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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MIGHT

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Astrology, 508:if he is oriented towards the higher life. I might again point out that Mars is the transmitter ofAstrology, 516:another step forward and further light. It might here be stated that until the antahkarana (theAstrology, 519:in value during this century of destiny, I might as well work at other modes and methods of raisingAstrology, 520:good of the whole and not for any one part. It might, therefore, be said that what is truly takingAstrology, 558:highest of the Sons of God upon our Earth." It might be added that the Mutable Cross is theAstrology, 560:evil ends is the sin against the Holy Spirit. It might be said that the swastika "drives intoAstrology, 560:Fixed Cross (as far as humanity is concerned) might be depicted thus: Here you have the [561] CrossAstrology, 569:gives place to the vague prompting of what might be called love. This is the movement in theAstrology, 573:be definitely inaugurated by humanity itself. It might be said, therefore, that the GreatAstrology, 574:through experience upon the Fixed Cross. It might here be pointed out that: Experience upon theAstrology, 582:yet been expressed - except by the Christ. You might ask, why, if this is so, do you emphasize thisAstrology, 585:the unprepared, materialistically minded person might and would prove a disaster. It would simplyAstrology, 585:force, directed to selfish ends, that the person might become a monster of wickedness. In theAstrology, 587:however like to make one practical suggestion. Might there not be organized a group who would takeAstrology, 592:in terms of divine experienced experiment, if I might so formulate the idea. Remember, therefore,Astrology, 594:of instinctual force and intuitive energy. It might be pointed out to those of you who have someAstrology, 598:or at-one-ment has been reached. Esoterically it might be said that the moment that formAstrology, 601:It is the will to "ritualistic synthesis," if I might so word it. It is Necessity which is theAstrology, 603:that is to be found the dynamic "outgoing" (if I might so express it) which is the motivation ofAstrology, 604:of energies takes place. The lines of approach might be indicated as follows: [605] This diamondAstrology, 606:of brain or mind or focused intention, as you might surmise. It is that synthetic something whichAstrology, 611:- Cosmic Energies and Transformation To these I might add one word in connection with the Earth andAstrology, 614:of the process in a broad and general sense might be stated as follows: Path of Evolution andAstrology, 645:connection with Uranus, Neptune and Saturn, this might be expected as they are the synthesizingAstrology, 661:on Cosmic Fire "Venus, Jupiter and Saturn might be considered from the standpoint of the presentAstrology, 664:on Cosmic Fire "Venus, Jupiter and Saturn might be the vehicles of the three superAstrology, 667:(S.D. Vol. II, 812) "Venus, Jupiter and Saturn might be considered [668] from the standpoint of theAstrology, 675:(C. F. 181) [675] "Venus, Jupiter and Saturn might be considered from the standpoint of the presentAstrology, 680:and ascertain one or two new facts. We might tabulate these as follows: First, it should be borneAstrology, 685:in forms and in quality. A correspondence might here also be pointed out which may serve to conveyAstrology, 685:to our seven schemes. A very pertinent question might here be asked. We might justly enquire (inAstrology, 685:very pertinent question might here be asked. We might justly enquire (in connection with the pointAstrology, 687:[687] His coming as the Avatar. Very reverently might it be said that the first three rounds andAstrology, 691:are embodiments of the four minor rays. We might consider - from the standpoint of the present -Astrology, 691:of the present - that Venus, Jupiter and Saturn might be considered as the vehicles of the threeAstrology, 692:connection with Uranus, Neptune and Saturn, this might be expected as they are the synthesizingAtom, 15:Field of Evolution The third line of thought we might call the Idealistic. It posits anAtom, 23:and rejects that which is purely selfish. We might finally define evolution as ordered change andAtom, 24:which distinguish the evolutionary process might be broadly divided into three, corresponding toAtom, 24:the study of His image, or reflection, MAN. We might express these three stages in more scientificAtom, 31:a thing apart, and it is only lately that what I might call the "psychology of matter" is beginningAtom, 35:scientific thinkers in which he suggests that we might be able to divide and subdivide the electronAtom, 42:Have we not, therefore, really got back to what might be termed the "psyche of the atom"? We haveAtom, 43:than the little atom of the chemist. [43] We might extend the idea still further and consider aAtom, 54:in our future talks principally upon what we might call the psychical evolution, or the gradualAtom, 62:which we call a kingdom in nature. This method might be briefly summed up in three terms:Atom, 63:and graded expansions of consciousness. We might look at these definite stages, and study them veryAtom, 68:appear, but a third is also found, which we might call sensation of a rudimentary kind. The initialAtom, 70:it finds its goal in the human kingdom. The idea might now be extended somewhat, and we mightAtom, 70:The idea might now be extended somewhat, and