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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - METHODS

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Healing, 343:instructions and indicate to us some esoteric methods, suitable to our stage of development inHealing, 367:in creative work on the physical plane. Methods of training will later be used and are alreadyHealing, 375:and greed. Modern surgery, modern sanitary methods, and modern medical science are full of wonderHealing, 381:of orthodox medicine, psychology and spiritual methods of healing, will produce an entirely newHealing, 413:life may progress, is one of the fundamental methods in evolution. - Page 569 a. The Law ofHealing, 416:(See Ecc: XII.6.) - Page 98. b. Later "definite methods of demonstrating the fact that lifeHealing, 481:[481] application as the organization of those methods whereby disease will be avoided, and theHealing, 482:for recognition, and by their lack of scientific methods. The desire of orthodox medicine is toHealing, 482:avoid the disasters which fanatics and untried methods would bring about, but they have gone tooHealing, 493:to reciprocal give and take or to the modes and methods of contact. Each person differs; eachHealing, 499:the process. The disciple now uses more occult methods, but upon these I may not here enlarge. TheHealing, 508:a high-powered brain receptive to the plans and methods of the two vehicles, carrying out theHealing, 526:Power to utilize both exoteric and esoteric methods of healing. The healer will employ "methods ofHealing, 526:methods of healing. The healer will employ "methods of occult healing though the ordinary medicalHealing, 526:healing though the ordinary medical and surgical methods will not be withheld." I have constantlyHealing, 534:in closest relation to it will be subjected to methods of occult healing, though the ordinary,Healing, 534:the ordinary, ameliorative, medical or surgical methods will not be withheld. Law VIII Disease andHealing, 537:increasingly will be added many psychological methods of healing, and these will go hand in handHealing, 556:of the disease which he proposes to handle. Methods for establishing a sympathetic rapport with theHealing, 557:of the subtle constitution of man and of the methods of directing energies from one point andHealing, 558:the so-called New Age modes of healing, in the methods of the Christian Scientist, of MentalHealing, 578:blends both modes of healing and uses both methods simultaneously and automatically because heHealing, 579:lowest type of human being, but they are not the methods which should be employed by the averageHealing, 626:(with good or bad effects) through various methods and types of medication. Beyond this little isHealing, 629:rule between the subjective and the objective methods of handling disease. The law which we haveHealing, 630:in closest relation to it will be subjected to methods of occult healing, though the ordinaryHealing, 630:the ordinary ameliorative, medical or surgical methods will not be withheld. This rule requiresHealing, 630:area of the trouble will next receive attention. Methods of occult healing are then employed,Healing, 630:involved. Simultaneously, all outer orthodox methods are employed. It is on this question ofHealing, 631:does follow, it is due entirely to the healing methods followed, whereas the patient would, in allHealing, 631:a true occult healing and no true occult healing methods were employed or involved.Healing, 632:the same energies, supplementing its orthodox methods with the patient's faith in the physician andHealing, 632:on the injunction to use medical and surgical methods whenever possible. I have touched upon thisHealing, 632:as the hopeful, assertive, yet fumbling methods of so-called divine healing - if not more so atHealing, 632:more so at present. Though much of the orthodox methods remain experimental, they are less so thanHealing, 632:remain experimental, they are less so than the methods of the modern healers, and much of theirHealing, 645:which require definite mental acceptance; the methods, nevertheless, which are employed are asHealing, 646:The true healer who is an initiate employs both methods with equal facility. It is interesting,Healing, 646:They work quite differently to either of the methods mentioned above. They are: Certain healers -Healing, 649:are two ways in which he uses his hands, and two methods which he employs: The laying on of hands.Healing, 650:when highly developed; he will then use both methods interchangeably. All spiritually advancedHealing, 658:be inferred and given when we study the seven methods of healing with their ray implications. ThisHealing, 663:but totally wrong in their emphases and methods. In the long run, all the work they do today isHealing, 666:strugglers towards freedom are employing wrong methods and are [667] endeavoring oft to fight evilHealing, 670:mobilized) that the Hierarchy is effective; the methods and modes whereby They protect humanityHealing, 693:ray potency; until it is in control, these ray methods and techniques, determining the use andHealing, 694:can be traced esoterically to the scientific methods of occultism. In spite of this protection, orHealing, 710:can be as divinely used as the more mysterious methods which the metaphysical healer of the presentHealing, 711:money. Ponder on this and realize that fifth ray methods carry through to the physical plane; thereHercules, 132:strange passions therein. He discovers the base methods by