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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - METHODS

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Patanjali, 81:The student should here note that each of the methods outlined above concerns certain centers.Patanjali, 81:above concerns certain centers. There are seven methods of attainment mentioned and therefore wePatanjali, 84:advocated in many of the systems and one of the methods suggested [85] is constant meditation uponPatanjali, 87:as they have been called, cover the seven methods of the seven rays in connection with the controlPatanjali, 107:the onlooker has been dependent upon three other methods of ascertaining truth, all of them limitedPatanjali, 112:hopes to achieve, and which indicates those methods which will bring about the realization ofPatanjali, 123:about, coupled with the following of certain methods and rules, and these three are: FieryPatanjali, 124:the will of the inner God is taught and all the methods and rules of yoga are to this specific end.Patanjali, 143:Wisdom and be taught certain esoteric and occult methods of hastening the liberating process. [144]Patanjali, 180:the simultaneous activity and practice of these methods in all three bodies at once, [181] so thatPatanjali, 221:the general public those rules, practices and methods which enable the trained disciple to bringPatanjali, 221:that certain psychic powers are displayed. The methods for arousing the kundalini [222] fire andPatanjali, 232:subjugation of the sixth sense, the mind. The methods whereby the mind is controlled and thePatanjali, 316:gives to him an understanding of ways, means and methods, and enables him to take the first stepPatanjali, 352:energy, God in active motion. These five methods put him en rapport with the five elements and whenPatanjali, 369:and evolutionary process. 3. The practices and methods are not the true cause of the transfer ofPatanjali, 379:as the Masters of the Wisdom. These five methods are capable of application upon all the fivePatanjali, 379:the mental processes. Therefore the two final methods given as resulting in the unfoldment of thePatanjali, 380:desire and meditation are the three permissible methods, and the only ones to be practised; drugsPatanjali, 382:and eventual transformation is due to one of two methods: [383] A slow method, that of repeatedPatanjali, 383:- Book 4 - Illumination 3. The practices and methods are not the true cause of the transfer ofPatanjali, 384:into such a condition that the more drastic methods can produce rapid effects. The methods refer toPatanjali, 384:drastic methods can produce rapid effects. The methods refer to the eight means of yoga or union,Patanjali, 384:path, the path of purification, whilst the methods relate to the final stages of that path, and toPatanjali, 384:the path of discipleship. When the practices and methods are followed they bring about certainPatanjali, 422:are for the humblest neophyte. In Book II the methods whereby the hindrances and obstacles could bePatanjali, 423:man stands forth in the full light of day, these methods and modes of disciplined living must bePatanjali, xi:for us the laws of that becoming, and the rules, methods, and means which - when followed - make aProblems, 19:they can more easily be changed under right methods of teaching and conditioning than any otherProblems, 33:been made to correlate the best of the present methods (and not all are bad) with future ways ofProblems, 33:for right living; they have not inculcated those methods of thinking and acting which will lead toProblems, 34:of religion. It is an indictment of the past methods of the churches and of the old theologiesProblems, 35:plan which will meet with no hindrance from the methods immediately employed, which will link theProblems, 35:been largely ignored. These newer techniques and methods must be developed gradually and willProblems, 45:This necessitates a drastic change in our [45] methods of presenting history and geography. ScienceProblems, 54:training which has been distinctive of past methods. Problems, 59:above in no way implies an indictment of past methods except in so far that the world today itselfProblems, 60:the required shift in objectives and change in methods will take much time. We shall have to trainProblems, 69:separate attitudes and their unsound political methods. Fundamentally, however, these three GreatProblems, 71:or business profit are characteristic of their methods. Problems, 71:they are again organized and renewing their methods; their goals remain unchanged; theirProblems, 73:They are beginning therefore to change their methods and to universalize their businesses and toProblems, 77:might well appear that new, better and different methods may now be used to implement the FourProblems, 94:this must be the result of sound educational methods and just and exact propaganda. It will beProblems, 97:in spite of undesirable and devious business methods, which have made them greatly disliked andProblems, 99:and people are on guard against him and his methods. This general statement is often untrue whereProblems, 100:are kept - in a modern world where scientific methods are applied to purity in food. All these andProblems, 100:He remembers far more acutely Jewish business methods, the fact that the Jew, if orthodox, regardsProblems, 109:of the law) and substitute the New Age methods of right human relations and intelligentProblems, 117:and doing their work for them. Not by such methods do men move forward; not by shiftingProblems, 139:who refuse to let go