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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MIGHT

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Autobiography, 140:Cause and Effect instead of the Law of Karma, we might have had a more general recognition of theAutobiography, 142:meant this or that that we should accept it. He might be right and if so, intuitively one wouldAutobiography, 148:in the building with me because I thought it might occasion talk and gossip. So each night when theAutobiography, 151:something if it had been possible. The question might be asked how can one combat fear? Well! I canAutobiography, 153:claim. Sequentially, then, the human kingdom might well be regarded as drawing its sustenance outAutobiography, 153:macrocosm for all the three lower kingdoms, he might be supposed, [154] normally, to draw his lifeAutobiography, 167:was given word for word, in such a manner that I might claim that I definitely heard a voice.Autobiography, 167:that I definitely heard a voice. Therefore, it might be said that I started with a clairaudientAutobiography, 180:and over 70 when she left me she thought they might profit from some of her experiences. I do notAutobiography, 207:she cabled me 500 as she knew I was ill and might need it. Our telepathic relationship has beenAutobiography, 210:attended lectures and that I hoped that he might perhaps be willing to meet them. Whereupon heAutobiography, 223:they passed unscathed through a great deal which might have damaged them. You see, there were noAutobiography, 236:increased the difficulties. All conditions that might incite to war were present everywhere evenAutobiography, 245:recognition and whether it had in it that which might be of value in the new spiritual era whichAutobiography, 251:when there was a faint possibility that the war might even at that late hour be averted. Many willAutobiography, 253:authority of my name or of any status which I might claim or which might be claimed for me by theAutobiography, 253:or of any status which I might claim or which might be claimed for me by the curious, theAutobiography, 260:viewer may study and describe, and the artist might copy, although the color effects are utterlyAutobiography, 264:schools which will later appear. These facts might be summarized as follows: Autobiography, 298:A.A.B. shunned any statement or action which might be interpreted as claim making, as to her ownAutobiography, 299:in many ways is as difficult a task as one might well imagine and for this the Arcane School hasAutobiography, 303:[303] and military warfare on the physical plane might have been avoided had certain achievementsAutobiography, 303:the students scattered throughout the world who might otherwise have joined our ranks, was stopped.Autobiography, 303:to do everything that they could do, that might help to avert war, were useless, it was hard to seeBethlehem, ix:I prayed alone That a more bitter cup might be withdrawn, Ye could not watch with me one littleBethlehem, 13:one had to choose, at this time, one faith, one might choose Christianity, and for this specificBethlehem, 18:twain, one new man, so making peace; and that he might reconcile both unto God in one body, havingBethlehem, 25:- Introductory Remarks on Initiation Initiation might be regarded as a great experiment. There wasBethlehem, 41:consideration of these great initiations, it might be of value to touch upon one or two points inBethlehem, 41:factors which are frequently overlooked. It might be asked at this point, "Who is the initiator?Bethlehem, 62:Brumalia, in honor of Bacchus) the Christians might perform their rites undisturbed." - EsotericBethlehem, 65:time of her child's birth.' Therefore, 'that it might be fulfiled which was spoken by the prophets'Bethlehem, 66:with the constellation Virgo, upon which we might touch. Mary, the Virgin, in the symbolism of theBethlehem, 78:physical health, there is no saying what they might not accomplish. A test is something which triesBethlehem, 91:then emerge, and thus history is made. It might be said with truth that without ideas there wouldBethlehem, 95:causing the appearance of a fifth kingdom. We might sum up the at-one-ments which He brought aboutBethlehem, 102:Dim anticipations of the path which He might have to tread must at times have entered His mind, butBethlehem, 110:throughout all the parts of His nature which might be vulnerable. "As He is, so are we in thisBethlehem, 113:on, he moves towards that which is divine. It might profit all of us if we pondered long and deeplyBethlehem, 128:the founding of the kingdom of God might be indefinitely delayed. This temptation was an attack atBethlehem, 129:perhaps not so distant as the chaotic present might lead us to think. Christ held His values trueBethlehem, 137:experience of all who are perfected. We might depict the process as follows: 1st Initiation NewBethlehem, 138:in man can shine forth in its radiance? We might list five of them in order to gain an idea of whatBethlehem, 140:which are superhuman. The question might justifiably arise: when does the possibility come to manBethlehem, 141:personality is the inner spiritual man, which we might call the "individual." It is here again thatBethlehem, 149:Without hand and foot, rich in unthinkable might, Sight without eyes, hearing without ears, FreeBethlehem, 156:so that the symbolism which they embodied might appear, and their intuitive reactions be rightlyBethlehem, 156:be such that - for all time - the inner meaning might be made apparent to those of us who haveBethlehem, 159:which bears witness to the future. One point might here be brought out. In the OrientalBethlehem, 