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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MIGHT

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Discipleship2, 299:in manifestation. Speculation along this line might be and frequently is of no true importance. ItDiscipleship2, 301:present time, I have given you four hints which might be summarized as follows: That the greatDiscipleship2, 303:be as useful to you as the following statement might have been to unevolved prehistoric man: "ThereDiscipleship2, 316:impunity, but their revelation to the unready might involve serious risks. It was therefore decidedDiscipleship2, 320:on Initiation - Part VI The Formulas It might sometimes be remarked that these formulas areDiscipleship2, 339:together. In this connection, initiation might be defined as embodying three recognitions: ADiscipleship2, 345:with the larger formulations. The lesser might be regarded as the subjecting of the formulas to theDiscipleship2, 346:of revelation, recognized or unrecognized; it might be said that there is little else, though theDiscipleship2, 346:except in their combined sequence. They might rather be regarded as creating or constituting aDiscipleship2, 346:by you to any particular initiation. In fact, it might be said that all five of them apply to eachDiscipleship2, 348:has not yet been created by the disciple. We might therefore word this fourth point of revelationDiscipleship2, 367:Initiation - Part VIII Points of Revelation It might here be noted by you, as we consider thisDiscipleship2, 374:etheric mechanism whatsoever, but utilize what might be termed "a point of projection" within theDiscipleship2, 380:in the sense of complete abnegation of all that might be regarded as good and useful, as desirableDiscipleship2, 382:upon the other side. Another question which might well be asked is: Do all the members of the groupDiscipleship2, 383:initiations were transferred with him under what might be called a "special dispensation"; the restDiscipleship2, 385:appeal, and the major attribute of healing. It might be said that the Purpose of the planetaryDiscipleship2, 392:not the violent impact of an unrealized idea. It might be said that the spiritual compromise of theDiscipleship2, 418:more obvious meanings of this seventh hint it might profit us to consider. Its significance is,Discipleship2, 423:each of these hints carries in it more than you might imagine or anticipate; each of them hides inDiscipleship2, 444:upon the physical plane, there appears what I might call a lack of stiffening and a too fluidDiscipleship2, 452:can well imagine, to the rhythm of breathing. It might be regarded in the following way, holdingDiscipleship2, 454:full moon each month, and the second interlude might come at the close of every three months ofDiscipleship2, 470:and myself. You had been sent (or loaned if I might call it so) to aid in my Ashram. We discussedDiscipleship2, 477:follows thought. A definition of the personality might be expressed as follows: The personality ofDiscipleship2, 484:people - either known to you or unknown. You might find it useful (at least for a time) to keep aDiscipleship2, 488:- contact, impression, relationship - you might follow a simple exercise when going to sleep atDiscipleship2, 494:definitely coloring the group and creating (if I might so express it) the group note. Of theseDiscipleship2, 502:be more to the choice than at first appears. It might be of service to you, and to all who mayDiscipleship2, 502:service and constant contact with others, might be enumerated as follows: He must endeavor to carryDiscipleship2, 513:and dominant. This condition is aggravated (if I might so express it) by your having a first rayDiscipleship2, 516:on to the second ray of love-wisdom. You might well ask, therefore, how it happens that yourDiscipleship2, 532:make room for higher and better ones. Thus you might stand still within the aura of that which isDiscipleship2, 534:than at any previous time in your life. You might ask me: Along what line? My reply would be: AlongDiscipleship2, 535:field, bringing to you those who otherwise might not have ventured to come, and who will give you aDiscipleship2, 541:own place, is facing this initiatory process. I might add that every member of the Hierarchy, fromDiscipleship2, 550:and without enlarging upon the significances, it might be stated that an Ashram has three circlesDiscipleship2, 553:that may eventuate. Speaking symbolically, I might express your future thus: The nature of fireDiscipleship2, 560:phase of the hierarchical work among men. This might be stated to be the underlying motive andDiscipleship2, 562:practical living upon the physical plane. You might ask: To what specific end? You know that such aDiscipleship2, 565:link with my Ashram and with me. My Ashram might be called the doorway to the Ashram of the MasterDiscipleship2, 572:the fear of what they would say and what they might think, or are you still guided by the massedDiscipleship2, 573:an integration of the personality - what we might call an integration downwards. In the case of aDiscipleship2, 577:fifth and seventh lines of force in this life might produce a powerfully dangerous form nature inDiscipleship2, 580:of Goodwill into being is well upon its way. It might be said that the form (esotericallyDiscipleship2, 584:of frustration have all contributed to what I might call your almost grim determination to standDiscipleship2, 597:of national groups. This produced what we might call the workers' revolution in the latter years ofDiscipleship2, 600:Upon the second glamor I need not enlarge. We might call it the "glamor of continuous frustration."Discipleship2, 608:to [608] move into the more advanced Ashram you might find that you could not do