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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MIGHT

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Magic, 507:I would like to quote a few words from them: "It might be useful here to remember that in the workMagic, 512:many workers fail to make good. This entire rule might be given in the following paraphrase whichMagic, 514:are so little evolved and so low down (if one might thus express it) on the ladder of evolution andMagic, 516:of recorded soul activity is followed by what might be called the process of exhalation. TheMagic, 518:in which alone magical work can be done. You might ask: Why is this so? Why are the secrets of theMagic, 519:Twelve - Interludes and Cycles One other point might be of interest before I proceed to speak ofMagic, 520:way clear of obstructions. Otherwise white magic might temporarily die out and the selfish purposesMagic, 531:point where they are self-conscious entities. It might be said that this second category includesMagic, 532:- The Prisoners of the Planet A word about pain might be in place here, though I have naught of anMagic, 543:none of the great secrets can be imparted. You might well say here: We have also been taught thatMagic, 550:the worker in white magic has to grasp. This I might illustrate, for instance, by stating thatMagic, 553:remote past constitute the working tools, if I might so express it, of the Thinkers Who guide ourMagic, 553:and planetary evolution. This particular symbol might be described as follows: A blazing sun formsMagic, 555:hard to illustrate this in simple terms, but it might be said that the problem of God HimselfMagic, 557:Thirteen - The Precipitation of Thought-Forms It might be of use here if I expressed quite simplyMagic, 575:These words are most significant, and it might be well to study briefly the type of hands and theirMagic, 578:ALL. Thus is the Plan consummated." And thus it might be added is the energy of the unit augmentedMagic, 579:The type will manifest primarily through what we might call dynamic direction and through its powerMagic, 589:world which hold before the minds of men what I might symbolically call "the hope of Heaven" (usingMagic, 593:the course of time they become perforated, if I might use such an inadequate term. Many aspirantsMagic, 604:observation. The new Group of World Workers might well be regarded in its outer ranks as a trainedMagic, 622:down of the form aspect and of that which might prevent those concepts becoming physical planeMagic, 624:detachment, and this curiously enough is what might be called the "defense mechanism" of the soulMagic, 626:scheme of the elementary planetary life. It might be valuable here to point out that all the majorMagic, 636:Fifteen - The New Age Groups and Training It might be pointed out that there are three main pointsMeditation, 2:line direct, - via an unimpeded funnel, if so I might express it, - to the physical brainMeditation, 3:through the aligning Personality. Perhaps we might reverse the idea and state that it is only whenMeditation, 11:and move consciously on the fourth subplane. We might term the fourth subplane on the physical,Meditation, 18:knowledge. It involves also the will element (as might be expected) and results in the wresting ofMeditation, 19:determining the method of meditation. Today we might take up the function of the personality ray inMeditation, 23:theme at this time. Do not confuse the two. We might word it otherwise: - I will deal with theMeditation, 23:Evolution The life of the evolving personality might be divided into five divisions. Ours is, afterMeditation, 23:by our light. The first division of progress might be measured from the moment when animal-manMeditation, 31:life and storing it in the body of the Ego. We might term this the Divine Vampirism, for alwaysMeditation, 38:(by merging) forty-two. The process of synthesis might be tabulated as follows: [39] Mental planeMeditation, 45:a reflection of the group on egoic levels as might be anticipated, for only certain units of anMeditation, 45:body has another set, and equally good, if I might so express it. I seek here to make this pointMeditation, 48:tendency to develop certain qualities which might handicap the server in his work. ThoseMeditation, 55:of the Human Hierarchy, and in its entirety might be called the "cry of Man." Each of the soundsMeditation, 58:of abstract ideas and intuitions. This is what might be termed meditation with seed. At theMeditation, 58:of the forms and subsequent liberation. This might be termed meditation without seed. At a certainMeditation, 61:The matter of that spot, the matter of what you might term the surrounding space, becomes thenMeditation, 69:of work. Other groups will work entirely in what might be termed preparatory work for the futureMeditation, 69:for the future colony. Problem groups, as they might be called, will be formed to deal with social,Meditation, 72:transmutes it for the use of the microcosm. We might call it the organ of transmutation, and - asMeditation, 74:periods, tracing his development in each. We might (if we are careful to generalize widely) applyMeditation, 79:for the influx of life from above. If I might so express it, the two fires meet, and eventually theMeditation, 88:in work that (if realized in time) might be obviated. Certain statements and instructions cannot beMeditation, 95:guarded against. They are paramountly two, and might be termed the dangers of inhibition and thoseMeditation, 106:not yet, though it lies not so far ahead as you might imagine. Meditation, 