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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - METHODS

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Psychology2, 500:of the dream life, as brought about through the methods of certain schools of psychology, shouldPsychology2, 514:forms of treatment, the patient will be taught methods of divorcing himself temporarily from thePsychology2, 519:[519] eventually cause a reorganization of the methods employed up to date to aid and liberate man.Psychology2, 539:correctly and in conformity to right ray methods, all the different centers. Many people, howeverPsychology2, 546:going on, except in those cases where esoteric methods are being employed to force the process, toPsychology2, 569:will be in line with the usual mannerisms and methods of speech and thought of the departed orPsychology2, 572:the many aspects of the one work and the many methods which the Mind of God has devised forPsychology2, 587:can be connected in your minds with the three methods touched upon above. Shun the pits of hell,Psychology2, 588:exercises, plus certain postures, and other methods taught by ignorant teachers at this time, IPsychology2, 631:conformity to the life purpose of the idea, the methods employed and the hatreds induced, thePsychology2, 635:the ability to read, and the impact of the new methods of propaganda, the press and the radio, theyPsychology2, 636:articles and books, and utilize all the known methods to reach and educate the general public, andPsychology2, 637:of world conditions. They consider that the old methods of fighting and partisanship and attack,Psychology2, 639:and endeavors, though probably modifying their methods considerably, where based on the old order.Psychology2, 645:into expression by fostering it, by educational methods, and by indicating steadily the lines alongPsychology2, 650:from the similarity of objectives, ideals and methods, to be seen in their work, but in many casesPsychology2, 658:by what name they call themselves. That their methods may not be desirable, is of course often truePsychology2, 659:of those lines of thought and consequent methods which will eventually bring about the release ofPsychology2, 659:they will demonstrate the recognition of those methods and techniques in government and religionPsychology2, 673:the same idealistic lines but with differing methods. Through their knowledge of their own country,Psychology2, 674:Servers. Such action would continue the old methods and perpetuate the old hatreds. There must bePsychology2, 674:of any leader or national activity. Such old methods have long been tried and have failed to bringPsychology2, 682:Group has nothing to hide, and their files and methods of work must ever be open to investigation.Psychology2, 726:Approaches c. Stepping Down of Hierarchical Methods One of the first things which should bePsychology2, 727:relinquishing of personal ambitions and methods in order to meet the serious emergency by whichPsychology2, 728:to Their fields of service, specific as to Their methods, and widely different as to Their ray andPsychology2, 729:is not necessary for us to discuss in detail the methods which will be needed. Those who respond toPsychology2, 729:Those who respond to this appeal will know the methods they should pursue. It is for those of usPsychology2, 729:and similar to the law of love by critics of the methods employed. This is understandable. But thePsychology2, 731:to enlarge within a brief space upon the methods and the plans of the Hierarchy at this time ofPsychology2, 731:and certain definite cooperation. These are the methods which concern us. There are otherPsychology2, 732:There are other subjective and spiritual [732] methods employed which concern us not. If they werePsychology2, 746:intelligence, plus good business technique and methods (which are spiritual faculties; notPsychology2, 746:all the radio - the avoidance of all the old methods such as attack on persons, peoples, nationsPsychology2, 749:The principles of good will and the medium and methods of their true expression in the daily life.Rays, 17:new trends in the life of the Spirit and the new methods in training disciples - in such anRays, 22:apply himself to a consideration of their methods; let him learn the rules whereby the Army worksRays, 67:the Plan and to accommodate himself to the group methods and plans, working under the law of occultRays, 146:explained and amplified, the processes and methods of hierarchical work, carried on in conjunctionRays, 178:to work within those levels according to the methods [179] of the deva or angel evolution. The ruleRays, 179:apply himself to a consideration of their methods; let him learn the rules whereby the Army worksRays, 231:be added the energy of the life-giving will. New methods, new approaches to the human problem andRays, 235:have to master new techniques and the new methods of work called for by the new conditions; theseRays, 239:acceptance must and will supersede the older methods. These older methods, built around the directRays, 239:will supersede the