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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - METHODS

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Magic, 177:has had its use at times. The higher mental methods are more advanced and surer - even if rarer. Magic, 179:This form of work might be divided into three methods: There is first the higher clairaudience thatMagic, 180:are quite incapable of employing mental plane methods. Some people combine the method ofMagic, 180:and his understanding will grow. Later two new methods will be employed which will facilitate theMagic, 183:attention. Curiosity as to the habits and methods of specific Masters and Their ways of handlingMagic, 184:adepts, for therein are found those rules and methods which bring the mind under control, stabilizeMagic, 230:accepted and loyal, it is the choice between methods of service. For the initiate it oft liesMagic, 268:They spend much time following the orthodox methods of work and in physical plane activities. TheyMagic, 288:I give here the seven keys for each of the ray methods. These can be studied in relation to theMagic, 318:vibration will not be basically prevented by the methods of either "building a shell", or byMagic, 318:power of mantrams and visualization. These two methods are temporary expedients by which those whoMagic, 326:and ceremonial, and though differing in their methods of application of truth, are united in threeMagic, 327:rebellion and consequent apparent license. The methods of science, - investigation and analysis,Magic, 327:have ever existed differing in their ideas and methods and the six Schools of Indian PhilosophyMagic, 328:theologies, and the reactionary rejection methods of finding truth. These are the people whoMagic, 334:a soul culture which will supersede our modern methods of education, and the significance of soulMagic, 336:and its vehicle of manifestation. Those cultural methods also which will take the undeveloped ofMagic, 346:Having exhausted all the higher rational methods and having clearly seen your course of action, youMagic, 351:He attempts to experiment and tries various methods of studying the laws and in process of timeMagic, 379:units. It was necessary in those days to employ methods more definitely physical than areMagic, 379:physical than are permissible now, and these methods of physical stimulation were employed and theMagic, 379:another big change was made in the hierarchical methods, and the door from the animal kingdom intoMagic, 381:what they [381] were by means of symbols and methods which to us would be crude, impossible and ofMagic, 391:be shown - all depends upon your aptitude - methods of approach to these dominating forces, butMagic, 417:their own views and ideas, [417] or upon their methods of carrying forward the work. They possess aMagic, 419:own group as he sees fit. The terms used, the methods employed, the types reached, the truthsMagic, 425:subjectively, into publicity. Such are not the methods approved by the Elder Brothers of the race,Magic, 427:that it can be presented under all the varying methods and utilize the many terminologies. TheyMagic, 448:and evidencing an inner appreciation of the methods whereby all that has been thought (by God orMagic, 477:in the same great work, and we have as yet both methods of communication being prostituted to theMagic, 488:[488] wise transmuting love. We have here three methods, none strictly occult, for those laterMagic, 488:occult, for those later shall be imparted, but methods available for the many. The thought formMagic, 537:of the prisons and their prisoners, nor of methods of work nor of techniques of release. I urgeMagic, 588:proper direction by a teacher) of definite methods of awakening and of charging, - the methodsMagic, 588:methods of awakening and of charging, - the methods differing according to the ray, personality andMagic, 595:to be given in any particular case and the methods to be applied are dependent upon too manyMagic, 602:entity, different in nature, objectives and methods of working from the bodies which he considersMagic, 612:the casual thinker who seeks easy and quick methods and formulas through which to work. Heat andMagic, 625:by his unrealized separateness and individual methods. This means that such a worker gathers toMagic, 630:into explanation; they are unhappy if their methods, the personnel of their group, and the way inMagic, 633:trust themselves to employ the real Aquarian methods of work and message. For instance, they haveMagic, 633:I have sought to explain the above modes and methods [634] of work, for the times are hard andMagic, 637:of the emphasis upon his own ideas and his own methods of working, a disciple finds that his groupMeditation, 14:personality to the causal body. In formulating methods of meditation certain factors must be takenMeditation, 14:enumerate. I seek not to give you outlines and methods to be followed. I but indicate theMeditation, 16:the Adaptability Ray. All these three different methods have the same result, and are fundamentallyMeditation, 21:expansion by the combination of second ray methods with fifth ray application will be achieved.Meditation, 22:up for consideration under our discussion of "Methods of Meditation." It is our third point and ofMeditation, 39:Today we will consider factor five in deciding, methods of Meditation, and will deal with the needMeditation, 46:will differ somewhat, not in fundamentals but in methods of application, due to the wiseMeditation, 76:the development of the centers and to formulate