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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MIGHT

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Intellect, 211:propounded in this book have any basis in fact) might be expressed in the following propositions:Intellect, 224:we use our highest conception of what that Ideal might be, clothed in some sort of material,Intellect, 231:power to cope with. The meditation 'I am God' might therefore, be said to be almost too direct andIntellect, 238:goal of meditation, from the angle of the mind, might therefore, be stated to be the attainment ofIntellect, 239:work may be carried forward rightly. Perhaps it might be said that the saints and mystics haveIntellect, 243:immortality, and from the unreal to the Real. It might be of value here if we considered these twoIntellect, 251:Ten - The Need for Care in Meditation How, it might be pertinently asked, can one distinguishIntellect, 257:process. Another result of over-stimulation might be mentioned. People find themselves becomingIntellect, 261:among aspirants and esoteric students. It might be well also, before this chapter comes to a close,Magic, 8:of knowledge [8] and experience. The postulates might be enumerated as follows and are given in theMagic, 8:of which for the sake of clarity, the most usual might be here listed: Spirit - Matter Life - FormMagic, 9:or the revelation of the soul. This might be called the Theory of the Evolution of Light. When itMagic, 10:Remarks Before we take up our subject it might be of value if we defined certain words which willMagic, 14:White Magic - Introductory Remarks 5. Knowledge might be divided into three categories: First,Magic, 19:it has to play its part. It lies back, if one might use such an expression, of the body-natureMagic, 19:spiritual reality. 3. There is finally what might be described as the body, the sum total of flesh,Magic, 27:but his consciousness is expanded until it might be called planetary consciousness. Secondly, heMagic, 36:of nature demonstrate. Therefore the soul might be defined as that significant aspect in every formMagic, 38:represents to him the Hierarchy. The Hierarchy might be defined as the sum total of those sons ofMagic, 39:of the lower. There is first of all what might be called the spiritual will, - that quota of theMagic, 43:The five ventricles of the brain, or what we might call the brain as a unified organism. The threeMagic, 45:types of energy, and the object of the Treatise might here be stated to be that of considering theMagic, 59:first field of knowledge receiving illumination might be described as comprising the totality ofMagic, 61:a point of entrance in the physical brain, if I might so express it, but the man, as yet, cannotMagic, 63:and attain that "high altitude" (if I might so express it) at will, the fluctuations of the formMagic, 65:and guiding of humanity. The following rules might therefore be given: It is essential that thereMagic, 76:are the secrets guarded with care. I felt it might be of interest to students to know this muchMagic, 84:this work of removing hindrances, and they might be enumerated as follows: A realization that inMagic, 86:initiation. A list of these related situations might here be given showing them in theirMagic, 88:to these animal-men. They fecundated, if I might so express it, the brain. Thus was humanityMagic, 95:the soul. An interesting angle of information might here be given, as it is my intent in theseMagic, 109:in the form of a question. The student might well enquire into the matter as follows: "Some peopleMagic, 116:and during his period of thoughtlessness and might be comprehended more easily if I were to sayMagic, 129:motive and forget the selfish satisfaction that might well up in the heart when recognition ofMagic, 133:of the failure of the first one approached. It might incidentally be of value here to remindMagic, 134:often hindered. The point reached at this time might be expressed as a swinging from the rankMagic, 139:channel indicates that a man can be used. One might almost express it by saying that They look forMagic, 140:when correctly used has various effects which might be touched upon here. OM sounded forth, withMagic, 158:to build and vitalize thought-forms, his work might assume greater interest. The tendency of mostMagic, 162:2. The Safety of the One Who Thus Creates It might be said here with emphasis, even if it is aMagic, 167:to that of acceptance in a Master's group. You might ask here how this can be known or ascertainedMagic, 168:with the new disciple, stepping down (if I so might express it) the vibration of the Master so asMagic, 179:The Soul and its Thought-Forms This form of work might be divided into three methods: There isMagic, 180:third method is one of a temporary fusing, if I might so call it, - an intermingling when the userMagic, 193:higher faculties and leading the aspirant (if I might express it in mystical language) directly outMagic, 197:going on simultaneously, leading - as one might [198] naturally suppose - to a good deal ofMagic, 199:the head makes its appearance. A sparking (if I might so express it) is set up between the higherMagic, 211:a specific objective. The soul or solar angel might be regarded as gazing in three directions. 