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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MIGHT

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Rays, 406:that engages Their attention. They are not (if I might so express it) interested in any individualRays, 407:The training of these Masters on the third Path might be described as an intensive study of a mostRays, 413:part to play where our Earth is concerned. It might be considered by those with a sound sense ofRays, 414:fact that our planet is not a sacred planet. It might be added that our planet is, in the immediateRays, 417:influence," this "pulling away" from form (as we might simply call it), emanates from Sirius andRays, 417:writings, many lesser or subsidiary laws; it might therefore be stated that this Law of FreedomRays, 420:the sixth initiation and this fifth Path; this might be expected for two reasons: one, that everyRays, 421:same time speaking symbolically, Sanat Kumara might be regarded as a personal disciple of the SolarRays, 439:dual existence of the Master involves what we might call the two poles: that of the monadicRays, 441:his mental life and attitudes. This statement might be regarded as concerning itself primarily withRays, 443:he is steadily and scientifically creating. It might be said (equally symbolically) that at eachRays, 445:esoterically called. Modernizing the concept, we might say that the energies which animate theRays, 447:clothe itself in the right thought-forms. It might also be stated here that the construction of theRays, 453:is again also called the antahkarana. Perhaps it might clarify the issue somewhat if I pointed outRays, 455:are of profound and useful importance. We might therefore conclude that the task of the discipleRays, 456:[456] soul. These three points of divine energy might be symbolized thus: In this simple symbol youRays, 463:work to be done in building the antahkarana it might be wise, as a preliminary step, to considerRays, 468:The Aspirant and the Mysteries of Initiation One might also look at this matter from another angle.Rays, 479:via the silver thread of divine potency. This might be regarded as a threefold demonstration of theRays, 479:The Aspirant and the Mysteries of Initiation It might be said that few, very few, people are todayRays, 482:his stages [482] of unfoldment has been occupied might therefore be stated to be the bridging ofRays, 485:this process and its resultant condition. It might prove useful to study them from the angle ofRays, 496:You need to work more definitely from what might be called a point of tension. Study what is saidRays, 497:stands in relation to the antahkarana. It might be said that the whole goal of normal evolution isRays, 505:fourth ray as the subsidiary ray. The fourth ray might be symbolically called "the main cable" forRays, 506:marks an entire unit of spiritual work, if I might so word it, bringing the man upon the physicalRays, 515:be used at this point of accomplished projection might be summed up in the words: "I assert theRays, 516:not to the Heart of the Sun; it involves, if I might so express it, the most intense effort to seeRays, 519:than the last three, and I have felt that it might serve a useful purpose if I gave more teachingRays, 520:than any yet formulated by the theologians, might be expressed as follows: Religion is the nameRays, 523:a fusion of agonies at that supreme moment, if I might attempt to express what occurred. The MasterRays, 532:and the eventual processes of identification. It might be added that the factual ceremonial admitsRays, 537:accepted by a Master as a disciple. The truth might be expressed this way: When the disciple's eyesRays, 543:into a rapport with the Hierarchy as a whole. It might be mentioned, in clarification somewhat ofRays, 544:the three or five worlds of human evolution. It might here be pointed out that (in a mysteriousRays, 546:and thus train him to recognize what we might regard as a direct call from the Center of theRays, 557:used for the working out of the divine Plan. It might also be stated that initiation is a methodRays, 558:be upon one of the four Rays of Attribute. It might be useful here to enumerate the rays, and thusRays, 561:beyond the three worlds of human evolution. It might here be said that the one-pointed life of theRays, 563:Two - The Aspirant and the Major Initiations It might also be said that this system of integratedRays, 577:the atmosphere," in the technical sense. I might emphasize that as yet no initiate demonstratesRays, 584:pass through the first initiation. This often (I might well say usually) takes place without theRays, 587:- related to humanity and to the Hierarchy. It might here be pointed out that: The work of the devaRays, 590:upon the lower levels of the mental plane. It might therefore be said that these qualities orRays, 591:higher correspondence of the physical brain. It might be said that the brain exists because theRays, 592:from the three worlds to the mental plane. It might be said that Five streams of informativeRays, 592:the antahkarana. The energy of this fifth ray might be regarded as the common sense, because itRays, 598:responsive to the inflow of triadal energy. It might therefore be said that, as a result of theRays, 602:was quite unavoidable, though the conflict might have been retained upon mental levels, hadRays, 602:do naught but accept, determining only what I might [603] call the locale, or