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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MIGHT

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Externalisation, 483:behind the Evolutionary Process These Forces might be regarded as embodying and making declarativeExternalisation, 493:for all her motives were compelling wrong. You might here fall back on the trite religiousExternalisation, 497:333, where the following statements appear: It might be noted here that three great discoveries areExternalisation, 503:both the human and the angel evolutions. It might be of use if I were to give you some idea of theExternalisation, 508:and approximates it to the possible. [508] He might be regarded as acting as the General ManagerExternalisation, 508:- Section IV - Stages in the Externalization It might be of interest here to point out that when HeExternalisation, 511:the preparation for the new age is going on might be regarded as the Church, the Masonic FraternityExternalisation, 528:ones. You have, therefore, a situation which might be depicted somewhat as follows: First PlanetaryExternalisation, 530:This entails far more difficulty than you might imagine or anticipate, because it entails theExternalisation, 535:and good progress has already been made. It might be said here that for the past seven hundredExternalisation, 539:way demonstrating that they possessed that which might be depended upon as innate and as present inExternalisation, 556:servers were brought together, their united OM might approximate the appropriate keynote. It willExternalisation, 568:the work has gone steadily forward since. You might well ask what were these steps and along whatExternalisation, 575:of right human relations. His coming in the air might be interpreted literally to mean that at theExternalisation, 576:men; the words [576] "every eye shall see Him" might mean that, by the time He comes, televisionExternalisation, 582:be instituted by the Hierarchy, producing what might be regarded as a circulation of its life andExternalisation, 602:and speeches. Thirdly, I told you that Christ might come in person and walk among men as He didExternalisation, 605:social living, in science and in religion. It might be wise here to remember that the only time itExternalisation, 617:(of which that of the world disciples might be the reflection), nor does it indicate any inabilityExternalisation, 622:the physical supervision of the Christ. This might be regarded as the externalization of theExternalisation, 625:return has been anticipated down the ages, and might have occurred ere now had the churches andExternalisation, 661:of wisdom which is being effectively used. It might be said that this dual energy, hitherto a fusedExternalisation, 691:clear of all lower identifications. This might be termed a method of eliminating all tendencies toExternalisation, 696:many differing grades will have to make in what might be called Their personality lives and habits,Fire, vi:attention to the physical plane conditions which might best help to make the telepathic processFire, xviii:which is given in this Treatise on Cosmic Fire might be formulated in the following terms. TheseFire, 38:are the fires of the cosmic ray of will. They might be described as the rays of intelligent willFire, 44:Introductory Remarks - Fire in the Macrocosm It might here be useful to point out that magnetism isFire, 51:time to elucidate their significance. First we might say that the internal fire being both latentFire, 51:of all objective physical life. Secondly, we might note that the internal fires are the basis ofFire, 52:fire. 2. Radiatory fire. This type of fire might be expressed in terms of physical planeFire, 52:subject can be taken up at greater length. We might here point out, however, that our first twoFire, 52:Heat and radiation are other terms which might be applied in this sense. Each of these effectsFire, 58:in the atom, a central point of heat, or (if I might use so limiting and inappropriate a term) aFire, 60:this time. That emanation of the planet which we might term Planetary Prana. It is that which isFire, 61:emanation and that which is purely animal. It might be wise here to point out that this tripleFire, 61:to do with the substance of those bodies. We might express this fire in its triple manifestation asFire, 65:of the Sheaths II. Fire Elementals and Devas We might now briefly consider the subject of the fireFire, 67:forms of such elemental lives and of deva groups might be enumerated, but the above tabulation willFire, 71:between these three rays and the permanent atoms might be summarized as follows: The PersonalityFire, 73:Friction III. The Personality Ray and Karma It might be wise here to recapitulate a little so thatFire, 78:of thinkers for three main reasons, which might be enumerated as follows: 1. Its Purpose andFire, 78:produced by the other emanations. These effects might be considered as definitely stimulating andFire, 80:to His system. In the synthesis of thought it might be expressed thus: The thinker on the astralFire, 81:the etheric body which for purposes of clarity might well be enumerated: First. The etheric body isFire, 83:cosmic physical or the lowest cosmic plane. We might note here the accurate working out of theFire, 87:Heavenly Man, and the cosmic astral plane. We might now narrow the subject down to theFire, 91:is largely a question of polarization. One hint might here be given: When men understand the devaFire, 92:physical incarnation. A