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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MIGHT

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Fire, 470:In these two types of karma, we have what one might term the "Karma of the Hierarchies" as it hasFire, 472:this point anent the deva evolution; much that might be imparted is perforce withheld owing to theFire, 476:transmutation as it is occultly understood, we might express it thus: Transmutation is the passageFire, 478:center but seek another. The atomic sphere, if I might so express it, dissipates, the electronsFire, 479:as a Heavenly Man or a solar Logos. The process might be tabulated as follows: The life takesFire, 482:the negative aspect, with the electrons, if I might so term it, with the sheath, and not with theFire, 483:all its three departments on this planet, and we might get some idea of the matters involved if weFire, 484:pralayic solution, and essential volatility might express the thought. In every transmuting processFire, 484:this transmutative process, and each department might be considered as dealing with one of theFire, 484:a secondary division along these lines might be outlined: The seventh and fifth Rays are occupiedFire, 488:the work of the black and the white magician. It might be helpful here before proceeding further toFire, 488:through the agency of resolvents (if so I might term it) or through the method of the reduction ofFire, 489:are the third and second aspects blended, and might be considered as the life of all forms that areFire, 495:will occupy his attention. The following facts might also be pointed out: First. That every kingdomFire, 497:this kingdom has a mysterious connection. If I might express it in other words: the cosmic Entity,Fire, 509:planes beyond the ken of the highest Chohan. It might be of value here if I pointed out that theFire, 513:the lines of least resistance and really might be considered as bearing upon his physicalFire, 518:This concerns the three higher subplanes of what might be considered as the manifestation of Man'sFire, 526:pause here to consider it at greater length. We might sum up the matter in terms of the OldFire, 526:it differs from the other permanent atoms; we might then briefly summarize a mass of esotericFire, 530:Summary Before proceeding further, however, it might be well to sum up some of the facts anent theFire, 552:respond are many in number, but for our purposes might be enumerated as mainly seven: TheFire, 554:whereby vibratory response is brought about might be enumerated as follows: [555] Through theFire, 560:meditated upon with care, it will be noted (as might be expected) that it includes the other two,Fire, 567:of Thought There are three great laws, that we might term the fundamental laws of the cosmos, ofFire, 567:inherent in the solar system. These seven we might consider secondary laws, though, from theFire, 568:idea demonstrated, and the correspondence, as might be expected, holds good. [569] The Law ofFire, 571:personality. The suggestion holds much that we might consider with benefit. We must not, however,Fire, 572:and Fire Elementals The Laws and the Planes We might, while studying the seven laws of the solarFire, 572:plane, showing certain things - three in all: We might study their effect as they demonstrate onFire, 572:manifest on the path of evolution, or return. We might also touch on the laws as they affect theFire, 573:arms emanating from a central blazing sun, we might have some idea of the thought-form that formedFire, 574:matter of that plane. It is the key measure. We might sum up the significance of this law in theFire, 576:as the law of cohesion, the law of birth, if we might use that term, resulting in the appearance ofFire, 577:if it is permissible to differentiate at all; we might term it the law of coalescence. On the pathFire, 577:sets the rate of vibration; the Law of Cohesion might be said to fix the coloring of each plane. ItFire, 577:plane, and the second subplane on each plane. It might be interesting to work this out and traceFire, 579:in the last two rounds of the present chain. We might now briefly trace the correspondence in theFire, 579:in manufacture, or in politics. Well might we say that the At-one-ment of the many separated is theFire, 580:the Law of Cohesion - the reverse side (if one might so express it), and is just as much a part ofFire, 585:and to a new race - the spiritual. Here I might point out a numerical fact that may be of interestFire, 589:into matter, until at the lowest point we might almost fail to recognize it as divine life at all;Fire, 590:connection with the fifth Law of Fixation. We might study, too, with profit, the analogy that canFire, 596:matter of the devas of the middle system (as we might call those connected with this system andFire, 596:for himself how in time to become a creator. We might illustrate this by remarking that one of theFire, 604:of correspondences to be worked out here and we might briefly indicate the lines to be followed inFire, 624:system itself, and of its environing space. It might be regarded as the pranic forces, pouringFire, 645:as to make enumeration well-nigh impossible. We might attempt with brevity to state a few of theseFire, 647:D - Thought Elementals and Fire Elementals It might be of interest here to note that this center isFire, 650:on the cosmic physical plane. Briefly