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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MIGHT

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Discipleship1, 27:with the subject of glamor as it affects or might affect this particular group of disciples in myDiscipleship1, 31:Years. This signalized the anchoring - if so I might call it - of the New Group of World ServersDiscipleship1, 35:as follows: 1. There is a group of what we might call Telepathic Communicators. These people areDiscipleship1, 41:so, my brothers? Because the force flowing in might prove too strong for the individual disciple toDiscipleship1, 54:seven year old child no matter how brilliant he might be. But if you have the needed patience, theDiscipleship1, 57:in relation to their Master or each other. You might here well ask: Why is this sensitive interplayDiscipleship1, 63:symbol. Certain questions now arise and it might be well to formulate the answers to some of them.Discipleship1, 65:ideal - a very different thing, my brother. You might also ask: How can this collective impressingDiscipleship1, 65:- Talks to Disciples - Part VII Another question might here arise: Are there any specific and briefDiscipleship1, 65:rules which should be obeyed? The following might be given, but I would remind you that it is whatDiscipleship1, 78:through the very weight of my weakness. You might well ask what this weakness was? It was my loveDiscipleship1, 82:an automatic technique of expression. [82] You might here ask me if there is one single mode orDiscipleship1, 87:a man treads the Path of Discipleship.... You might ask, my brothers, of what use are theseDiscipleship1, 89:he intends to work. The visualizing of what might be called "directed process" goes on in a moreDiscipleship1, 91:Do you understand what I mean? Initiation might be defined at this point as the moment of crisisDiscipleship1, 92:of the soul and the suggestions of the Master might be regarded as in conflict with the demands ofDiscipleship1, 96:correctly upon the physical plane. They might be super-critical of a fellow disciple who was,Discipleship1, 96:not living up to his initiation objective; they might be subtly jealous or undulyDiscipleship1, 96:subtly jealous or unduly self-depreciative; they might treat the disciple who is ahead of them uponDiscipleship1, 96:complicate his problem and his effort; they might lose a sense of proportion as to initiationDiscipleship1, 99:attitudes and reactions have crowded much that I might say and have said out of your minds. One ofDiscipleship1, 116:that where the tide of love is thwarted, there might happen a temporary warping of your nature. YouDiscipleship1, 118:upon your minds are in the nature of what might be called "catch" questions. The astral body is -Discipleship1, 122:and limited surroundings so that there might be no dominant obstructing outer attractions; youDiscipleship1, 124:few months and also much mental discomfort, if I might so express it. There has been, at the sameDiscipleship1, 135:is not accomplished by you as adequately as it might be, though you do succeed at times in soDiscipleship1, 153:service and the finding of right cooperators, I might endorse your own opinion that up till now noDiscipleship1, 157:which to draw and as yet you use them not as you might. As before I have told you, you make notDiscipleship1, 157:through meditation you can accomplish much. You might ask me, my brother, how to utilize theDiscipleship1, 174:comes first and the more abstruse last. You might well ask at the start of your personal work withDiscipleship1, 181:is so intense and full that a multitude of words might fall on ears stunned by the noise and glamorDiscipleship1, 192:coordination is set up and there is what one might call a momentary alignment. But the moment yourDiscipleship1, 195:in the nature of a stone or rock over which you might stumble as you tread the pathway towards theDiscipleship1, 201:my brother? This is not so usual a condition as might appear. You are singularly free from innerDiscipleship1, 203:that was in him and that his failure (if so it might be called) was due to the fact that he was atDiscipleship1, 203:in my group of disciples for three reasons. It might interest you to know what they are, for thenDiscipleship1, 206:made as the result of any outer influence. You might ask me at this point upon what a rightDiscipleship1, 208:found in my instruction to you last January. I might almost call this the second lesson upon theDiscipleship1, 209:of these words is far deeper than you might think. These basic requirements in a disciple,Discipleship1, 213:- 8 counts - Realization of work done. Later we might increase these counts but this suffices forDiscipleship1, 224:service naught will turn your steps. But delay might eventuate until the needed lesson has beenDiscipleship1, 225:the soul to union with the One. Surely it might be said that he whom I and you and all disciplesDiscipleship1, 232:past year than in any previous ten years. You might ask me how I know this and in what way I canDiscipleship1, 235:or their understanding. You need, if I might so express it, to cultivate a close identificationDiscipleship1, 237:digestive difficulties will be much aided and might disappear when you have established aDiscipleship1, 245:and trouble and save other people too. You might rightly ask me how and in what manner you canDiscipleship1, 247:is achieved. To all these, a fourth activity might be added - that of the Observer, of the soul onDiscipleship1, 255:definite hindrance. In summing up, therefore, it might be stated that your rays are as follows: TheDiscipleship1, 262:desire for anything for the separated self. You might reply to this by saying that you believeDiscipleship1, 269:must come - as [269] the years go by - what I might call crises of