1.Magic, 220:one or two thoughts most clearly emerge and might be summed up in the following terms: Rule 1 -Magic, 236:sound. The waters ebb and flow." The situation might be stated in the following terse statements.Magic, 243:be the understanding of this ebb and flow. Souls might esoterically be regarded as those "seekingMagic, 247:land or physical, nor water or emotional. It might be regarded as the vital or etheric body whichMagic, 249:Magic - Rule Eight - Cyclic Ebb and Flow It might here be asked what are the dangers of this midwayMagic, 251:as magical work in the outer world. It might therefore be said that there are three stages in theMagic, 261:of servers, mystics and brothers. To this end it might be wise to commit to memory the followingMagic, 264:whereas in the earlier stages one key or tone might be sounded for several lives in their entirety.Magic, 268:step to true occult work. [268] The question might be asked: What is meant by occult work? TrueMagic, 268:of matter and its hold over sentient souls. It might be briefly added that anything that tends toMagic, 269:truth to him in such a way that though the words might be few yet the import would be worthy ofMagic, 276:way or other. They in their turn constitute what might be symbolically called the "pineal gland" ofMagic, 281:itself; they deal with the body nature and might be listed as follows: 1. Physical forces. TheseMagic, 283:under the great evolutionary plan. These three might be described as the quality of the cell forcesMagic, 285:Centers, Energies and Rays The above enumeration might therefore be arranged in the followingMagic, 306:to a world situation or a personal situation. We might therefore study depression in individualsMagic, 311:and the right direction of astral energy it might be of value here if we were very briefly to listMagic, 325:- Rule Ten - The Present Age and the Future It might be of value to touch briefly upon certain mainMagic, 333:- Rule Ten - The Present Age and the Future It might be noted here that three great discoveries areMagic, 337:which the coming cycle may make its stand. It might be of value here if we noted the tendency ofMagic, 337:but do not go so far. Then there are what I might call the vitalists, or that group ofMagic, 356:in connection with the mind and the soul. It might be summed up in the teaching of one school whichMagic, 365:he has to learn to work. His work therefore might be summed up as follows: He has to learn toMagic, 367:Right thinking depends upon many things, and it might be useful to state some of them very simply:Magic, 373:of the seventh ray. The spirit of the earth, it might be noted, is of slow and gradual arousing. HeMagic, 379:of the Ibezhan workers will be revealed. We might here note the fact that the word Ibez isMagic, 381:Egypt, Greece and many others. 9. Three things might be mentioned: The relatively low point ofMagic, 386:To the three concise statements above made we might add a fourth as follows: 4. When the chitta, orMagic, 390:and sometimes the mental - so at this time one might infer that our planetary Logos Himself isMagic, 393:who is beginning to function as a personality might be briefly enumerated as follows. They areMagic, 401:of spiritual truth) there had come to be what I might call a complete exterioration of that truth.Magic, 403:workers still greatly hinder the work. You might here ask and rightly so: What is this plan? When IMagic, 403:and for which the Masters are steadily working, might be defined as follows: - It is the productionMagic, 413:specific mission, and some of the facts about it might be stated as follows: It is first of all anMagic, 433:of initiation. Both these opportunities (if I might so term them) are found simultaneously present,Magic, 433:have also a dual effect. First, there is what we might call the pranic effect, which is the resultMagic, 435:him to succeed. This, when duly consummated, might be regarded as producing the sattvic, or harmonyMagic, 435:under which he must work, and therefore might be regarded as embodying the tamasic aspect ofMagic, 440:Magic - Rule Ten - Astrology and the Energies It might be of value if I here attempted aMagic, 448:forms fail to do the damage they otherwise might. Their effect is felt largely by the creator ofMagic, 455:which it was created. The "formula" therefore might be regarded as the idea emanating from theMagic, 455:the idea emanating from the divine Thinker; it might be defined as the dynamic purpose, the "thing"Magic, 456:to fulfil certain initial requirements, which might be briefly stated as follows: Know the trueMagic, 457:by the mind, held steady in the light, and might be regarded as the reduction of the formula to theMagic, 466:illuminative; they are of course symbolic. It might be of interest if I gave some of these ancientMagic, 472:who vibrate to his note. Granted all this you might appositely inquire: Are there some simple rulesMagic, 478:Putting the truth as simply as possible we might state that through the complexity of muchMagic, 480:I seek briefly to deal. There are many which I might take up, but two will suffice to carryMagic, 482:towards the life side of the divine whole. It might be said that human beings fall into three mainMagic, 495:it reaches the body, and is "anchored", if I might so express it, in two locations in that body.Magic, 496:and then there is the endocrine system, which might be regarded as the densest aspect orMagic, 503:man unduly to emphasize the wrong objectives. It might well be asked if it is possible to give a
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