means of which persons of consequenceHercules, 134:when these fail, he disdains harsher methods. He is naturally inclined towards group work, and isHercules, 150:hydra. Most of us are occupied with the futile methods first employed by him in this test. ThisHercules, 228:of the consciousness and the vastness of the methods employed by the disciple who has climbed theInitiation, 24:knowing the depth of sin and of suffering, their methods can be exquisitely measured to theInitiation, 31:process, and by his incarnation, and the methods of force distribution he employed, he broughtInitiation, 65:and Solar - Chapter VII - The Probationary Path Methods of Teaching Three departments ofInitiation, 66:to us now, but which will become ordinary methods of development as time progresses. The MastersInitiation, 87:demonstrate an interesting analogy between the methods of individualizing in the various chains,Initiation, 101:of the above powers. He will realize the methods of egoic contact and the right direction of force.Initiation, 132:and though he wields no Rod of Power, he has methods whereby he can stimulate and cause to cohereInitiation, 178:vitalized, and come into full activity, other methods of stimulating the cells in his body (theInitiation, 182:is far wider than this, and includes the methods of organization which are demonstrated in allInitiation, 186:the Brotherhood. Their field of employ, their methods of work, will eventually become exotericInitiation, 203:apply himself to the consideration of their methods; let him learn the rules whereby that ArmyInitiation, 203:the procedure pursued by the builders, the methods followed by them, in reproducing from theInitiation, 206:the life of Christ, and a consideration of his methods in using his hands. More cannot be saidIntellect, 3:that it may eventually supplant the present methods of memory training, and prove a potent factorIntellect, 4:for all; and ancient techniques and modern methods must meet and interchange. Each will have toIntellect, 21:the growth and perfecting of its educational methods and systems. At first this was in the hands ofIntellect, 21:was largely colored by theology and its methods were dictated by the churchmen and the priests. NowIntellect, 21:mind for it will be in a synthesis of these two methods - individual and mass education - religiousIntellect, 24:In this way, we may ultimately unify the methods of the past and of the East with those of theIntellect, 24:and of the West. Before considering these two methods let us attempt to define education, toIntellect, 26:of the intuition, then our educational methods do not tend to its development. He defines it asIntellect, 40:through the practice of meditation. These two methods of rounding out the human being and raisingIntellect, 40:between the western and eastern educational methods. The contrast between the two ways ofIntellect, 65:the last point first, and contrast the two methods of prayer and of meditation. Prayer can perhapsIntellect, 79:we call the Knowers of the race. Through all methods employed runs the golden thread of divineIntellect, 87:relation is developed and fostered through sound methods of exoteric education and of training; theIntellect, 104:This, however, is not brought about by any methods of rendering the mind passive and receptive, orIntellect, 119:that the divergence of our eastern and western methods becomes apparent. One school teaches itsIntellect, 120:majority never attain mind control. Educational methods as we now have them do not teach theirIntellect, 147:down the general premise that modern educational methods in the West have familiarized man with theIntellect, 158:the knower; we have the product of the mystical methods of the East and of the West; we have theIntellect, 184:they travel the same way, and employ the same methods, and use a curiously similar phraseology.Intellect, 208:an individual who has been trained in business methods and who has risen to the rank of anIntellect, 243:and guide the man by right [243] and sane methods along the way that leads from darkness to light,Intellect, 252:will have a real understanding [252] of the methods they employ. They will have mastered theMagic, 6:in their search for truth, to try out the methods and follow the suggestions laid down for theirMagic, 104:the Great White Lodge. We are dealing with the methods of white magic. Let me remind you also, thatMagic, 114:secondary principles are more purely mental. The methods hence necessarily differ. When holding toMagic, 114:When holding to the basic principles, the wisest methods are [115] silence and a joyful confidenceMagic, 115:the danger of criticism, the employment of methods sanctioned by time in the three worlds - methodsMagic, 115:methods sanctioned by time in the three worlds - methods involving personal attack, invective andMagic, 138:for their own personal ends or who use unworthy methods. Give to them love and care and a readyMagic, 174:I would like to point out certain factors and methods [175] which should be borne in mind inMagic, 175:of His thought. Some use several of the methods, either consciously or unconsciously. When theyMagic, 176:and the teachings they should transmit. Many methods are tried, suited to the nature of the [177]Magic, 177:as transmitters. I deal with safer and rarer methods which utilize the mental vehicle as theMagic, 177:brain, or between the teacher and the disciple. Methods of communication on the astral level, such
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