this, for youDiscipleship2, 609:It is here that you have to find your place. It might be pictured somewhat like the diagram (pageDiscipleship2, 613:procedure and life of physical sacrifice, which might succeed but which might, however, land you inDiscipleship2, 613:sacrifice, which might succeed but which might, however, land you in another "field of failure."Discipleship2, 620:- can mislead as much as they can help. I might however put it this way. Your second ray soul andDiscipleship2, 622:who is an older disciple than you are, you might find it suggestive and useful. But A.A.B. begs meDiscipleship2, 646:personality and a third ray physical expression might have resulted in a hard, concreteDiscipleship2, 649:Lord of your Life," you would have reached what might have been regarded as the valley ofDiscipleship2, 657:life of aspiration, of questioning and (if I might so express it) of questing. Become, brother ofDiscipleship2, 665:has happened to you as special training, what might be called "basic training," in order that yourDiscipleship2, 667:of the vision and the grasp of the Plan, it might be added, are dependent upon the conscious andDiscipleship2, 668:they possess a particularly loving nature, as might have been expected. They are usually on theDiscipleship2, 671:is not immediately apparent; they are what I might be permitted to call "sparking" concepts, andDiscipleship2, 684:so tactfully worded that much of its import might be lost, and in making our disciples aware ofDiscipleship2, 689:handicaps or limitations. Perhaps I am. I might, however, be indicating the need to foster someDiscipleship2, 691:These words are probably not what you might anticipate, but they will open up to you a group andDiscipleship2, 693:the Ashram, you will discover that it has (as it might have been expected) various meanings andDiscipleship2, 701:higher triumphs and the lower is negated. You might ask me why this is so? I would answer that inDiscipleship2, 704:lessons which all true leaders have to learn? It might be of service to you if I put one or twoDiscipleship2, 709:upon the fact that no matter how much you might dislike a person, you would endeavor to do right byDiscipleship2, 711:as generously and successfully as you otherwise might. Always you will serve; always you will haveDiscipleship2, 726:of your own. Glamor still holds you. You might well ask, my brother: Why then keep me in yourDiscipleship2, 737:end when you see soul purpose more clearly. You might here ask: In what way can I know? How can IDiscipleship2, 740:to ray or type. Yours is a determination, or I might call it predilection, to use your mind atDiscipleship2, 747:the sacral center (not the solar plexus, as you might naturally think) to the throat. In the sacralDiscipleship2, 750:is little more that I have to say to you. You might find it of true helpfulness if you gatheredDiscipleship2, 750:holds back the full expression of your soul. I might perhaps call it the "glamor of continuedDiscipleship2, 760:of mine" take on a deeper meaning. They [760] might indicate a steady moving forward, side by side,Discipleship2, 761:to observe that initiation is often taken (I might say it is usually taken) after passing theEducation, viii:to meet us merely on our own grounds, then this might write finis to the story for all of us, EastEducation, xii:Introductory Statements This presentation might be regarded as concerning itself with threeEducation, 2:with meditation in my other books. The question might here be asked, why it is of value to considerEducation, 5:of ideas philosophy has professed to deal. We might call these three aspects: The receptive mind,Education, 7:until the top of the ladder has been reached. It might be noted here that this entire exegesis ofEducation, 7:that any approach under our present system might be regarded as impossible. In answer to the firstEducation, 11:of thought development. A sequence of growth might most inadequately and briefly be tabulated asEducation, 15:the idea and bring it to manifestation. Vision might be regarded as concerning itself with theEducation, 17:assume its normal place in man's unfoldment. It might be added here that creative activity in theEducation, 18:Age - Chapter I - Theory, Methods and Goals It might be of value here if I clarified my use of theEducation, 26:This development is not as distant as might be supposed or anticipated. It is not my intention toEducation, 27:physical plane. Speaking again symbolically, it might be said that the sutratma works from aboveEducation, 30:and the physical man. As I said elsewhere: We might generalize in the following manner as to theEducation, 42:of the race, and colored all that there was or might have been of embryo thought. The result of allEducation, 42:arose (from the time of the flood, whenever that might have been), can be expressed by such wordsEducation, 48:Unification. The grammar or primary schools might be regarded as the custodians of civilization;Education, 50:potentialities of the human being, we might say that: The first effort of education to civilize theEducation, 59:emphasis upon the esoteric approach, and it might be of service if I here attempted to defineEducation, 64:I give you here much food for thought. It might be stated that the esotericist is occupied inEducation, 65:Leader, the Christ (the present world Symbol), might be regarded as a hierarchy of redeemers,Education, 78:when circumstances demand too much of him. You might inquire here, after considering these fourEducation, 80:approach to the goal of world citizenship. It might be of value at this point to define whatEducation, 81:or the capacity to see beyond what is, to what might be. Inherited, factual knowledge upon which it
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