older methods. These older methods, built around the direct relationship betweenRays, 239:Piscean Age. For nearly two thousand years these methods have proved so successful that theRays, 245:met, new techniques used, new and experimental methods must be employed. As I write for disciplesRays, 252:its purpose. Unless the schools based on the old methods change their techniques and their approachRays, 289:geared. The Plan, its goal, its techniques and methods, its laws and their application, itsRays, 294:practicing occultist. A study of the creative methods of his particular Ray and an imaginativeRays, 299:basic unity, he passes on to practice ashramic methods of making this fundamental truth still moreRays, 299:world and towards the service of humanity), of methods and of ideas; and all this in spite of theRays, 333:They have their own chosen and differing modes, methods and ways of achievement. Just as individualRays, 342:This is one of the new factors in hierarchical methods and techniques which I have had theRays, 349:and though his motives are separative, his methods are those of the group, and these he can getRays, 365:essential unity under diversity of forms, of methods and of techniques will be acknowledged, andRays, 408:Masters thus in training gain experience of the methods used by the planetary Logoi of all theRays, 501:move forward. I have given you the six methods of building the antahkarana, and as we proceed toRays, 501:you refer to them at frequent intervals. The ray methods with which we shall be concerned are theRays, 501:methods with which we shall be concerned are the methods, uniquely possible on the seven majorRays, 501:begin to differ, and it is these techniques or methods of ray work, coupled with the seven Words ofRays, 501:and the Mysteries of Initiation The Seven Ray Methods used in the Construction Process Until theRays, 501:Until the stage of projection is reached, the methods employed by all disciples on all rays areRays, 502:It is in this connection that the differing ray methods make their appearance, the difference beingRays, 504:carried forward. When, however, the distinctive methods of the ray energy of the disciple reach theRays, 505:touch upon here before taking up the seven ray methods of projection. The bridge to be built isRays, 505:Hierarchy. Now let us take up the seven ray methods, one by one. [506] As we consider these sevenRays, 512:as possible. [512] II. The six steps or methods of building the Antahkarana. Intention. TheRays, 512:aspect. The use of one or other of the seven Ray methods of projection, according to the Ray of theRays, 518:They are part, however, of the six building methods. The first [519] three were considered inRays, 615:This will constitute one of His most effective methods in His proposed spiritual interference inRays, 616:over-shadowing and outpouring. The first of the methods which will lead to the eventual physicalRays, 632:experiment in education and, in spite of evil methods and sinning against the soul of humanRays, 634:to their people. They worked through the same methods - terrorizing, withholding information,Rays, 660:anything) relate to the initiations of those methods and techniques whereby the "seed of will,"Rays, 743:can never be conferred through totalitarian methods; liberation cannot come through a dictator orRays, 745:necessarily wrong; it is the technique and the methods, rampant in the totalitarian lands, whichRays, 745:plan. Imposed Communism and all totalitarian methods imprison the human soul, and breed fear andRays, 745:these distinctions are found in techniques and methods far more than in the various tenets. Many ofRays, 745:- and rightly fighting - the totalitarian methods of cruelty, spying, murder, suppression and theRays, 745:are doing in truth is fighting the abominable methods of imposing the rule of a few evil andReappearance, 18:all modes of acquiring real knowledge, all methods of transmuting knowledge into wisdom andReappearance, 98:measures, wise choice of builders and correct methods of construction. It is apparent, therefore,Soul, 28:and proven by any who will study their methods and submit to their special training. In the sphereSoul, 52:[52] be possible to ascertain the laws and methods by which perfect bodies may be constructedSoul, 68:the matter which it seeks to overcome, and its methods are experimental, varying according to theSoul, 85:Galen, the great forerunner of modern medical methods, argued for the fourth ventricle of the brainSoul, 106:man, the Soul. The object, therefore, of all methods and practices is to bring about consciousSoul, 149:resembling, to some extent, the scientific methods of quantitative measurement, has been going onTelepathy, 110:infallible; in its earlier stages (where methods of interpretation and of deduction are concerned)Telepathy, 170:way in which to convey essential truth. These methods of expression are, however, only symbolicTelepathy, 182:be obvious to you that these are only terms or methods organized to convey a better picture than
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