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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MIGHT

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Psychology1, 59:Consciousness, of the universal Mind; They might be regarded as seven intelligent Entities throughPsychology1, 69:The qualities which characterize this ray Lord might be enumerated in the following phrases. WePsychology1, 75:is not applicable to the work of Antichrist. It might be added that the work of the black forcesPsychology1, 79:defines its purpose is unlike the others and might be expressed somewhat as follows: The Crusade isPsychology1, 89:thereto by love. These two groups of rays might be related to each other as follows: Rays 1. 3. 7Psychology1, 97:have seemed to them! Stranger than anything I might here prophecy to you, for we have already seenPsychology1, 117:Questions and their Answers An interesting point might here be noted and a question answered. In APsychology1, 130:approached from the angle of human evolution, it might be stated that only when the soul aspect isPsychology1, 159:is ever the work of the worker in symbols), we might say that Ray I embodies the dynamic idea ofPsychology1, 162:detail than do the three rays of aspect. It might generally be stated, as we endeavor to clarifyPsychology1, 171:the educational departments of human evolution might be adequately served. At the same time TheyPsychology1, 172:an organization as the Red Cross, for instance, might also be evidenced internationally [173] inPsychology1, 179:intuitive and illumined. These three problems might be regarded as constituting the three mainPsychology1, 190:21,000 years. At the same time, this sixth ray might well be regarded as the sixth subray of thePsychology1, 203:lead his men into danger through rashness. He might be deficient in rapidity of action and energy.Psychology1, 216:Kingdom of Solar Lives. - I [216] These kingdoms might be regarded as differentiations of the OnePsychology1, 216:phenomenal appearance. Certain of the rays, as might be expected, are more responsible than certainPsychology1, 218:of the initial impulse, its concretization, if I might so express it. The other kingdoms in nature,Psychology1, 230:kingdom and the human evolutionary cycles might here be noted: The base metals - physical plane.Psychology1, 231:the urgency of the present world situation, it might be well to ask: What need is there to studyPsychology1, 233:analogy that we grasp esoteric truth, and it might bring us some illumination if we realized thatPsychology1, 237:a measure of facility. A very apposite question might here be asked: What determines the ray whichPsychology1, 238:its own peculiar lines) than any other. What might be regarded as the monadic ray of the Life ofPsychology1, 239:the three divisions of the vegetable kingdom it might be stated that... Ray VI - determines thePsychology1, 241:and Understanding. One point of interest might here be noted. It is known esoterically that thePsychology1, 241:years strict vegetarians can work thus in what might be called the "record aspect of the astralPsychology1, 243:three rays participating in its perfecting. It might be stated that three rays will ultimatelyPsychology1, 245:powerfully influence this world of forms. It might be of interest to note that all the planets havePsychology1, 245:either, with the basic planetary rays. It might be stated therefore that the planetary relations inPsychology1, 252:to judge? The objective of the experiment might be stated as follows: It is the intent of thePsychology1, 259:are several in number, and some of them might be enumerated as follows: The response of thePsychology1, 261:the rays to the centers in the average aspirant might be classified as follows: Head center - RayPsychology1, 267:the fourth kingdom in nature to the third), it might be apposite next to deal briefly with thisPsychology1, 270:it is the lesser of the two evils. Two points might incidentally be noted here. Out of the first ofPsychology1, 296:true integration of the personality. This rule might be expressed as follows: True marriage andPsychology1, 315:the task immediately ahead, we shall have what I might pictorially call the opening of a greatPsychology1, 317:mingling and intermingling of the rays with what might be called the "constant" or dominating ray,Psychology1, 318:there is necessarily a "high-water mark," if I might so call it, for each round. In the above fourPsychology1, 318:and energized, at the end of the age. We might here make the following suggestions (note this word)Psychology1, 322:Hence his problem, and hence his glory. We might also say that through the union of the positivePsychology1, 325:and integration, and which express what we might call "the sixth stage of adaptation," are thosePsychology1, 326:in esotericism, "the secret of translation." I might bring the general concept underlying thosePsychology1, 329:of humanity into seven main ray types, which might be enumerated as follows: The power type - fullPsychology1, 332:factors which likewise play upon him. It might here be asked: What are the differences between thePsychology1, 333:certain speculative subjective possibilities. It might therefore be noted that the following raysPsychology1, 335:of the seven ray influences. These seven planets might be enumerated as follows, and the raysPsychology1, 339:therefore in terms of man's life problem, we might state that it is affected potently by the twoPsychology1, 339:Ray of Active Intelligence or Adaptability. Man might be defined as a unit of conscious life, sweptPsychology1, 343:the fourth Ray of Harmony through Conflict. It might be symbolically stated that the egoic ray ofPsychology1, 344:major results of the