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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MIGHT

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Fire, 1100:purpose, which is that of the fourth group. It might be expressed otherwise: "When all is known ofFire, 1100:is termed "spiral progressive." These forces might be briefly considered as comprising theFire, 1101:corresponding in its various divisions, I might call your attention to the four points weFire, 1102:We found that the effects of such motion might be regarded as four altogether: Separation.Fire, 1104:produce increased momentum in the mental sheath might be enumerated, and as the students considerFire, 1106:greater or less degree these four qualities. It might be noted here that the groups are calledFire, 1107:They have, therefore, an activity which might be regarded as corresponding to the first aspect.Fire, 1109:personal life. Being of mental matter, devachan might be regarded as a center, or heart of peace,Fire, 1110:from some one or other great center, and it might be of interest, therefore, if we considered theFire, 1114:of force in the evolution of the Monad which might be regarded as embodying for it the line ofFire, 1120:be felt when the petals are becoming active. It might be stated that the passing of the PilgrimFire, 1121:latent in the Jewel makes its presence felt. It might specifically be said that these effects showFire, 1123:therefore consciously functioning. These factors might be considered as follows, dividing them intoFire, 1125:It is ever deemed occultly evil. The matter might be more simply expressed by stating that theFire, 1131:of the material forms in the worlds, or what we might call bodily energy. This has been expressedFire, 1132:are nearing their objective. This objective might be defined as ability to vibrate synchronouslyFire, 1132:but we dealt then with them in general terms. We might now deal more specifically with the finalFire, 1133:are concerned, but certain interesting points might here be brought out which will bear the closestFire, 1133:higher kingdoms. Certain wide generalizations might here be made, though too literal or tooFire, 1133:should not be put upon them. First, it might be said that the lowest or mineral kingdom providesFire, 1134:through their activity. The above three groups might be studied also from the standpoint of theFire, 1135:or not-self. In illustration of this idea, it might be pointed out that when the animal body ofFire, 1135:When this triple activity is achieved it might be noted that the dense physical body of the solarFire, 1138:the nature and purpose of the three higher. We might express the matter as follows: The threeFire, 1140:the initial stages of form building. It might be said that the appearance of any life inFire, 1141:of any kind can be found out at any time. This might be expressed in terms also of the Gunas; itFire, 1142:divided into the following groups, which it might be of interest to note: Three extra-systemic orFire, 1143:infinity of lesser agents. These lesser agents might again be somewhat differentiated, each of theFire, 1146:of great and intelligent activity, for (as might be expected) on the third or moon chain, the thirdFire, 1146:important fact. Other distinguishing features might be enumerated but would only serve at thisFire, 1149:certain other forces begin to hold sway which might here be touched upon. The factors governing theFire, 1157:energy from [1157] many and varied sources which might be briefly enumerated as follows: From theFire, 1161:stage of evolution. Some brief statements might, nevertheless, be given which (if pondered on andFire, 1166:and the paramount law for this solar system. It might strictly be called the Law of Adjustment orFire, 1167:nature but diverse in their manifestations. It might be useful if we enumerated a few of theseFire, 1168:aspects, or laws, of the Law of Attraction might be enumerated as follows: 1. The Law of ChemicalFire, 1172:of the Sun. The final synthesizing forces which might be regarded as forms of spiritualFire, 1174:and of the perfected man. For this reason it might be of profit here if we dealt with it a littleFire, 1177:of the fourth kingdom in nature. We might regard the presiding lives in these departmental schoolsFire, 1182:from cosmic angles) has a depression at what we might call its north pole. This is formed by theFire, 1185:of Attraction produces certain effects which it might profit us to touch upon here, provided weFire, 1185:considered. 1. The first effect might be called . Under this law the karmicFire, 1189:that there are numerous other aspects of what we might term "secondary centers of fire," generatedFire, 1190:attractions, impressions or influences which might be enumerated in the order of their importance.Fire, 1190:but Who, when in union with Him, forms what might be called "the Third" or His dominant, as theFire, 1191:book, plus the fourth. (S. D., I, 42-46) This might be expected in this fourth round. The trueFire, 1198:threefold nature. The first (sixth) Hierarchy might be viewed as endeavoring to express the mentalFire, 1201:regarded in this solar system as occupying what might be considered as the third place, First, theFire, 1203:is an expression of their synthesized life. It might, therefore, be said that the fifth HierarchyFire, 1206:substratum or the substance of all that is. We might regard the subject