very pertinent question might here be asked, and though we may not fullyFire, 93:a few [93] suggestive hints may be possible. We might ask: What causes the apparent deadness of theFire, 97:into matter, until at the lowest point we might almost fail to recognize it as divine life at all;Fire, 100:entirely impregnated by these emanations, if it might be so expressed. These emanations find theirFire, 101:of its system. We have dwelt on facts which might stimulate interest and emphasize the utility ofFire, 101:the furthest confines of the system. Its mission might be described as the vitalization of theFire, 101:within the planetary ring-pass-not. Its mission might be described as the vitalization of theFire, 102:this circulation would proceed unimpeded and might result in a condition of almost endlessFire, 103:greater refinement of the vehicles. We might here note a fact of interest, though of a mysteryFire, 105:with the solar or logoic ring-pass-not. We might now, for purposes of clarity, take up these threeFire, 116:of our solar system. For purposes of clarity, we might here tabulate under the headings physical,Fire, 120:holds the key to the dominance of matter, and it might be noted that: On the fourth physical etherFire, 128:body we are. The heart beats of the Logos (if it might be so inadequately expressed) are the sourceFire, 133:etheric body from the center in the head, as might have been anticipated, yet some of the rules andFire, 142:pausing here to say that this Law of Economy might be considered as the controlling factor in theFire, 143:by Love. His motion is that which we might term spiral cyclic. Availing Himself of the rotaryFire, 152:rotation produces certain effects, which effects might be enumerated as follows: 1. Separation isFire, 153:In connection with these two types of spheres we might, by way of illustration and for the sake ofFire, 158:then produces certain specific effects which might be enumerated and pondered upon, even if to ourFire, 158:bringing about of spontaneous combustion, if one might so express it, [159] The synthetic activityFire, 169:and thence pass on to other transmutations. We might enumerate some of these triangles, bearingFire, 171:of man from the trammels of matter. We might now note that the evolution of these centers of forceFire, 174:operating through his physical brain. This might be looked upon as corresponding to the period ofFire, 176:Rays, if the third is not his egoic Ray. Enquiry might naturally arise as to whether the egoic rayFire, 176:These facts have been but little realized. We might here also take the opportunity to point outFire, 179:Physical and Astral Planes The Solar System. We might briefly look at this from [180] theFire, 182:with the microcosmic and macrocosmic centers, we might here give the cosmic correspondences atFire, 183:much about kundalini, or the serpent fire. It might be of value, however, briefly to enumerate whatFire, 186:to follow the path of knowledge. The senses might be defined as those organs whereby man becomesFire, 187:subplanes, the sixth and seventh, are what we might express as "below the threshold," and concernFire, 188:noted in defining the indriyas. The senses might be enumerated as follows: S. D., I, 583 and noteFire, 189:unit, for whom this treatise is written. We might here, for the sake of clarity, tabulate the fiveFire, 195:in naming, he has made a big stride forward. We might note here, therefore, that the earliestFire, 196:renewed impetus. These three major senses (if I might so describe them) are very definitely allied,Fire, 196:means of sight. As regards taste and smell, we might call them minor senses, for they are closelyFire, 202:recognition of the home vibration, if it might be so expressed. It is the spiritual counterpart ofFire, 206:be somewhat overlooked. Each of the seven chains might be looked upon as picturing the sevenFire, 207:never be forgotten: these seven Heavenly Men might be considered as being in physical incarnationFire, 207:achieved in connection with the centers which might be enumerated as follows: The fire at the baseFire, 212:of the first great group of karmic Lords. It might be described as the Rod which carries a voltageFire, 214:by different methods of activity, which might be described thus: The third Aspect or Brahma aspectFire, 220:Law of Economy in one of its four aspects. It might be added in closing, that this law is one thatFire, 223:of mind under the schedule already outlined, it might be of profit if certain facts are hereFire, 223:now entering upon concerns several things which might be considered in general terms asFire, 224:of an intelligent following of this matter, it might be wise first to lay down a number ofFire, 224:in remains, as yet, inchoate. The questions we might ask and study are the following: What is theFire, 228:comprehension of this abstract matter, we might consider the microcosm, or man evolving in theFire, 236:there are, therefore, three planets which might be considered as synthesizing planets, and fourFire, 237:perception. - S. D., I, 560. These Existences might be enumerated as follows: The Seven HeavenlyFire, 237:its tail. - S. D., I, 704; II, 531. 96 Students might compare the following references and thenFire, 240:demonstration, love-wisdom. In terms of Fire how might we express an analogous thought? The fireFire, 241:the best expression of the manasic principle and might be considered, from one very interesting
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