achievement. There must beDiscipleship1, 269:threefold world of human evolution. One point might here be noted. The extremity of the disciple inDiscipleship1, 274:There is only one thing that perhaps I might at this time emphasize for you and I can do it best inDiscipleship1, 277:in the bonds of service many elements which might not otherwise fuse and blend. This involves anDiscipleship1, 281:and definite usefulness be the result. You might ask here, and rightly so, how this intuitiveDiscipleship1, 290:sacrifice and oft the doing of that which might not be preferred and which might not - from theDiscipleship1, 290:of that which might not be preferred and which might not - from the personality angle - be theDiscipleship1, 297:they can [297] work with power in the world) might be expressed as the need to gain discriminationDiscipleship1, 305:interested in that inner subjective work which might be called telepathic clairvoyance. This workDiscipleship1, 321:to the heart center, rushing it there, if I might so express it. If you will do this faithfully andDiscipleship1, 346:imagination, carry this electrification (if I might use such a word), this stimulation and thisDiscipleship1, 348:vision and for a fresh cycle of testing. You might ask me, my brother, of what such a preparationDiscipleship1, 350:is on the fifth ray. This is definitely what I might call a "left over" from the fifth rayDiscipleship1, 371:afraid and, therefore, fail to express as you might and which your executive work has cramped andDiscipleship1, 387:is? First, in each life there is reached what I might call a definite high water mark ofDiscipleship1, 390:the physical plane man, and the Presence. It might elucidate matters if we considered for a momentDiscipleship1, 395:disappointments. He is dealing with them as one might expect. You, my brother, know to what youDiscipleship1, 401:who surround you have slowed the pace. You might, perhaps, have traveled faster had you been able,Discipleship1, 401:destroyer aspect or the over-critical mind, as might have been the case. You are not destructive;Discipleship1, 401:destructive; your outstanding qualities, if I might so express it, have been the power to organizeDiscipleship1, 409:to you. This is not owing to anything that you might consider a fault, but is due primarily to yourDiscipleship1, 412:seemed to me (as I have studied you) that you might again begin to meditate simply. But there mustDiscipleship1, 427:Certain knowledges that have come to you from me might tend to foster that pride if exceedingDiscipleship1, 448:any interludes of aridness and of reaction which might come your way. All life is cyclic and thisDiscipleship1, 449:and yet it is neither of them exactly. Perhaps I might call it the "glamor of the Judge" - trained,Discipleship1, 453:three months to each of these world topics. If I might suggest, [454] my brother, I would like toDiscipleship1, 458:surprised could you see it all as I see it; it might be of value to you all if I stated the type ofDiscipleship1, 459:anent the study work assigned to the group. Might not the ideas underlying the Lord's Prayer unfoldDiscipleship1, 460:yours. There are three such sentences and you might regard them as constituting a magical phraseDiscipleship1, 463:to you that earlier I gave you a hint that there might arise a need for you to call for addedDiscipleship1, 464:greater Self in all) has left behind all that might hinder and hamper his service. Henceforth, youDiscipleship1, 466:task and a complicated problem because (if I might so crudely express it) there is in you too muchDiscipleship1, 471:Another reason for your failure to get all you might out of the present experience is theDiscipleship1, 473:work needed doing and, at the close, fresh work might come to you. The past period has seen muchDiscipleship1, 474:consciousness. Now you are entering into what might be regarded as a new incarnation. At thisDiscipleship1, 475:walk the Path. 3rd month - I say no word that might direct the thoughts of other men and thus bringDiscipleship1, 484:than at any other time in your life. I think I might say with truth that (for the first time sinceDiscipleship1, 492:daily life, seeing nothing of reality as you might see it, hearing nothing but the reverberationsDiscipleship1, 498:and your sensitivity is the result of that. If I might express it, I would say that your soul canDiscipleship1, 513:measure of your achievement. Two years ago, you might have recognized theoretically the truth ofDiscipleship1, 515:rests - both to yourself and to the group. It might be of value if I touched here upon a questionDiscipleship1, 518:your being as spiritually useful to them as you might be. The usefulness of disciples to those whoDiscipleship1, 521:Let not the inner tension resume its sway. You might at this point rightly ask: How shall I preventDiscipleship1, 538:You need to work more definitely from what might be called a point of tension. Study, in the newDiscipleship1, 549:of life in the market place of life - if I might be permitted to speak thus symbolically. Know youDiscipleship1, 550:use it dynamically in the realm of thought. You might rightly ask me the question: Direct knowledgeDiscipleship1, 551:F. C. D. from the quiet of [551] your room. I might add, that he is seeking to help you physicallyDiscipleship1, 556:devastation, my brother. Some disciples might ask me what I mean by that. I need not explain toDiscipleship1, 559:yourself for progress in world service, they might be, stated to be as follows: The soul ray - theDiscipleship1, 562:and reticence are not as easy to learn as might appear, particularly when the inferiority complexDiscipleship1, 563:to tune out and to leave unrecognized that which might disturb your life of service. The proverb
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