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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MIGHT

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Psychology2, 619:situation, the leader is overcome and (if I might use such a phrase) is "smothered" by the devotionPsychology2, 622:through the planetary solar plexus and also, as might be inferred, through the solar plexus centerPsychology2, 632:are working to some wider end. This whole matter might be looked at from two angles, and it mayPsychology2, 636:is enormous. Some few, more perhaps than might appear, are working selflessly under the inspirationPsychology2, 641:the economic problem and release humanity. It might be stated that the failure is due primarily toPsychology2, 652:reached. The immediate objectives of the Plan might be stated as follows: To raise the level of thePsychology2, 662:the technique to be employed certain contrasts might be touched upon. All nations at this time arePsychology2, 676:them into a coherent group. In conclusion, it might be said, therefore, that the New Group of WorldPsychology2, 686:attentive Hierarchy succeed in producing what might be regarded as a form of planetary alignmentPsychology2, 695:of an evil necessity, and so prevent that which might occur of a calamitous nature, it will givePsychology2, 700:the corresponding relationships in his own life, might also be tabulated: The world of souls on thePsychology2, 703:itself, the Ego, has its own task to do, which might be expressed as being the reverse of that withPsychology2, 706:the effect to be seen in the personality life might be stated to be as follows: Conflict, turmoil,Psychology2, 708:lead to definite psychological trouble. It might be well to add here a word of warning. We must bePsychology2, 709:give the clue to all that is happening today. It might be stated that, in the initial stage of thisPsychology2, 710:the work done in other lives. This group might be regarded in many ways as supernormal. Its membersPsychology2, 714:of statements as to relationship or status. It might be well for us to ponder on these words. ThePsychology2, 714:members of the hierarchical Council considered might be stated to be as follows, regarding thosePsychology2, 715:with the planetary Hierarchy and it works, if we might so express it, under hierarchicalPsychology2, 719:aspect of humanity, desirable as human beings might consider that objective. The salvaging of thePsychology2, 724:World Servers, so that their group integration might constantly become more effective, and thePsychology2, 727:those group leaders who are sensitive to what we might call the "doctrine of good will", and whoPsychology2, 727:and to emphasize the points of contact. Many might be willing to do this for the period of thePsychology2, 732:powerfully evoked, but not demonstrated as it might have been. The demand for cooperation has beenPsychology2, 738:or other of these groupings or categories. It might be of value here if we endeavored for a fewPsychology2, 749:them nothing that could be regarded as secret or might bring them under suspicion of being secretRaysFOR GROUP INITIATION Preliminary Remarks It might be here of value, my brothers, if I again laidRaysthe resultant developments of which might be touched upon as follows: I. The Repolarization of theRays, 4:kingdom is to demonstrate this peculiar type. It might serve to clarify thought if studentsRays, 8:or control that the form has over the man. We might express it this way and therefore give its moreRays, 10:deeper into the darkness of ignorance, they might more rapidly assume their just responsibilities;Rays, 10:lives onward to self-conscious unfoldment, they might proceed more earnestly and moreRays, 14:changing. These energies have now passed what we might call the turning point and have reachedRays, 32:between individual members of the group. It might, presumably, lead to unhappy outer, superficialRays, 35:a reciprocal process, but in time and space it might be broadly said that the lesser ever invokesRays, 38:mind is the organ of illumination. Therefore it might be asked: Do the united mental processes ofRays, 38:and the careful consideration of their meaning might bring about a definite expansion ofRays, 43:He discovers that one span of the bridge (if I might so call it) is being built or pushed forwardRays, 49:sense of correlation are functioning, the idea might escape recognition. In all the teaching givenRays, 52:as soul-spirit and not as body-soul-spirit. It might, therefore, be said that: The AUM (note that IRays, 66:conduct and of reaction. This establishes what might be called unconscious memory, and this memoryRays, 66:of the group's united life. This is not, as might appear, the effort to do the work for humanity asRays, 78:functioning at a slower or lesser speed (if I might use such inappropriate terms) and invocative toRays, 98:enhances the group strength, eliminates all that might hinder group usefulness, and brings closerRays, 99:to pass beyond the usual attitudes and what one might call the usual metaphysical and theosophicalRays, 99:the world of meaning, has set in. This attitude might well be described as the mode of approach ofRays, 100:It is related to the entire process of death and might be regarded as one of the definitions ofRays, 101:One - Fourteen Rules For Group Initiation It might be stated that an intelligent understanding ofRays, 108:significance of the divine will or purpose. It might be