107:rules and governed by a certain key measure, and might be regarded as being subject to the karma ofMeditation, 113:that would aid the development of an oriental, might bring danger and disaster to his westernMeditation, 114:these various subjects that I have touched upon might warrant the writing of a weighty treatise,Meditation, 114:I shall not, therefore, attempt to cover what might be said but only point out certain aspects ofMeditation, 122:to you a letter upon this subject which you might here incorporate. We never duplicate effort if itMeditation, 126:are too numerous to mention in detail but I might enumerate a few. Discarnate entities of a lowMeditation, 137:[137] of evolution and - foregoing all that might be His as the price of achievement - stays amidMeditation, 147:form as used by the occultist and the mystic. It might be of value to us if we first differentiatedMeditation, 148:devas work. Before initiation the mystic path might be expressed by the term, Probationary Path.Meditation, 151:the line of least resistance, and incidentally I might here interpolate a thought. The fact beingMeditation, 152:by the mystic and the occultist in meditation. I might touch on some of the differences for yourMeditation, 158:body, and the remainder in the mental. We might generalize and say that: [159] 25% of the illsMeditation, 170:of Form in Meditation a. The Line of the Manu We might here somewhat indicate the approximateMeditation, 181:as a destructive one, and serious consequences might result in one or other of his bodies. ThinkMeditation, 189:with fire. There are still a few more which I might briefly enumerate. Purificatory mantrams thatMeditation, 192:destructive, constructive and personal, - if I might so express it - or acting directly in aMeditation, 192:collectively and by a large body of persons. We might enumerate still further for the sake ofMeditation, 196:in Meditation August 22, 1920 Rhythm might be expressed as that cadenced movement whichMeditation, 211:one Ray of which all the others are but subrays, might be regarded as a circle of sevenfold light.Meditation, 213:on the Colors Certain colors are known and it might be well if we here enumerated them. TheMeditation, 214:esoterically understood in the same sense as you might imagine from the use of the words, red,Meditation, 218:- Letter VII - The Use of Color and Sound We might apportion the great basic colors between theMeditation, 225:of the law of analogy and correspondence. We might therefore consider the following points: WhereinMeditation, 241:knowledge and at length, the results achieved might prove more disastrous than beneficent. TheMeditation, 248:will base the continuance of their work. We might sum up the imparted data under definiteMeditation, 258:what is oft a nebulous sentiment, we might express it as follows: It is by the attainment of theMeditation, 259:Who are the Masters? September 14th, 1920 It might be of value to us in our consideration of theMeditation, 265:and stands upon the Path of Probation. Much that might be said upon this matter has been covered inMeditation, 270:be antagonistic to the Master's vibration. If I might so express it, so as to give [271] you someMeditation, 276:(and these are but a few of the points which might be considered) might be dealt with at length andMeditation, 276:a few of the points which might be considered) might be dealt with at length and would prove ofMeditation, 282:The methods of approach are broadly three and we might indicate five results that will eventuateMeditation, 289:is exactly the same as another. But it might be generally laid down that there are five ways (outMeditation, 299:Schools of Meditation In handling this matter we might, as is our usual custom, divide the subjectMeditation, 299:races, has been the cause of a very real (I might almost say an unexpected) problem arising toMeditation, 302:the Teaching Ray upon the earth, is found what might be termed the central office for theMeditation, 306:States. Australia. And even these exceptions might be considered only one, the case of Australia,Meditation, 310:at the outset I would remind you that much which might be said by me on this matter must remainMeditation, 310:unsaid for lack of the ability to comprehend. I might lay down certain approximate rules, and makeMeditation, 312:seclusion and freedom from interruption. We might express it thus: the preparatory grades deal withMeditation, 339:by certain tests applied at night, what one might term a series of small initiations thatMeditation, 351:known in the occident as the Christ. This office might be translated as that of World Teacher. ThePatanjali, 11:the Yogi knows himself as he is in reality. This might be described in the following way: The manPatanjali, 17:process to be followed in relation to the mind might be described somewhat as follows: RightPatanjali, 20:not mistake these for reality. An illustration might well be given here, in respect to the facilityPatanjali, 21:assertion of the I-am-I realization, the senses might be active yet the man be unaware of them. ThePatanjali, 23:certain congeries of known factors, and these might be enumerated as follows: The thought images ofPatanjali, 37:physical brain would recognize as an object. It might be of value here if the six stages ofPatanjali, 39:enters into the world of causes. The first group might be regarded as comprising all who arePatanjali, 41:and is in touch with the Archetype. It is, if I might illustrate in this way, that this class of
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