it might be pointed out that we have: Group A - The plane AdiFire, 654:upon the two lower groups of devas. Now, we might take up the consideration of Group A, the mostFire, 656:and out of whose essence Their form is made. It might be expressed thus: Just as each man has aFire, 656:that the devas of Group A, being what we might call the key-devas, are of prime importance, and,Fire, 658:Logos. Man himself. The plane as a totality. We might consider these devas: First, as the substanceFire, 659:greater or lesser entity within the system. It might be apposite here to point out the lines alongFire, 659:noted by the careful student that these planes might be looked at in connection with the threeFire, 665:and interrelation of all that eventuates. It might be advisable here to bring out a point inFire, 668:aspect. These devas of the sixth order, as might be expected, are closely linked with those of theFire, 676:and producing constructive results. They might be enumerated as follows, bearing in mind the factFire, 686:of by H. P. B. (See S. D., II, 83, 84, 243.) As might be expected, they are characterized by activeFire, 692:Sephiroth, the triple Trimurti. The other event might be noted, - the appropriation at a stillFire, 697:on a plane," nor the energy of matter, as might be gathered from so many occult books. They dealFire, 701:the type. [701] 33 A very natural question might here be asked: - Why do we consider this matter ofFire, 701:matter of the devas of the middle system (as we might call those connected with this system andFire, 701:for himself how in time to become a creator. We might illustrate this by remarking that one of theFire, 706:just as when the egos came in this round. It might here be pointed out that the solar AngelsFire, 712:This is Their secondary work. Their work in part might be described as follows: [713] Primarily,Fire, 713:the will or purpose aspect predominates. It might here be noted that it is the positive force ofFire, 718:are also stimulated and the Rays (if it might be so expressed) become radioactive. It is thisFire, 722:body. A very difficult and mysterious subject might be touched upon here, - that of AVATARS, andFire, 731:Identification with the aggregate of all groups might be the term used to express the final stagesFire, 733:to get an idea of what the procedure is, it might be of value if we considered the different kindsFire, 737:and essential oneness is known. Therefore, as might be naturally deduced, there is no devachan forFire, 738:read his own record in the astral light. These might be considered the two lesser pralayic periodsFire, 741:we take up planetary and cosmic pralaya, we might here consider the relationship of theFire, 743:felt. In considering planetary pralaya, we might briefly enumerate the following periods ofFire, 745:planetary Logos almost an insuperable one, it might be wise to say: Study and meditate upon theFire, 748:Avatars and the various classes into which they might be divided. We might now enlarge somewhatFire, 748:classes into which they might be divided. We might now enlarge somewhat more upon the methods. TheFire, 748:Entities appear among men to do a specific work might be very inadequately, and cursorilyFire, 750:that, while the hand of the Master might lead the neophyte through the dangers of the stage where,Fire, 752:"focal points" for His force, so that thereby He might hasten and perfect His plans on Earth withinFire, 754:full activity, and it is on these three that we might now touch. In the appearing of theFire, 777:connection with Uranus, Neptune and Saturn, this might be expected as they are the synthesizingFire, 780:[780] aspect of the same substance. They might be considered, in connection with man, as triple inFire, 781:atoms. On each plane the work is threefold, and might be tabulated as follows: 1. The responseFire, 782:and a truer idea of the underlying concept might be conveyed if the word "energy" took the place ofFire, 783:and solar vehicles. The different stages might be enumerated as follows: 1. The Nebulous. The stageFire, 786:interesting points of manifestation occur which might be dealt with now, leaving the student toFire, 788:is dealing purely with the physiological key. We might now touch upon a very interesting pointFire, 791:of force currents from five centers. It might be interesting also to point out that the interactionFire, 798:being, a planetary atom or a solar atom. We might express it also in saying that the will aspect orFire, 802:of a Heavenly Man, and of a solar Logos. We might, in closing, express the same thought in terms ofFire, 804:working out of karmic law in a man's own life might be broadly divided into three divisions, inFire, 809:take a new and better direction. These facts might be summed up in the following postulates: I. ManFire, 816:not to materialize his concept too much and it might therefore be wise for him to view [818] thisFire, 820:of Life then turns Himself, and arises in His might. He consumes the solar Lords, and they perishFire, 821:scale of vibrations. For the sake of clarity, we might tabulate the various petals so that theFire, 828:Consciousness within the forms. These ten might be called: The first Logos - Shiva - Father - Will.Fire, 828:in which certain things are effected which might be described in the following terms: The two outer
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