methods whereby the fire can be circulated untilMeditation, 80:stimulating through scientific knowledge and methods the dormant or sluggish centers, and aligningMeditation, 96:may indeed be more serious. What are the right methods of thought elimination? How can placidity ofMeditation, 105:that he does not blindly proceed with forms and methods but insists on knowing the raison d'ętre ofMeditation, 111:later will be felt a steady irradiation. Both methods carry their own dangers. In Atlantean days,Meditation, 114:Ones this danger is being offset. Different methods for different races, diverse forms for those ofMeditation, 123:before, and will be definitely one of the [123] methods used by the coming Lord and His Great OnesMeditation, 127:rare... [127] Let me now give you some of the methods that eventually will be the first attempts atMeditation, 127:physical and the emotional vehicles the first methods of cure will be definite exorcism by the aidMeditation, 129:issue, to prolong meditation, to try out certain methods that promise intensification of psychicMeditation, 131:kinds. Let me briefly point out some of the methods employed against a disciple which are the onesMeditation, 133:Logos. Finally (for I cannot touch on all the methods used), the means employed may be to cast aMeditation, 134:laws that govern their actions, [134] certain methods employed by them in work need to be realizedMeditation, 134:by them in work need to be realized and certain methods of protection apprehended and utilized. AsMeditation, 137:enable them to surmount the Cross. And now what methods may be employed to safeguard the worker inMeditation, 182:consciousness will be found a seeking after methods of communication. When the need ofMeditation, 191:dim idea of the results to be achieved, and the methods to be employed in individual meditation,Meditation, 194:the Sacred Word. This is one of the most usual methods, and the most direct way of forming a funnelMeditation, 197:understood right down the ages, even though the methods, procedure and results have not beenMeditation, 215:later with that of the Master. One of the main methods of effecting this synchronization isMeditation, 222:worlds, and that he tries to conform in his methods of work to the methods demonstrated by theMeditation, 222:tries to conform in his methods of work to the methods demonstrated by the Logos through the sevenMeditation, 238:it may be used in conjunction with other methods such as music or movement, or in connection withMeditation, 242:ordinary high class physical plane scientific methods will be applied at first, and the work of theMeditation, 242:and the work of the healers will be to aid those methods through concentration on the subtlerMeditation, 245:psychic to deal with and eliminate it. All these methods of course entail the active consciousMeditation, 253:of the pupil? From the standpoint of the Master? Methods of approach to the Master in meditation.Meditation, 254:of the pupil? From the standpoint of the Master? Methods of approach to the Masters throughMeditation, 259:Their comprehensive development, and Their methods of work. Needless to say, much that will followMeditation, 281:in. Tomorrow we will take up our third point, methods of approach to a Master via meditation;Meditation, 281:practically simultaneously. They deal with methods of approach to the Masters and the objectiveMeditation, 281:his goal - and very sketchily - the forms and methods whereby success may be achieved. We haveMeditation, 282:lower man, and consecrated service to the world. Methods of Approach and Effects obtained TheMeditation, 282:Methods of Approach and Effects obtained The methods of approach are broadly three and we mightMeditation, 282:that will eventuate from the employment of these methods. The three methods are: SanctifiedMeditation, 282:from the employment of these methods. The three methods are: Sanctified service. Love demonstratingMeditation, 282:application. They are all three but diverse methods of expressing one and the same thing, - activeMeditation, 282:is attained. Let us consider each of these methods separately and indicate the meditation to beMeditation, 292:suggested or of admonition. This is one of the methods which are indicative to the pupil that he isMeditation, 294:in motion. As I have said before, many are the methods whereby a pupil becomes aware of success inMeditation, 297:admitted. Schools for concentration and methods of mental development are commonly advertised inMeditation, 305:point of standing before the One Initiator, the methods employed are fundamentally the same, thoughMeditation, 312:are never given, nor are the exoteric textbook methods ever employed. The whole aim is only to putMeditation, 319:force with the shielding from danger by occult methods, will be the work, in part, of the Teachers,Meditation, 335:is never lost in building. Eventually two other methods will be available by which more rapidMeditation, 342:September 16th, 1920 Motives for service. Methods of service. Attitude following action. [343] IMeditation, 343:following action. With wrong motives and methods I deal not. To you they are known. I indicate theMeditation, 344:Letter XI - The Resultant Life of Service 2. The Methods of Service These are many and varied. IPatanjali, 38:by the correct stages and employ the scientific methods, will the true samadhi or realization bePatanjali, 77:of the breath or of pranic energy) among other methods for arriving at the "peace of the chitta."
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