands of an outsideHealing, 16:there is the appearance of the work and methods of the modern psychologist, who seeks to deal withHealing, 17:the practical application of techniques and methods, it is because I seek to lay a sound foundationHealing, 26:benefiting. Much of the failure of the healing methods at present employed consists in theHealing, 28:proved beyond all controversial discussion. The methods employed, such as the vivisection ofHealing, 32:Disease is purificatory in effect. Definite methods of healing are peculiar to humanity, and mentalHealing, 32:in three ways: Through the application of the methods of the many schools of medicine and surgery,Healing, 48:it has in it the germs of the new techniques and methods of healing. The work done by theHealing, 62:stimulate the lowest centers. Hence, forbidden methods were practiced. Those who thus practicedHealing, 68:and see nothing but the new ways, modes and methods, and throw overboard all the old, losing muchHealing, 78:this fact, though not enough is yet known about methods and effects. One other thing I would likeHealing, 108:eventually seek solution in a simplification of methods and a return from a complexity of drugs andHealing, 109:this connection. By the understanding of right methods of assimilation and elimination will comeHealing, 135:attitude of healing, its propositions and methods, to the modern schools of therapy. The two areHealing, 140:unrecognized truth the medicine and the healing methods of the future civilization will be built.Healing, 182:time I must refrain from indicating modes and methods of arousing the activity of this center, onHealing, 196:a great revolution in medical and psychiatric methods. Experience will tend to show that the moreHealing, 201:To date, in the West, little is known as to the methods of control or cure, and in the East, whereHealing, 206:right diagnosis, after right modern therapeutic methods, after due common sense, which includes theHealing, 221:applied, and then I hope to give some of the methods whereby healers can accomplish work which willHealing, 229:doing. The Hierarchy in those days had its own methods of teaching these infant peoples, just asHealing, 230:of the heat engendered by applied military methods are also helping, and during the next oneHealing, 231:neither can I indicate to you the particular methods used to acquire what was desired, the Words ofHealing, 235:diseases; as immunity is built up, however, as methods of cure are developed, as preventiveHealing, 253:alleviations and cures and for sound and lasting methods of eradication, research students areHealing, 255:and rightly slow, in adopting new techniques and methods; it is at times too slow, but the case ofHealing, 255:therapy and many other modern techniques and methods have already been added to the various otherHealing, 257:be called) will perforce avail himself of the methods of the orthodox physician; he will apply aHealing, 257:by and see the injured person die because these methods are not used. When he is face to face withHealing, 257:he will frequently turn to the tried and proved methods of help and will usually call in aHealing, 270:such diseases, and I propose to deal with occult methods of producing cures - where such cures areHealing, 271:in closest relation to it will be subjected to methods of occult healing, though the ordinary,Healing, 271:the ordinary, ameliorative, medical or surgical methods will not be withheld. It is here that theHealing, 277:simplification; it will lead to more correct methods of healing, particularly as clairvoyant visionHealing, 278:modern research, modern techniques and modern methods of healing and of cure are amazinglyHealing, 278:failures to cure, which they attribute to wrong methods and fail to allow for karmic limitations.Healing, 279:masters the technique of "withdrawal" and the methods of abstracting himself consciously from theHealing, 279:hand. Naturopaths of many kinds, professors of methods of healing by electricity or light andHealing, 279:and many advocates of the chiropractic methods, as well as the various healing systems which areHealing, 279:endorsed, so exclusive of all recognized methods of healing aid (except their own), so violentlyHealing, 280:experimental schools and the older and proven methods that the medicine of the future will beHealing, 284:form the occult basis for the two fundamental methods used in directing energy in diseased areas.Healing, 284:which I would seek to emphasize. In all healing methods of an esoteric nature, it is essential thatHealing, 287:learn gradually how to work, when to change its methods, and what to notice. [288] From the startHealing, 319:has come to die may avail himself of certain methods of release which, from the average point ofHealing, 323:physical well-being of man is concerned, these methods and techniques of the West have resulted inHealing, 324:on a feeling that there [324] should be higher methods of controlling diseases in man than byHealing, 324:These are the lower correspondences to methods of activity emanating from the astral plane, fromHealing, 324:nature. From the angle of the aspirant, these methods are called purification. The science ofHealing, 329:healing supersedes the three above mentioned methods, and produces the pouring into and through theHealing, 330:influenza. Through sanitation and other curative methods, carried out on a large scale, ancientHealing, 333:but the above will suffice to show that the methods which you may discover in your reading (and
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