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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MIGHT

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Astrology, 8:analogy even when eluding specifications, might be gained if you will endeavor to think of theAstrology, 18:with these ideas for a while. Astrologers might discover some most interesting and arrestingAstrology, 18:at an accuracy which is at present unknown. It might be of some service if I enlarged somewhat uponAstrology, 21:man presents no such difficulties. It might be added in addition that the signs of the zodiac, areAstrology, 23:as the Hierarchy has always told men. It might be stated that the disciple has to becomeAstrology, 23:- the 12 Creative Hierarchies. In summation, it might be said that: The zodiacal signs affectAstrology, 24:There are one or two other points which might be noted here also. I note them for yourAstrology, 24:four types of force because they affect what might be called the personality of our Earth: TheAstrology, 25:pass out again as radiation. Some idea of this might be grasped if I gave you the new propositionAstrology, 26:earlier in A Treatise on the Seven Rays but it might profit us to state them here: Proposition OneAstrology, 28:first divine aspect. The twelve constellations might be regarded as embodying the soul aspect and,Astrology, 30:be aware and, in many cases, is today aware. It might be useful here to comment in a wide andAstrology, 32:Hierarchies 2. The Creative Hierarchies It might here be appropriate if I interpolated a chart or aAstrology, 33:It has been gathered from various sources. I might here remind you that the seven planes of ourAstrology, 40:threefold nature. The first (sixth) Hierarchy might be viewed as endeavoring to express the mentalAstrology, 43:regarded in this solar system as occupying what might be considered as the third place, First, theAstrology, 45:is an expression of their synthesized life. It might, therefore, be said that the fifth HierarchyAstrology, 48:substratum or the substance of all that is. We might regard the subject as follows: The fourAstrology, 50:of clarification [50] and of generalization, it might be noted that the seventh Hierarchy is theAstrology, 54:a recognized part or aspect of himself. It might be said that the higher response to the realitiesAstrology, 64:of the two pillars, so familiar to Masons. It might therefore be stated that, symbolicallyAstrology, 65:principle of which they can be consciously aware might be a very low one for another person. TheAstrology, 75:upon his stage of evolutionary unfoldment. These might be divided into three groups through aAstrology, 87:and thence pass on to other transmutations. We might enumerate some of these triangles, bearingAstrology, 91:doctrine. I indicate phases of speculation which might prove illuminating and fruitful. Aries isAstrology, 104:of the Fixed Cross covers this period. It might here be noted that the experience of the threeAstrology, 110:One of the questions which normally arises might be expressed as follows, and was so expressed byAstrology, 114:and that in its lowest aspect. Two other points might here be touched upon, and for theirAstrology, 118:Pisces. These two signs balance each other. We might study the dual process taking place upon theAstrology, 121:Cardinal Cross is that of the cosmic Christ. It might here be noted that the Cross with which weAstrology, 125:with real potency [125] and activity. This might indicate the awakening of the mind, in the firstAstrology, 125:to that of the more esoteric planets. It might be added that spiritualism and the work of theAstrology, 133:can verify them himself through experiment. You might in this connection retort by saying that theAstrology, 135:a broad and not detailed picture [135] of what I might call the lines of the new astrology, itsAstrology, 143:major initiations in connection with which it might be pointed out that: In Taurus - Desire isAstrology, 144:Effects of the Zodiacal Constellations I might here give you the following names for the threeAstrology, 153:for which they have prepared the initiate. It might be stated that The Mutable Cross, in due timeAstrology, 156:mystery of God the Holy Spirit - Liberation It might also be pointed out here that it is the willAstrology, 156:If the symbolism is carried a little further, it might be stated that: The Ram leads us into theAstrology, 182:unevolved man and the aspirant to divinity. We might list these as follows, finding for each arm aAstrology, 183:from this constellation which controls what we might call (for lack of a more suitable word) theAstrology, 183:of the effect of Libra in an individual life. It might then be possible to discover whether theAstrology, 193:which are mysteriously concerned with what one might call the "personality expression" (if such anAstrology, 194:these three Persons of the divine Trinity, we might say that: Aries is the focal point of theAstrology, 195:heading, The Science of Triangles. Aries is, as might be expected, closely connected with the GreatAstrology, 196:brings a man back to his originating source. It might, therefore, be correctly inferred that thisAstrology, 204:the Fixed Cross but not the Cardinal Cross. We might add to the above the following: ScorpioAstrology, 208:man - not yet perfectly expressing himself, if I might word the situation thus - is anchored uponAstrology, 227:equilibrium between the pairs of opposites. It might be regarded as the sign in which the firstAstrology, 238:because Libra rules the present interlude and might be regarded as "the