as follows: The fourFire, 1207:of clarification and of generalization, it might be noted that the seventh Hierarchy is the life orFire, 1211:in true group unity. All that is to be seen might be regarded as a gigantic endeavor on the part ofFire, 1212:trouble and nature of the human kingdom, and it might here be said that on our planet, which is, itFire, 1213:consciousness, and the work of each human being might be regarded therefore as having in view theFire, 1213:and to become a transmuting mediating agency. It might be of interest here to note that it is theFire, 1215:in the interests of the greater whole. It might be noted here that the immediate objective of theFire, 1218:and glory shine forth in perfect radiance. This might be expressed in more material terms by sayingFire, 1220:is the governing factor of the Aquarian age. It might here be added that the symbol for Law 2 wasFire, 1222:interplay. A triple external interaction. We might, therefore, take the seven Rays and give theFire, 1223:a fact in nature, and the great Maya is. It might here be noted in conclusion that the followingFire, 1224:Fourth of the 7th Creative force. In closing, we might give certain of the symbols for the twelveFire, 1226:it, Who is the sumtotal of the Love of God. We might at the same time consider the type of forceFire, 1233:as yet. The three interpretations of a symbol might be considered in the following way: 1. TheFire, 1242:Who vitalizes the Logos of our own system. It might be of value here to list the seven cosmic PathsFire, 1250:the work with a vivid imagination, it might be possible to attract into our system such a downpourFire, 1254:marks a man out for this high post. We might say that the planetary Logoi are the divineFire, 1257:cosmic clairvoyance. One more fact of interest might here be added. This Path is sometimes calledFire, 1262:as forming a unified Whole) the results achieved might be compared to that of a compass upon aFire, 1263:for this Path have been hinted at above. They might be expressed as a process of electricalFire, 1264:is aiming at the same vision in the system. This might be called the development of the cosmicFire, 1267:the lowest of the Sacred Three ariseth in His might. In His mouth He holdeth the balances, and inGlamour, 8:has in it more of an emotional quality and might be expressed as the type of desire it arouses inGlamour, 18:it is the main objective of that group which we might call the Telepathic [19] Communicators; hereGlamour, 35:that you [35] can answer clearly questions which might be asked. The following three questions areGlamour, 35:There are three further questions which you might put to yourself, facing the issue in the light ofGlamour, 43:used in the dispelling of the world glamor. It might be expressed in illustration thus: ThroughGlamour, 46:fruitful sources of glamor which we have. We might perhaps and with reason regard it as the seed ofGlamour, 50:such as a group teacher or teachers (of whom I might, of course, be one) but are the outcome of theGlamour, 52:Hence the specious nature of the problem. It might be expressed thus: An aspirant succeeds inGlamour, 53:demand for recognition enters in and spoils what might otherwise have been a fruitful service. AnyGlamour, 55:and this stepping down of the idea take place might be outlined for you as follows. Glamour, 56:This is brought about by various causes. These might be enumerated as follows: The ray type of theGlamour, 64:expression. This happens far more often than you might think. It concerns the higherGlamour, 72:he is confronted or faced, but not immersed. It might almost be said that the astral body of aGlamour, 84:rule whereby that recognition can come. It might be stated, however, that glamor can always beGlamour, 84:other clues to a right recognition of glamor might be given, but if all of you would pay closeGlamour, 84:the whole story of maya can be found. It might be added also (perhaps not wholly correctly butGlamour, 86:as latent seeds from an earlier solar system. It might perhaps become clearer to your perception ifGlamour, 88:Making a broad and sweeping generalization, it might be said that for the human family en masseGlamour, 95:only unity is known." The stages from then on might be enumerated as follows: First: The stageGlamour, 99:a unity - to tread the Path of Discipleship. It might be pointed out that: 1. The masses in allGlamour, 99:Purification. This is rapidly taking place. It might be added that this is a long and slow processGlamour, 103:to the fact of these distinctions. Therefore, it might be stated that: In the first initiation theGlamour, 112:the Aryan consciousness, is not as far ahead as might be [114] generally supposed. I speak not inGlamour, 123:certain characteristics and difficulties, and it might be of value if I mentioned it here. ThisGlamour, 130:chosen field of service. [130] A mental illusion might perhaps be described as an idea, embodied inGlamour, 130:in the life of the man who registers it. You might well ask here if the Hierarchy itself is notGlamour, 140:premises are, therefore, in order and these might be stated as follows: The quality and the majorGlamour, 141:and perseveringly from that higher center. I might here paraphrase an ancient instruction forGlamour, 143:between the shoulder blades as a radiant sun. I might here point out that this is, in the
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