the old interpretations and methods, who love the old doctrines and men'sProblems, 160:invocation and evocation has its roots in past methods of human approach to Deity. Men have longProblems, 160:and to understand the nature of truth. These two methods of prayer and of meditation have broughtPsychology1, xix:you but realize it, details in some measure the methods and modes of work during the coming newPsychology1, 5:of the mind which are direct results of its own methods. The knowledge we now have of how men workPsychology1, 74:suggestion, for it is necessary that some of the methods of the Hierarchy should begin to bePsychology1, 163:of the seven rays: No. Characteristics Methods of development Planet (according to Besant) ColorPsychology1, 180:marxism, nationalism, and democratic ideals. Methods of rule by this or that group of thinkers arePsychology1, 188:the old ways of working must go and the newer methods must be given a chance. If you cannotPsychology1, 202:presupposes knowledge on his part of occult methods. The characteristic method of approaching thePsychology1, 274:now, as modern knowledge is inculcating modern methods of protection from the risk and pain ofPsychology1, 283:due to the modern understanding of birth control methods and secondly to the increased mentalPsychology1, 294:will have completely superseded our modern methods. The emphasis in the future will be laid uponPsychology1, 363:in the technique of occult motive and in the methods of the trained magician will increasingly findPsychology1, 411:Psychology I - Some Tabulations on the Rays Ray Methods of Teaching Truth Ray I - HigherPsychology1, 415:Psychology I - Some Tabulations on the Rays Ray Methods of Activity These are twenty-one in number,Psychology1, 415:number, making in their synthesis the twenty-two methods which are the expression of the great LawPsychology1, 466:on the Rays The Seven Keys to the Seven Ray Methods FIRST RAY "Let the Forces come together. LetPsychology2, 44:with the dharma the motives and the methods of their fellow disciples. Psychology2, 76:Ray - The Growth of Soul Influence c. Seven Ray Methods of Appropriation As we have seen, thisPsychology2, 79:be remembered, when considering the seven ray methods of appropriation and the reverse stages, thatPsychology2, 79:appropriation. The paragraphs which detail the methods of detachment have been given earlier in APsychology2, 81:rapid in their desire to incarnate, and in the methods employed. Souls on the second ray are slowerPsychology2, 81:and attracting are terms applicable to the methods of the two first rays, so a process ofPsychology2, 82:the forms for manifestation. As regards the methods, techniques and types of substance used byPsychology2, 109:as one may realize it, the many techniques and methods and ways are secondary to the major worldPsychology2, 124:the seven key or ray types employ distinctive methods in their service? The consideration of thesePsychology2, 138:Seven Laws of Soul or Group Life b. Distinctive Methods of Ray Service Does this Science prove thatPsychology2, 138:that the Seven Ray Types employ Distinctive Methods in Service? As time goes on this will be provedPsychology2, 138:consequently, of the greatest efficiency. These methods and techniques will constitute the innerPsychology2, 138:of the Ray hypothesis and an observation of the methods employed by these clearly isolated RayPsychology2, 145:can carry on alone. The difference between the methods of the old age and that of the new can bePsychology2, 157:around him. Service and obedience are the great methods of release, and constitute the underlyingPsychology2, 187:for disciples to form [187] these groups. The methods and techniques will be so different to thosePsychology2, 189:between individuals so that the rules [189] and methods whereby speech can be transcended mayPsychology2, 190:for this will distinguish the New Age methods from the past; the work will be group work for thePsychology2, 236:undertaken by intelligent men and women, and the methods employed to bring about this fusion mustPsychology2, 243:The soul knows the Plan; its form, outline, methods and objective are known. Through the use of thePsychology2, 265:measure of soul contact. These are people whose methods and motives are therefore a mixture ofPsychology2, 335:study the process of coordination and the methods whereby two great integrations take place: ThePsychology2, 346:stages, it shows its power by applying these methods of control and unification to the personality.Psychology2, 392:in response to this revelation, and modes and methods of cooperation will be sentiently developedPsychology2, 433:interior life would have been emphasized. The methods used to present this age-old doctrine ofPsychology2, 465:I am considering here only results and not the methods for producing them. Suffice it to say, thatPsychology2, 468:to you the general lines of difficulty and the methods whereby a specific difficulty or problem canPsychology2, 469:it. Then, choosing one of the many possible methods of work and one of the many channels of servicePsychology2, 481:become universally prevalent and the present methods become established habits, the race wouldPsychology2, 482:of thought who feature "guidance" or whose methods and doctrines tend to the development of anPsychology2, 486:profoundly ignorant not only of techniques and methods but also as to the results to be expectedPsychology2, 499:impress the brain, via the mind. If these three methods are studied, you can arrive at an
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