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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MIGHT

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Fire, 243:its Place in the Scheme of Things? Consciousness might be defined as the faculty of apprehension,Fire, 243:99 Consciousness expresses that which might be regarded as the middle point in manifestation. ItFire, 243:and of adaptation that necessarily ensues. It might be tabulated as follows, in an effort toFire, 246:The points of resemblance between the four might be summed up as follows, taking the atom on theFire, 254:from sources outside the system altogether. We might note the following facts: Magnetic stimulationFire, 259:with peril, and the missing link (if so it might be termed) in the chain of reasoning fromFire, 260:it down to microcosmic objectivity, the problem might not appear so complex. We might express itFire, 260:the problem might not appear so complex. We might express it thus: What is the thought aspect of aFire, 262:principles. Man develops seven principles, which might be enumerated as follows: MicrocosmicFire, 263:key to H.P.B.'s numbering in certain places. We might express it thus: The Absolute - The Monad. 1.Fire, 263:the presence of the three. In manifestation we might regard the principles as follows: [264] FirstFire, 264:evolution, but the remaining two principles might be considered as: The life of the Heavenly Man inFire, 264:in Whose body the Heavenly Man finds place. It might be useful here to consider another enumerationFire, 268:forth then as active intelligent love-wisdom. We might, therefore, answer the questions: "What isFire, 271:consciousness of the Ego on its own plane. If it might be so expressed, the groups of causal bodiesFire, 272:They form His etheric and dense bodies. It might be stated that: He vitalizes them by His life andFire, 273:of cyclic progression, and these ideas it might pay us well to contemplate. 1. The Idea ofFire, 274:under definite law. The thoughts thus conveyed might be expressed likewise as follows: The solarFire, 275:and its myriads of intermediate stages, which might be expressed as follows: The period of theFire, 277:system. In relation to the human being, this might be considered as the rotation of the variousFire, 277:incarnation. In relation to a Heavenly Man it might be considered as the rotation of a globe withinFire, 277:one incarnation. In relation to a solar Logos it might be considered as one complete revolution ofFire, 277:a central point. In connection with man this might be considered as the revolution of the wheel ofFire, 277:back again. In connection with a Heavenly Man it might be considered as the cycle which we call aFire, 280:as it vibrates with its cosmic opposite. We might, therefore, consider time as that process ofFire, 289:their particular planetary Logos., Therefore, we might consider the following points: First: TheFire, 291:case of a human being, affects his vehicle. It might here be pointed out that the evolution of theFire, 291:The work, as in all cycles, overlaps and it might be explained thus: He is perfecting the controlFire, 299:are embodiments of the four minor rays. We might consider - from the standpoint of the present -Fire, 299:of the present - that Venus, Jupiter and Saturn might be considered as the vehicles of the threeFire, 301:In connection with a solar Logos the cycles might be called: One hundred years of Brahma. A year ofFire, 301:of the three main divisions. Such lesser cycles might be easily comprehended if it were pointed outFire, 309:Before, however, following up these ideas it might prove of value to us if we sought to define thisFire, 311:system shows itself in seven major forms, which might be expressed as follows: Electricity on theFire, 311:to the choice of those two phrases, which might also be expressed under the terms: DynamicFire, 313:has been lost sight of. These demonstrations might be considered as: First, that coherent VITALITYFire, 314:to him in a way as yet little understood. We might sum it up thus: First, the balancing ofFire, 321:utilization of buddhic electrical force. It might here be asked why color primarily is spoken of asFire, 326:fourth ether (which is even now being what we might call "discovered"), is at this stageFire, 326:at this stage characterized by certain things. I might enumerate a few of these facts withFire, 327:the physical plane are entered upon. Much more might be further added to this list, but I haveFire, 327:dense 7. Dense physical The solar physical plane might also be expressed accurately as follows,Fire, 332:law, demonstrating thus in a threefold manner, might (for lack of a better term) be called the LawFire, 334:is the Key to the Fifth Kingdom in Nature We might also define manas as the key to the door throughFire, 335:it. In relation to the animal kingdom it might be said that the key whereby entrance is effectedFire, 336:the Synthesis of five Rays One other definition might be given even though its abstruseness mayFire, 337:have ears to hear. Many more explanatory words might be spoken but we aim to start studentsFire, 337:Will or Purpose of an Existence Manas might finally be defined as the intelligent will and orderedFire, 338:the manasic development and perhaps the student might apprehend the underlying idea more clearly ifFire, 342:was perfected by Him in an earlier system. We might now