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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MIGHT

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Education, 96:the disciple to create is then made possible. It might be added here that the building of theEducation, 101:was held before him that if he could do this he might some day go to Heaven and have a happy time.Education, 104:foundational ideas. The result of these ideas might be expressed under the terms of the followingEducation, 113:which is inevitably present - to which one might give the name of "mystical perception." I use thisEducation, 117:This is an important point to be grasped. It might therefore be stated that: Man is now at theEducation, 119:purpose and done a great and needed work. It might be asked here: What are the major PisceanEducation, 146:truths about the thread, some of which might be enumerated as follows: The life thread comesExternalisation, 5:beneficent and sadly destructive. [5] It might be added also that certain astrologicalExternalisation, 14:the place of experience and of experiment. It might be asked what ground this training shouldExternalisation, 28:and played their part in leading the race onward might be mentioned. One was through the teachingExternalisation, 29:the trend of the human consciousness is (if I might so express it) away from the emotional to theExternalisation, 30:at the whole problem from another angle, it might be stated that the effort of the past has been toExternalisation, 32:coming civilization and the future culture. It might be of value here if I pointed out theExternalisation, 34:The three reasons for their importance might therefore be stated as follows: They constitute theExternalisation, 36:and this is one of the tasks of the group. It might be of service to you if I outlined a littleExternalisation, 36:and culture so that the practical results might be visioned with clarity and some new ideals emergeExternalisation, 47:their work as part of the new age "set-up," if I might employ such a term. We considered with someExternalisation, 48:sure, but still men. They were "sparked," if I might so express it, and a point of light appearedExternalisation, 52:enlightened or unenlightened. These latter might be regarded as selfish idealists. But I would haveExternalisation, 53:This period does not lie so far ahead as you might imagine, particularly if the first move in thisExternalisation, 55:be indicated. This aspect of the emerging truth might be called Transcendental Mysticism. The factExternalisation, 55:utilization for divine purposes by man. This might be called Transcendental Occultism. [56] TheExternalisation, 56:two groups, in group form, to each other. This might be called Transcendental Religion. More thanExternalisation, 65:to you this year that a drastic reorganization might be in order and that the groups might have toExternalisation, 65:might be in order and that the groups might have to be rearranged somewhat before the united groupExternalisation, 70:upon it here either, fascinating as speculation might be, because I am anxious to have its majorExternalisation, 71:four causes which we will consider later might be enumerated as follows: The time of the end. TheExternalisation, 75:White Lodge, with the consciousness aspect. It might, therefore, be stated that: Shamballa isExternalisation, 88:active at this time in preparing what I might call the "material of the world" and the substance ofExternalisation, 94:and therefore more easy of understanding, we might state that the seven rays, expressing themselvesExternalisation, 96:failed. This same critical factor (if I might call it so) acts also in the world of men and inExternalisation, 107:- Section II - The General World Picture It might be of value here if we considered the three greatExternalisation, 108:who would remain unresponsive to it, though it might greatly stimulate and intensify the mental andExternalisation, 108:loving understanding and goodwill. You might here rightly enquire how this can be so when humanityExternalisation, 108:further advanced spiritually and mentally than might appear from external happenings. The firstExternalisation, 109:and Effect (as it affects humanity at this time) might be called: The perfecting of form expressionExternalisation, 110:Humanity. To the above two reasons another might perhaps be added which will have significance andExternalisation, 111:and would call your attention to my wording.) It might serve a useful purpose if I enlargedExternalisation, 138:and better civilization arrives? With this we might now briefly deal. As regards activeExternalisation, 138:and the agony entailed by the sight of suffering might eventually turn this goodwill into a [139]Externalisation, 152:savior and to be absorbers of evil karma. You might here quite correctly point out that all theExternalisation, 156:if you seek to link up with the Christ. I might here point out that the difference between theExternalisation, 157:considering the five sentences which form what might [158] be called the mandate of the GreatExternalisation, 161:- Section II - The General World Picture It might, therefore, be noted that the Forces of LightExternalisation, 166:of existence in order that these lesser lives might be enabled to proceed onward towards a goalExternalisation, 174:and earnest use. This alternative invocation might, however, be suggested and found useful: "O LordExternalisation, 177:the wall, facing the strongest display of human might that the world has ever seen. The nationsExternalisation, 178:evil forces. These had determined to prove that might was right. Therefore, the forces fighting forExternalisation, 188:teaching now being given to the German youth. Might is right. The German belongs to the super-race,Externalisation, 197:is responsible as certain fanatical ideologists might lead the ignorant to suppose. Our