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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MIGHT

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Discipleship1, 566:of great potency and wilfuly actuated by what I might call the will aspect of devotion. I know thatDiscipleship1, 578:World Servers. Let not the beauty of that which might be done, lead you to forget that which hasDiscipleship1, 586:of two first ray responsive aspects. It might be of interest if you studied with me for a momentDiscipleship1, 593:of violent experimentation and of what I might term a spiritual riot. This must eventually come toDiscipleship1, 598:The way of the aspirant climaxes at times, and might be, described as a series of steady growthDiscipleship1, 605:MY BROTHER: When last I wrote I feared that it might be the last communication I should be able toDiscipleship1, 608:over you. Even a year ago I felt that you might have to wait for another life period before youDiscipleship1, 616:which such a contact would inevitably bring, might (as it always has in the past) feed the glamorsDiscipleship1, 630:of love. Had I told you this five years ago, you might have believed, but you would not haveDiscipleship1, 633:in this life you have a masculine body. As you might well imagine, your physical body isDiscipleship1, 667:and non-critical love. It will give you what I might call horizontal inclusiveness as well asDiscipleship1, 669:I will give you later some ideas upon which you might work. I will not do so now as I want you toDiscipleship1, 677:and know not clear revolt." A word about pain might be in place here, though I have naught of anDiscipleship1, 695:and probationary disciples. This effort might be termed an externalization of the Ashram. You haveDiscipleship1, 696:technique or method of contributing to what I might here call the reservoir of thought which is anDiscipleship1, 699:from the angle of evolutionary development. It might be stated that: Unevolved or savage manDiscipleship1, 702:a Master's group, sometimes called an Ashram. It might be valuable if I endeavored to define anDiscipleship1, 704:imposed by the personality. This whole process might be summed up in the following words: TheDiscipleship1, 704:brings about the first indications of what I might call "ashramic consciousness" - a consciousnessDiscipleship1, 705:and in their reactions and problems. It might here be noted that disciples in an Ashram areDiscipleship1, 713:of the Master is attracted to the person. It might be said that the preface to the Master'sDiscipleship1, 715:of interrelated activity are present, then what might be called "spiritual habits" begin to formDiscipleship1, 724:and able to communicate with the aspirant. It might be pointed out that, in the past, suchDiscipleship1, 726:him to add to this established karma, what I might call "freeing karma." This is a part of theDiscipleship1, 731:meantime have to react to the vision in what I might call a second hand manner; they are occupiedDiscipleship1, 734:for a disciple to learn in one short day what might otherwise take months and even years to learn.Discipleship1, 734:release energy in the wrong direction and (if I might so inadequately express it) from the wrongDiscipleship1, 735:with the form side of life. One more question might here be considered, dealing with a phrase whichDiscipleship1, 736:the personality. Love is never worked up, if I might put it so, in the lower nature; it is a freeDiscipleship1, 739:their demanded service. Some of these questions might be expressed as follows: How effective is myDiscipleship1, 742:then the lower are controlled and operated (if I might so express it) from the level of the higherDiscipleship1, 742:"Master of his life." This triangular relation might be depicted thus: [743] The Master * The SoulDiscipleship1, 746:to send it out when emergency demands it. You might ask how the chela knows that he can "getDiscipleship1, 746:the best of his ability. It is the reward, if I might so express it, of the worker who knows whatDiscipleship1, 747:to be answered before the student has what I might call "the full freedom of the Ashram." TheDiscipleship1, 749:whole for individual good, as the personality might see it. [750] The Master knows that in theDiscipleship1, 751:of his soul radiation, via the personality. It might be stated that no disciple becomes a chela onDiscipleship1, 754:own consciousness any thoughts or desires which might disturb the group aura. When he is admittedDiscipleship1, 755:him to be in touch with the Heart of God. It might be noted here that these three radiationsDiscipleship1, 757:- the Life of the Master. One interesting fact might here be given. The moment when anDiscipleship1, 757:it seldom happens. Symbolically speaking, it might be described as a potent expanding impulse whichDiscipleship1, 762:channels of direction (there are three of them) might be expressed thus: The Hierarchy. The Master.Discipleship1, 763:the concept of response to the Master's aura) might be put as follows: The Master's aura. The egoicDiscipleship1, 765:we are definitely dealing with that which might be called the initiate-consciousness at a highDiscipleship1, 768:therefore, how different this stage is from what might be imagined. It is one which marks a newDiscipleship1, 777:recognition and whether it had in it that which might be of value in the new spiritual era whichDiscipleship1, 783:possibility that the war even at that late hour might be averted. Many will remember that campaignDiscipleship1, 785:authority of my name or of any status which I might claim, or which might be claimed for me by theDiscipleship1, 785:or of any status which I might claim, or which might be claimed for me by the curious, theDiscipleship2or to pass on to other Ashrams as the case