consider our first subdivision: 1. CosmicFire, 354:yet insoluble and will remain so. Some of them might be enumerated as follows: Who is the cosmicFire, 360:we take up specifically this chain and round. It might be asked wherein all this information is ofFire, 369:family which resulted in individualization. We might here enumerate the schemes as a basis for ourFire, 371:and of His coming as the Avatar. Very reverently might it be said that the first three rounds andFire, 372:of moment [372] for the profound student. We might couple with these suggestions the recollectionFire, 375:in forms and in quality. A correspondence might here also be pointed out which [376] may serve toFire, 376:the cycles of the earlier solar system, but it might be noted that (judging from the microcosm onFire, 376:microcosm on the earth planet) this is just what might be expected. Man developed manas in thisFire, 377:to our seven schemes. A very pertinent question might here be asked. We might justly enquire (inFire, 377:very pertinent question might here be asked. We might justly enquire (in connection with the pointFire, 380:factors, which, for purposes of clarity, it might be well to enumerate: The fact that each groupFire, 380:a science (reduced to form and textbook if I might so express it) during the final part of the nextFire, 384:splendor of His manifesting Consciousness. It might here be stated in connection with the planetaryFire, 386:and ascertain one or two new facts. We might tabulate these as follows: First, it should be borneFire, 389:Systemic and Human Factor c. A Prophecy We might now, prior to continuing with our subject, nameFire, 389:in the working out of which we are engaged. They might be roughly described as embracing thatFire, 392:and caused "lost time," if such an expression might reverently be permitted. The Lords of the DarkFire, 393:the Logos downwards. Perhaps in summing up it might be expressed thus: The originating source ofFire, 397:to indicate certain lines of investigation which might (if strenuously and scientifically followed)Fire, 397:forms a barrier to its due understanding. 40 "It might be of interest to note the correspondencesFire, 401:should we paraphrase this sentence, we might express it in the form of an enquiry as to the pointFire, 401:in cosmic and systemic manifestation; we might also enquire if the intelligent will of the cosmicFire, 402:the points under investigation: First. It might first be said that the third aspect, combined withFire, 403:time and Vulcan has very nearly two fifths. We might here point out that though we are concernedFire, 407:the nine, or perfected man, the initiate. It might also be remarked that more and more will theFire, 408:we can appreciate at our present stage, and they might be summed up as three in number: Position orFire, 412:Factor 3. On the Earth a. The five Kumaras We might now consider briefly the subject of the fiveFire, 413:the link between the chain and the scheme. It might here be stated that the relative failure thatFire, 414:Systemic and Human Factor b. The Moon Chain It might be of interest here, if, before passing on toFire, 414:may be written as . In time and space the order might be stated to be 7-3-10, and at certain stagesFire, 415:During the twofold process of evolution, it might be numerically expressed as: During involutionFire, 417:the student to work out for himself much of what might be said, and to expand the concept from theFire, 418:of Manas The main characteristics of manas might be summed up under three heads: Discrimination.Fire, 420:be approaching. Broadly (in relation to man) it might be stated that: "I am" refers to theFire, 421:of the manasic principle. An interesting point might here be indicated. The fifth plane, theFire, 425:first Ray upon our human family on this globe might be considered as threefold: First. At humanFire, 426:a question of degree and of cyclic evolution. We might now take the four minor Rays, which, withFire, 432:serve any useful purpose to enlarge further. I might, in summing up these ideas, point out that theFire, 432:of the life of man. One or two more suggestions might be made anent the influence of this fourthFire, 432:of this fourth Ray of mind, and primarily it might be pointed out that more time has been given toFire, 433:circulates through the body of the Chohan. It might be tabulated thus: The magical force of theFire, 438:a planetary or logoic body. Clarity of thought might eventuate if we ever bear in mind that allFire, 440:cooperation with the plan of evolution. It might here be stated that the seven Kumaras, (the fourFire, 442:Manas as a Cosmic, Systemic and Human Factor We might consider the effect of this incoming forceFire, 442:Identity in the matter of a plane, and we might therefore get some idea of the coherency of TheirFire, 443:within. The force or vibration of any Ray might be summed up as: The intelligent purpose of anFire, 449:Ray, causing a vibration not only in what we might call "the lower levels" but producing responseFire, 462:great events. Nevertheless, certain effects might here be noticed. [463] Owing to the increasedFire, 469:Systemic and Human Factor c. Types of Karma We might here enumerate the different types of KARMA,Fire, 469:of vast proportions could not contain all that might be said. We should bear in mind that Karma is
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