161:of view usually held by the orthodox Christian might be enumerated as follows: He came to die uponBethlehem, 161:of perfection and how, in human form, divinity might be manifested. He came to leave us an exampleBethlehem, 161:which He came into the world. He came that we might have "life abundantly," and St. John tells usBethlehem, 165:the mountain had to follow. Then occurred what might be regarded as a great, sad, spiritualBethlehem, 167:the new concept that God is Love, no matter what might be happening in the world of immediacy. AllBethlehem, 171:in the three worlds there is none like Thee in might. "Therefore bowing down, prostrating my bodyBethlehem, 176:that Christ did not die in order that you and I might go to heaven. He died as the result of theBethlehem, 182:the zodiacal sign into which we are entering. It might be as well to point out that this isBethlehem, 194:to die in order that once and for all mankind might learn the lesson that by the sacrifice of theBethlehem, 194:sacrifice of the human nature the divine aspect might be "saved." Thus Christ summed up in HimselfBethlehem, 194:to the world of men. He died for all so that all might live. But this is not the doctrine of theBethlehem, 200:idea grew until, at last, the salvation concept might be briefly summarized in the following terms:Bethlehem, 202:of principles as the Ten Commandments might be cited as a case in point. They constitute theBethlehem, 203:evil is too large to elucidate at length, but it might be defined simply as adherence to that whichBethlehem, 208:with the same fervor as Christ that God's will might be done. Many men have been deserted by thoseBethlehem, 208:done. Many men have been deserted by those who might have been expected to understand andBethlehem, 209:mission to found. Christ came that all mankind might have "life... more abundantly." (St. John, X,Bethlehem, 217:of divinity and of the spirit. Happiness might be regarded as the reward of the new birth, for itBethlehem, 222:kingdom, and to hold it open Himself, so that it might be His hand and His aid which should lift usBethlehem, 232:they had lost the last glimmer of hope that he might prove to be the Christ. When he was placed inBethlehem, 234:taught, is One. It interpreted for them, as we might put it in our more cautious way, the creativeBethlehem, 236:- The Resurrection and Ascension These words might have been appropriately addressed to Christ, andBethlehem, 244:by Robert Norwood, p. 57, Socrates. It might here be pertinent to enquire what it is that we seekBethlehem, 247:persistence. A sense of truth and justice might lead us honestly to the conclusion that our valueBethlehem, 252:our personal selves. The resurrection therefore might be defined as the [253] persistence on intoBethlehem, 264:is being impressed upon us constantly. It might be of value to us, therefore, to admit thisDestiny, 5:is not then necessarily [5] invalid. It might perhaps clarify the subject if I pointed out thatDestiny, 16:for the attainment of first ray objectives. It might be apposite here to point out that such firstDestiny, 32:active today in a broad and general sense. If I might put it symbolically the vertical activity ofDestiny, 38:will stood forth in all their divine power. It might be of interest to you to know just what raysDestiny, 63:may not truly reflect these deeper destinies. It might be of interest here if we continued ourDestiny, 68:sign which is affecting it (its ascendant, one might say), whilst the masses are conditioned by theDestiny, 109:the influence of the incoming seventh ray, it might be helpful if we compared very briefly the twoDestiny, 111:fifth kingdom in nature. This is slated (if I might use such a specialized word) to come intoDestiny, 116:prior to the contact. The stages of this import might be covered briefly by the following words:Destiny, 124:- Spiritual Life in the New Age Incidentally I might point out here that the seventh ray influenceDestiny, 126:held by the forces of the three worlds, but it might serve a useful purpose if disciplesDestiny, 131:called "the power of embodiment." If I might express it this way, the ancient statement thatDestiny, 140:subsidiary to the second. In this world cycle it might be said that the emphasis of all spiritualDestiny, 141:humanity at all. The numerical correspondences might be noted as follows, remembering that theDestiny, 143:the general pervasive effect of the third ray) might prove disastrous. The ray cycles are usuallyDestiny, 144:which heading the above item of information might well be placed) can stimulate your imaginationDiscipleship1a point upon which to ponder and meditate or he might indicate some need for changed habits ofDiscipleship1, XIII:is applicable to all aspirants. One other reason might be mentioned here as indicative of the valueDiscipleship1, 4:with the work of the Buddha and of the Christ might serve a useful purpose and give you all aDiscipleship1, 12:to Disciples - Part II PART II The question might here be asked: How can this work out practicallyDiscipleship1, 14:- Part II You would find it useful to keep what might be called a spiritual diary. This does notDiscipleship1, 15:claims and thought-forms. Another question might here be asked: What should disciples in a Master'sDiscipleship1, 16:or a hint as seems wise to him. This entire work might be termed an experiment in esoteric commonDiscipleship1, 20:though material benefit and physical prosperity might eventually emerge from certain countriesDiscipleship1, 26:goals. The glamor of self-assurance or of what might be called the astral principles of the
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