we might consider that great Entity Who is theAtom, 78:central sun, pursuing their definite orbits, might be seen the electrons. We noted, also, the factAtom, 87:early stages of human evolution, that which we might call the atomic stage, in which man comes to aAtom, 92:four states of intelligent activity, which we might term consciousness, self-consciousness, groupAtom, 98:considering the human being as an atom, then we might extend this primary conception to the planet,Atom, 99:to synchronize vibration. All these phrases might be included in any definition of consciousness,Atom, 99:upon three types of consciousness, which we might enumerate as follows: Absolute consciousness,Atom, 100:What, then, is universal consciousness? It might be defined as consciousness, thinking time andAtom, 100:universal, and individual consciousness - it might be helpful if I endeavored somewhat toAtom, 100:if I endeavored somewhat to illustrate. It might be done as follows: In our earlier lectures weAtom, 101:Universal consciousness to the little cell might be considered as the consciousness of the entireAtom, 101:the atom. Absolute consciousness to the atom might be considered as the consciousness of theAtom, 101:this conception of a threefold consciousness. It might here be wise if we were to come down andAtom, 121:[121] we shall bring about a condition which might almost be called paradoxical. We shall graduallyAtom, 123:for the group to which he belongs. This stage might be viewed as corresponding to that ofAtom, 126:and women, and fail to be impressed by them; we might pass them by without recognizing them, andAtom, 127:again, and walk among men as He did before, He might live His life amongst us day after day and weAtom, 129:during the evolutionary process with which we might deal, and which are at present so far aheadAtom, 130:nature. In philosophical thought we have what I might call the utilization of the intelligence byAtom, 131:for heating, for lighting, and for what I might call the motivation of everything that is carriedAtom, 137:soul is psychometry. Now what is psychometry? It might be defined [138] as the ability to take aAtom, 138:the solar system. To see in the sixth dimension might be defined as the power to take a pebble offAtom, 143:Cosmic Evolution Lecture VII Cosmic Evolution It might well be considered ridiculous for anyone toAtom, 144:We deduced therefrom that this central Will might be the manifestation of an Entity Who informs theAtom, 145:on to that which we, for lack of a better term, might call God consciousness, though I deprecateAtom, 150:in the purposes of the solar Logos; but we might be able to get some idea of the general purposesAtom, 154:of the physical body, viewed as a whole, might, from the atom's point of view, be regarded as itsAtom, 154:to the atom in his body, analogous to what we might call God consciousness. Our self-consciousAtom, 154:our body that consciousness of the solar Logos might be called Absolute Consciousness, might itAtom, 154:Logos might be called Absolute Consciousness, might it not? This thought can be extended to theAtom, 156:that one which was first developed, and which we might call electrical matter. Then there is theAutobiography, 1:how I became what I am from what I was. It might be useful to know how a rabid, orthodox ChristianAutobiography, 1:could become a well-known occult teacher. People might learn much by discovering how aAutobiography, 9:my childhood though many of my possible readers might think it all quite wonderful in comparisonAutobiography, 18:for Christ and that no matter what doctrine I might renounce she knew I would never renounce Him.Autobiography, 26:days to do anything which we, as individuals, might want to do. It was a life of discipline, rhythmAutobiography, 47:knowledge and the infallibility of any advice I might give. I had an answer for everything and knewAutobiography, 51:preached His sermons in English then perhaps we might be more secure as to accuracy of theAutobiography, 56:not care a d...(I did not use that word then) I might get away with it and be really useful.Autobiography, 62:After due [62] discussion, it was decided that I might accept and every evening I bicycled downAutobiography, 63:very good. I bought every kind of book which might help me to preach better, such as Pegs forAutobiography, 64:- Chapter II I wrote to my people asking if I might go - meaning to go anyway, but wanting to doAutobiography, 71:I suggested that the slower method of education might, therefore, be wiser. He shrugged hisAutobiography, 79:the doctor warned me that a homicidal tendency might result. His young wife and I looked after himAutobiography, 85:to learn? Were there other points of view which might possibly be right? I knew there were a lot ofAutobiography, 112:all photographs and books which he thought I might value, he had taken to knocking me about, thoughAutobiography, 115:live with me as a paying guest in order that I might have someone in the home but in due time sheAutobiography, 117:of bills. He had no sense of money; cash that I might give him, or that was part of his stipend toAutobiography, 121:never yet found a Jew who would admit that there might be faults or provocation on their side. TheyAutobiography, 128:paying her half of what I earned, whatever that might be. The work was piece work and I knew that IAutobiography, 133:affairs, and into a realm of discovery that we might call spiritual - the world which the ancient
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