the sphere ofRays, 603:in the destruction of the world by water, as it might be symbolically expressed. In the climaxingRays, 610:to clear. Too prompt a choice at this time might prove only a make-shift decision and one based onRays, 612:by all true esoteric schools. [612] It might be said that the effect of the Principle of Conflict,Rays, 614:that the distant vision has been glimpsed might perhaps be noted in the prevalent instinct toRays, 615:teachings also I have pointed out that He might come in one of three ways or in all three of themRays, 642:form side of nature, and the term "evolution" might thus be confined entirely to the evolution ofRays, 642:entirely to the evolution of the form nature. It might also be applied to development within theRays, 651:in the world of everyday physical plane life. It might be wise to consider ambition as the lowerRays, 653:entrance of a new disciple into an Ashram. It might be said that that which holds the HierarchyRays, 654:in expressing the will aspect of divinity. It might be simpler if I said that the experiment ofRays, 656:practical aspect of what the Masters are doing might prove useful to you. As to the remaining threeRays, 661:you anent the planetary initiations or - as they might be more correctly called - the planetaryRays, 666:emotional and mental self. The first initiation might be regarded as the goal and the reward of theRays, 673:and the potency of the astral temptation (as it might well be called) leads to a greatly increasedRays, 686:consciousness, as you understand that term. It might be regarded as complete freedom fromRays, 688:the fifth, first and second rays. These, as you might expect, will constitute the emanatingRays, 694:and experience which practically govern Him. It might therefore be noted that there are threeRays, 696:the Master is brought face to face with what might be called cosmic evil, with that reservoir ofRays, 696:kingdom, the human, in my earlier writings; it might, however, serve some useful purpose if I bringRays, 711:with the personality life. The growth of what we might call the buddhic vehicle (though that is aRays, 717:the custody of its most advanced Members, what might be called a "reservoir of divine intention."Rays, 721:not dependent upon His ray energy or upon what might be the impelling force of the planetary rays;Rays, 726:Two - The Aspirant and the Major Initiations It might be said that They act like a lens throughRays, 727:which will make revelation possible, and it might be said that (from one definite angle) the goalRays, 753:opened wide the door. The entrance for what might be regarded as cosmic evil was first opened inRays, 765:save his strong desire, back on the road he might not go, but onward to the fire. From out thatRays, 768:and to the onlooker it seems as if the color might transcend the inner shining light. But this isReappearance, 15:century which have never before occurred; it might profit us if we considered these matters and soReappearance, 24:- Chapter II - The World Today Reverently we might say that in this "occasion" of the Christ's, twoReappearance, 48:and speeches. Thirdly, we are told that Christ might come in Person and walk among men as He didReappearance, 52:social living, in science and in religion. It might be wise here to remember that the only time itReappearance, 68:the period of tension, then there comes what we might call the point of emergence. This is both anReappearance, 89:significance of His words "I am come that they might have life." Life and energy are synonymousReappearance, 102:CHAPTER FIVE The Teachings of the Christ It might be useful to make a few opening remarks upon theReappearance, 116:however, been more intelligently presented, it might have been more generally accepted in the West.Reappearance, 132:anew to a needy world. In this connection, it might be said that some nations need to grasp theReappearance, 134:Avatars - a thing hitherto quite unrealized. It might be added that when an appreciation of theReappearance, 151:the spiritual Hierarchy. In order to clarify, it might be said that Invocation is of three kinds:Reappearance, 157:than any yet formulated by the theologians might be expressed as follows: Religion is the nameReappearance, 169:the physical supervision of the Christ. This might be regarded as the externalization of theReappearance, 173:return has been anticipated down the ages, and might have occurred ere now had the churches andSoul, 21:of the individual, his psychic traits, or what might be called the chemistry of his soul, areSoul, 45:the social and creative instincts... It might be said to energize deeply the tender emotions... ForSoul, 59:paragraph of his Principia, he says: "And now we might add something concerning a certain mostSoul, 69:of the Etheric Body In summarizing our ideas we might formulate them as follows: Behind theSoul, 73:pp. 127-128. Some definitions of the soul might here have place. They have been gathered out of aSoul, 81:which forms the body and with it the soul. One might call this theory 'monistic,' though it avoidsSoul, 85:be found, and where, within the human form, it might be located. A few of the theories propoundedSoul, 85:be located. A few of the theories propounded might be touched upon here. Plato held that the vitalSoul, 86:of the mind, digested in the second ventricle. might be transmitted for attention and accumulation.
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