stated, in an effort to clarify the methodRays, 146:and Shamballa. I did this in order that you might grasp some measure of the synthesis underlyingRays, 148:close consideration of this Rule VIII, where it might be said that the specific rules for theRays, 166:Only one factor could prevent this, and that might be his pledge to serve temporarily within theRays, 173:with the true nature of His [173] mission. It might be said that as He uttered this phrase thisRays, 185:with it; it was largely instinctive and - if I might so express it - the etheric plane was inRays, 187:was complete, two great planetary events (if I might call them so) were consummated: [188] TheRays, 192:of maya. Three major rents within these veils might here be noted. They are symbolically referredRays, 195:as you understand physical substance. If one might use a phrase which, even if true, is misleading,Rays, 201:physical form or upon the planes of what to us might be called the "areas of non-appearance." HeRays, 209:prove in years to come an epochal success. It might be of value to consider briefly what groupRays, 210:should condition him and drive him to what we might call "ashramic acquiescence," but theRays, 214:(at a certain point of saturation, if I might so express it) of inner reservoirs which overflow onRays, 225:way to both the past and the future. This rule might also be called the formula controlling theRays, 225:Briefly, the eleven rules already dealt with might be regarded as controlling the consciousRays, 235:more evident to the Masters than today. The war might be regarded as a revolt by the form side ofRays, 241:Rules For Group Initiation These seven purposes might be called: a. The unknown, unseen and unheardRays, 250:though not new to disciples and initiates. It might be useful here if I mentioned one or two ofRays, 260:demonstrated - will indicate its nature, if I might so express it. They are together mobilizing theRays, 265:as an implemented aspect of purpose. Fusion might therefore be regarded as the individual processRays, 265:- the three divine aspects in man. Unity might be regarded as the conscious adaptation of theRays, 268:existence. In a mysterious sense, therefore, it might be said that the three Buddhas of ActivityRays, 269:but their relation is more aggressively (if I might use that word) related to the three subhumanRays, 272:One further point anent the Buddhas of Activity might here be of interest. Each of Them has aRays, 272:man. The Buddhas of Activity preside over what might be called (using a technical, occult term) theRays, 272:associated Themselves with the Lord of the World might be regarded as constituting aspects of HisRays, 277:The nearest description of the true relationship might be said to be as follows: Brotherhood is anRays, 278:constitute the fifth injunction in the rule) might be defined as follows: The ideas conveyed areRays, 280:within him which requires transmuting. It might consequently be stated that: Transmutation concernsRays, 280:its own three levels of identification. To this might be added the fact that: The three lowerRays, 281:great need today for hierarchical workers. It might here be asked: What is the work undertaken byRays, 281:processes? Have you ever considered what else it might be possible that intrigued and demanded HisRays, 288:in form. Putting this in still another way, I might point out that the aspirant is concerned withRays, 292:in a better and more sensitive instrument. This might be called the "introverted stage" of trainingRays, 293:and actions, you will discover that primarily (I might add almost necessarily) they center aroundRays, 297:discussed anent the words Touch and Express. It might be said that the words which are given toRays, 298:the factor of self-interest in its entirety. It might therefore be said that revelation concernsRays, 309:three worlds in line with the purpose of God. It might be said (accurately to a certain esotericRays, 310:with the use by the initiate of what we might call pure will, it should be remembered that thisRays, 312:he has to render. This work concerns what I might call certain essential realities connected withRays, 312:The development of monadic sensitivity. It might be of interest at this point if, in view of thisRays, 313:Self to the enveloping whole, the Monad. If I might word it symbolically, I would say that theRays, 351:process begins at the third initiation. It might be added that the third initiation (culminating inRays, 357:of personality identifications, but only what might be regarded as the figments of the imagination;Rays, 361:earlier stages of the Path of Initiation. They might therefore be regarded as initiations of theRays, 370:This is a flow of energizing life or of what we might call "unfettered enlightenment"; thisRays, 375:and of an expressing purpose. In explanation it might be said that the radiation of the Hierarchy,Rays, 376:forward upon the eternal Path. Its functions might be listed as follows: It is the connectingRays, 391:of freedom hitherto unrealized. The decision might be regarded as the first gesture of theRays, 398:for that wider service, and the theme of what I might call the educational process to which theRays, 399:the domination of the Law of Attraction. It might be stated that: Path 1. The Path of Earth ServiceRays, 404:one Law for which, as yet, we have no name. It might be said that the Masters working on the second
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