might be. For this purpose the Master selected someDiscipleship2, 6:to remove out of this group those elements which might perchance have handicapped it, and which theDiscipleship2, 17:along which the training given will go. This might be called the exoteric aspect of the esotericDiscipleship2, 17:Definite and planned Meditation. The theme, if I might so call it, of the work will be threefold:Discipleship2, 22:of mine, is our appointed task. Out of all that might be said or written by me will eventuallyDiscipleship2, 34:to that pressure many of you have succumbed. You might have carried through and been more effectiveDiscipleship2, 35:Had you managed to carry them out, you might have found your entire path in life more simple andDiscipleship2, 35:or rather anent its general characteristics, might prove of interest to you. A Master, whenDiscipleship2, 36:has no relation to a fused group endeavor. You might here ask: What can we as a group accomplish?Discipleship2, 38:them for the world of thinking men. However, I might state that the background or groundwork of allDiscipleship2, 50:a new method of drawing nearer to God. It might be of value to all disciples if I here analyzed theDiscipleship2, 50:work in relation to your individual endeavor might be successful. That was not the major intent.Discipleship2, 72:has to be largely taken on faith by you. It might be regarded as the mechanism of inspiration, forDiscipleship2, 79:for my Ashram; and what I have here suggested might well be used also by the Arcane School for theDiscipleship2, 90:eight, two are causing me some questioning. You might at this point appropriately ask the followingDiscipleship2, 92:had the tenure of life by A.A.B. been better, it might have been accomplished. Another of theseDiscipleship2, 115:held until the next Full Moon of May. You might regard it as the individual phase of alignment andDiscipleship2, 122:anything else. Three other items of interest might here be mentioned. First, the throat center isDiscipleship2, 122:more directly to the throat center. Thirdly, it might be stated that the awakening of the center atDiscipleship2, 129:and soul into one blended unit. It is what might be called the acme of alignment. Then endeavor toDiscipleship2, 131:mind. This could not fail to have effects. You might interpret wrongly and in any case you know notDiscipleship2, 131:where your brother is concerned. Your thought might emphasize a concrete meaning whereas I mightDiscipleship2, 131:might emphasize a concrete meaning whereas I might have in view a totally different application.Discipleship2, 135:wisely) available to our senior disciples. It might be said symbolically that "the point of theDiscipleship2, 163:time. All this has been brought about by what we might call with exactitude the firstDiscipleship2, 173:to salvage humanity; it indicated to him what might at that time have appeared to be an apparentDiscipleship2, 177:may use such a word) of the inner spiritual man might be correctly oriented and aligned, and thusDiscipleship2, 197:form of meditation possible upon our planet. It might also be stated that it is meditation which isDiscipleship2, 200:Age II - Teachings on Meditation - Part XII It might be said that, intermediate between the greatDiscipleship2, 203:in history evenly balanced, or is upon what you might call a fifty-fifty basis. Again, the NewDiscipleship2, 205:Ashram, the Hierarchy. This is the Ashram (if I might repeat the statement) of Sanat Kumara, theDiscipleship2, 214:will come to an understanding of my meaning. It might profit us if I briefly stated [215] theDiscipleship2, 215:result of an effective nature, upon which you might reflect. For our purposes we will divide themDiscipleship2, 215:divide them into seven grades, of which four might be regarded as individual and the other threeDiscipleship2, 233:initiate to the least important disciple. You might here ask: What is the value of the meditationDiscipleship2, 245:you who are senior in this group. The question might be voiced thus: "If I am in preparation forDiscipleship2, 247:is simply the effect of the recognition. They might be called "stabilizing points of crisis," inDiscipleship2, 247:a Master's group, and it has two uses - if I might so [248] express it from your particular pointDiscipleship2, 248:subject is vaster in its implications than you might surmise, for it concerns united groupDiscipleship2, 248:changes in the egoic lotus. These changes might be inadequately expressed in the terms of the OldDiscipleship2, 259:is itself divided into lesser phases. These might be described as three in number though much isDiscipleship2, 263:from right comprehension of the formulas, might be regarded as reactions - automatic andDiscipleship2, 263:These reactions are frequently, and I might say usually, unconscious and it is only gradually thatDiscipleship2, 264:results and the phenomenal differences (if I might call them so) which are expected by you toDiscipleship2, 277:last instruction I gave you three hints, and it might be useful if we briefly considered them. IDiscipleship2, 277:of development you the line along which light might come to you, as a group, at your particularDiscipleship2, 277:what you mean when you speak of a disciple. You might naturally have assumed that the neededDiscipleship2, 279:must not be confounded in your minds. I might add to the above that knowledge deals with theDiscipleship2, 281:increases, and its potency also, so that it might be said that the initiate - as he progresses uponDiscipleship2, 286:factors which have earned him that name. These might be stated to be as follows, among others whichDiscipleship2, 296:soul and entrance into an Ashram - the following might be listed, but must be understood
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