activity of a great Life might be enumerated thus: The ray power or life whichPsychology1, 349:which all the other rays are but aspects), it might be said that this ray is really never out ofPsychology1, 351:of the Governor of the world, the Manu. It might be of interest here to note that ray six governsPsychology1, 352:in the solar system. The three rays of aspect might be regarded as embodying the will and purposePsychology1, 356:producing increased awareness of God. It might be said that in Lemurian times the effect of thisPsychology1, 357:The tabulation of the rays governing the races might be stated, therefore, as follows: LemurianPsychology1, 357:in connection with what I now have to say. It might [358] first be stated that the main problem ofPsychology1, 363:The Rays and Man b. The Incoming Seventh Ray It might be wise here to elucidate somewhat the ideaPsychology1, 368:to fulfil its long-seen destiny. One point it might be of interest here to note. During the periodPsychology1, 398:each year, on the return of the day when they might have entered into light, the story of thePsychology1, 401:ray of the Ego or Soul, certain major premises might be briefly stated and incorporated into aPsychology1, 407:after man has taken the third initiation. We might divide what we have to say in the next sectionPsychology1, 421:in greater detail than do the rays of aspect. It might generally be stated that the three rays ofPsychology1, 427:to judge? The objective of the experiment might be stated as follows: It is the intent of thePsychology2, 5:as far as consciousness is concerned, with what might be regarded symbolically as the brainPsychology2, 12:What, therefore, is Initiation? Initiation might be defined in two ways. It is first of all thePsychology2, 18:unfoldment. It is useless to say more for what might be said could only be comprehended by thosePsychology2, 19:or differentiations. During these processes it might be stated that three streams of energy playPsychology2, 29:a clue to the difficult problem of free will. It might be said that within the limits of thePsychology2, 36:He destroys (or ruptures) the way by which he might return. He grounds himself deeply in the depthsPsychology2, 39:The Egoic Ray - The Growth of Soul Influence It might be of value, if here were summarized in morePsychology2, 51:the consummation of its own salvation. It might be stated that the liberation of the soul or egoPsychology2, 55:and brain of man during any particular epoch. It might, therefore, be thought that these patternsPsychology2, 56:of matter or substance, to the pattern. It might be said that the pattern evokes and awakensPsychology2, 56:nearer to the requirements of the pattern. It might also be stated that the pattern is relativelyPsychology2, 58:his particular contribution to the whole, which might be stated symbolically to be A stone placedPsychology2, 60:In the first case, we are dearing with what might be regarded as the physiological aspect, for itPsychology2, 60:the word "apparatus" is basically unsuitable. It might be well to interrupt here for a moment andPsychology2, 63:From that point, the work proceeds. This work might be regarded as an effort to intensify the holdPsychology2, 67:task undertaken by disciples at this time. It might be added here that the New Group of WorldPsychology2, 70:esoterically called. Modernizing the concept, we might say that the energies which animate thePsychology2, 73:disciple is still a long way from his goal. It might also be stated here that the construction ofPsychology2, 81:in the mother's womb. In the first case, it might be said that souls on the first ray are suddenPsychology2, 81:technique to that of the two mentioned above. It might be said that the note which generates thePsychology2, 88:to the manifestation of the divine Creator. It might help to a better understanding of the Law ofPsychology2, 92:chose to die in order that lesser lives might live, and this sacrifice has made possible thePsychology2, 108:Under the Law of Sacrifice these three rules might be interpreted thus: Relinquish or sacrifice thePsychology2, 116:the corresponding relationships in his own life might also be shown in tabulated form: The world ofPsychology2, 122:plexus into the heart. This unfolding of what we might call "the consciousness of the heart" or thePsychology2, 131:be three in number: He will be distinguished, as might be expected, by the quality of harmlessness,Psychology2, 131:refraining from those acts and that speech which might hurt or cause any misunderstanding. By noPsychology2, 132:helper deems that he should do it. One point might here be made clear. The task of those who arePsychology2, 135:of service. This must be clearly grasped. That might only indicate (if it seems to occur) thePsychology2, 140:am stating very briefly for to do more than that might limit the expression of those who do notPsychology2, 140:discriminating as to their characteristics, and might unduly qualify and color the experience ofPsychology2, 140:recognize (as some already do) their ray. They might, with entirely good intention, seek to forcePsychology2, 140:aspirants from premature knowledge, which they might theoretically grasp but which they are not yetPsychology2, 140:if they are trained disciples, work through what might be called the imposition of the Will of GodPsychology2, 147:certain characteristics and basic effects which might be briefly enumerated as follows: The energyPsychology2, 153:The seven basic laws of the soul, plus what we might call the great law of Deity Itself, the law ofPsychology2, 171:this room; to rearrange the chaos so that beauty might shine forth, and the goal of my desire. I
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