master of no-man's land,"Astrology, 242:they differed as to which the ten signs might be and in this connection there were several schoolsAstrology, 250:path or upon the verge of treading it, it might be said that his characteristics and qualities inAstrology, 256:to the previous solar system is Cancer; it might be said that Cancer is an expression (in the stageAstrology, 259:kingdoms in nature which our Earth manifests. It might be said that: Taurus - Incentive behindAstrology, 269:and certain cosmic influences and becomes - if I might so express it - a lens through which "theAstrology, 269:Constellations The other point upon which I might here touch is that certain of the rays expressAstrology, 274:to Taurus through Vulcan which brings in what might be called the endurance aspect of the willAstrology, 277:Christ spirit. In connection with Jupiter, as might be expected from a study of the rays, Virgo isAstrology, 279:(the past and the present) as a unity, it might be said that: The Mutable Cross governed the firstAstrology, 286:becoming, therefore, increasingly powerful. It might prove most illuminating and teach them much.Astrology, 297:[297] somewhat inaccurate generalization, it might be said that this process is followed upon theAstrology, 298:of individualization. From another angle, as might be anticipated, Leo is related [299] to Scorpio,Astrology, 299:As we are upon the subject, one other point might be touched upon here. August, which is ruled byAstrology, 308:is of major importance to humanity; the others might prove misleading, given man's present point ofAstrology, 310:service of its polar opposite, Aquarius. It might appropriately be added here that the prayer orAstrology, 311:these two states of mind, though perhaps it might be more correct to say that a fairly largeAstrology, 313:in reality, mean anything specific to you? You might reply by saying that it means, God moved inAstrology, 319:consciously as a world mediator. Therefore, it might be stated that: In Cancer, the influence ofAstrology, 335:information will emerge in this connection. It might be useful to point out here that: Through aAstrology, 337:of opposites as they exist in the zodiac, and it might profit us here for a minute to study the twoAstrology, 337:on both the form side and the soul side might be expressed as follows, bearing ever in mind theAstrology, 345:power of humanity as a whole. We might, therefore, recognize the following facts anent the MutableAstrology, 349:or universal fusion. It might be stated that: Gemini - forms a point of entrance for cosmic energyAstrology, 349:universal consciousness of the Great Bear. It might be profitable to you to bear in mind at thisAstrology, 350:to fresh developments and new activities. It might be of interest if I pointed out that: TheAstrology, 356:into our planet, a situation is set up which I might express in the words of the Old Commentary:Astrology, 363:manifest. These are three in number, and I might here point out that the sacred planets - so-calledAstrology, 367:can come to some intelligent grasp of what we might call the consciousness-mechanism and of theAstrology, 374:Effects of the Zodiacal Constellations It might be here pointed out that just as the Aquarian AgeAstrology, 384:of caves (Virgo) and of rock (Capricorn). It might be stated that these caves exist in the rocks,Astrology, 388:it could in any way comprehend anything I might say. The secret of Taurus is revealed at the secondAstrology, 390:and assumes an unchangeable direction. You might here ask why I deal here with these abstractions?Astrology, 399:and in this case veils or hides Vulcan - which might be expected. The Moon, therefore, stands hereAstrology, 409:currents in macrocosmic relations. Briefly it might be said that the following cosmic and systemicAstrology, 411:eyes. Speaking with a wide generalization, it might be said that the three major groups of forcesAstrology, 411:in nature and - again generalizing - it might also be said that: Zodiacal energies pass throughAstrology, 414:true and to constitute a law in nature, and it might be said that the task of the disciple is toAstrology, 415:Bear, from the Pleiades and from Sirius. It might be pointed out that: [416] The energies comingAstrology, 426:plane or of the soul upon its own level. Man, it might be stated, is the expression of sevenAstrology, 441:interest to the esoteric astrologer and these we might briefly list in connection with theseAstrology, 450:I would like to touch upon the fact that, as might be expected, the influences ofAstrology, 454:of a particular planetary triangle. It might be of service if I here briefly tabulated again forAstrology, 466:of Triangles - The Triangles and the Centers We might consequently state that the forces of: CancerAstrology, 473:Virgo and the final self-release in Pisces. We might here give a little time to the practicalAstrology, 488:to conscious use in the service of the group. We might phrase it thus: Taurus - in the final stageAstrology, 490:factors: Ray I - Aries: This constellation, as might be expected, is the source of the initialAstrology, 491:Aries is the most potent and active. Ray VI - as might be expected, is equally expressive andAstrology, 493:moment or perhaps, I should say that a question might here be asked: How does it happen that oneAstrology, 494:is one concerning our planetary Logos. It might be said (in order to make our theme comprehensibleAstrology, 503:livingness - are preparing. Basically it might be said that a planet is regarded as "sacred" when
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