period isExternalisation, 200:would seem possible and probably advisable. They might be divided as follows: A Federal Union ofExternalisation, 200:of the great democracies after the war. This might include the British Empire as a whole, theExternalisation, 200:the Balkan countries (except one or two which might be absorbed into the U.S.S.R.), and SouthExternalisation, 215:its selfish, aggressive people, who believe that might is right and that men must be [216] governedExternalisation, 217:to rid the world of the offence. The situation might clarify if you answered to yourself one or twoExternalisation, 229:which underlies the present world conflict - might against right, materialism against the higherExternalisation, 233:world because others gave their lives that you might do so? Are you going to issue forth from theExternalisation, 236:their progress - neither truth nor armed might nor sacrifice. Today Great Britain stands with aExternalisation, 237:to choose right action. The first great contrast might be called the way of appeasement and the wayExternalisation, 248:of aggression from any further advance. This might mean fighting in the ranks of the Allied Armies,Externalisation, 248:in the ranks of the Allied Armies, or it might mean driving an ambulance under Red Cross auspices;Externalisation, 251:thinker and the untrained occult student it might appear that - given an almighty Deity orExternalisation, 252:appearing which [252] would work much good. It might, it could be argued, conclusively convince theExternalisation, 259:and selfishness, then the "fiery ordeal" might be unavoidable. There are also sleeping hosts whichExternalisation, 260:is also another way in which divine intervention might find expression. Oft, down the ages, menExternalisation, 260:the course of world affairs and world events might have been very different. I refer not hereExternalisation, 260:from certain angles, the present conflict might be regarded as one between the second aspect, theExternalisation, 262:just a chance that this type of divine activity might be set in motion along a particular line, andExternalisation, 262:set in motion along a particular line, and this might lead to changes of so auspicious a natureExternalisation, 262:a nature that a new heaven and a new earth might be rapidly precipitated. There is at least no harmExternalisation, 262:There is nevertheless a possibility that it might now be more safely permitted if enough people canExternalisation, 280:the words Construct a great defending wall might be simply expressed in the words: Thus far and noExternalisation, 292:point in evolution) Avatars are of two kinds, as might be expected when the consciousness ofExternalisation, 295:which will bring the conflict to an end. It might here be pointed out that in similar thoughExternalisation, 303:than the focused impact of one selected force might be. I realize the difficulty of this subjectExternalisation, 306:Hierarchy, or the Avatar of Coordination (as I might call Him), working through humanity andExternalisation, 314:(mental, psychic, emotional or physical) which might hinder your future usefulness. Thirdly, planExternalisation, 335:new group. It is important integrating work. You might ask me at this point to be specific andExternalisation, 344:yet been expressed - except by the Christ. You might ask why, if this is so, do you emphasize thisExternalisation, 346:the unprepared, materialistically minded person might and would prove a disaster. It would simplyExternalisation, 346:force, directed to selfish ends, that the person might become a monster of wickedness. In theExternalisation, 356:All generalizations admit of error. It might, however, be said that Germany has focused in herselfExternalisation, 357:on the Threshold and the Angel of the Presence might be itemized as follows: The producing of thoseExternalisation, 358:Christ, the Lord of Love. In this connection it might be pointed out that basically: The AxisExternalisation, 360:Avatars - a thing hitherto quite unrealized. It might be added that when an appreciation of theExternalisation, 365:the time of the final victory of right against might which remains as yet the factor ofExternalisation, 366:thinking people) to indicate the steps which might be taken to avert the impending cataclysm. AmongExternalisation, 367:two things happened which it had been hoped might be averted. The first was a definite and focusedExternalisation, 369:when the task of reconstruction confronts us? It might be useful to enumerate some of the dangersExternalisation, 373:united and banded together from the start, they might have arrested it in the initial stages? Also,Externalisation, 387:(Esoteric Psychology), Pages 701-751) indicated might be founded, and lead to a true start of aExternalisation, 389:stand Those Who are working strenuously - and, I might add, scientifically - to meet the presentExternalisation, 392:the activity (the waiting [392] activity, if I might use so paradoxical a phrase) of that center ofExternalisation, 394:God, to express it very simply. In reverse, I might point out that the reasons for a measure ofExternalisation, 396:be successfully invoked; the Spirit of Peace might appear as the "Rider from the Secret Place" andExternalisation, 396:era of goodwill (based upon the will-to-good) might be inaugurated. I say "might be" because, myExternalisation, 396:the will-to-good) might be inaugurated. I say "might be" because, my brothers, the success of allExternalisation, 455:the Festival of the Christ at the end of May. It might be said that the Hierarchy, in conjunctionExternalisation, 457:the direction and the control of One Whom we might call (speaking symbolically, yet factually) theExternalisation, 479:power of its thought into the battle, victory might still be a long way off. Today it is well-nigh
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