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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MIGHT

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Soul, 109:considered in this manner as within man (and one might consider it in like manner in relation toSoul, 120:the glands are located, and each center of force might well be (and according to Indian teachingSoul, 130:or lack of control exerted by the soul. It might be argued that we have only succeeded in pushingSoul, 130:been proved and demonstrated in the present age? Might it not be possible to apply a technique andSoul, 133:for certain initial steps to be taken and these might be summarized as follows: A sane treatment ofSoul, 135:to enlarge at length upon this technique. It might, however, be briefly described as being dividedSoul, 146:the attempt to disprove the supernatural (if it might be so expressed) and prove that theSoul, 154:as among the chief enemies of human nature. One might at the same time be in a fair way to escapeTelepathy, 20:and the receiving areas of consciousness. We might list the divisions of this process. Much mustTelepathy, 24:reflections on the physical plane. These you might like to ponder upon, and trace theTelepathy, Discip:sources of impression and one or two of them might here be noted; you will thus gain some idea ofTelepathy, 45:(the Nirmanakayas) are to the Hierarchy. It might be stated therefore that: The Buddhas of ActivityTelepathy, 52:form the three modes of expression of what we might term the SUPREME SCIENCE OF CONTACT. TheseTelepathy, 54:Vehicle - The Supreme Science of Contact It might be said that consciousness itself, which is theTelepathy, 56:universal perception is Theirs. Therefore, it might be said that: Through the door ofTelepathy, 61:on which the highest impressions can play." This might also serve as a definition of the art ofTelepathy, 62:stimulus of his practiced assurance. Finally, it might be said that the entire human kingdom willTelepathy, 62:is called for. The Science of Impression might be regarded, in the last analysis, as theTelepathy, 70:it is a science in process of mastering. It might be said, in order that you may understand moreTelepathy, 75:There are many sources of these messages and it might be useful if I here mentioned some of them;Telepathy, 80:delay what we - from our limited point of view - might look upon as the liberation of the planet.Telepathy, 83:reference to humanity. Many different terms might be used in the effort to convey someTelepathy, 85:of the Human to the Hierarchical Center It might be said, therefore, that the four requirementsTelepathy, 100:sweeps into activity and fundamental force (if I might use such a term) submerges the astralTelepathy, 101:of Registration are founded upon what I might call invocative approaches from a wide area ofTelepathy, 102:which they create. He longs for what might be called "vertical impression." This motive, being veryTelepathy, 115:and recognition of the higher impressions. It might also be added that the etheric body of aTelepathy, 115:and dealt with that it can reject much that might otherwise impinge upon it, pass through it or useTelepathy, 116:even if it is not what a true aspirant might regard as spiritual in nature. The average, thoughTelepathy, 119:and the Mahachohan, the Lord of Civilization. It might be said here that the three Buddhas ofTelepathy, 121:(and that is always of major importance), it might be said that evolution controls the form of theTelepathy, 123:an [123] originating and impressing factor. This might be regarded as the scientific approach toTelepathy, 125:therefore, within and upon our planet is what we might regard as the three major centers of theTelepathy, 129:evolutionary manifestation the divine Will. It might be well to realize that purpose emanates fromTelepathy, 154:ignorance prevalent in occult circles. Prana might be defined as the life-essence of every plane inTelepathy, 169:ethers. To retain the picture with clarity, it might be well to consider very briefly the fourTelepathy, 172:in the fact that a disciple's natural focus might be the solar plexus center, but because of hisTelepathy, 178:it here as I am seeking a different approach. It might be profitable to point out that the entireTelepathy, 190:awakened by the corresponding higher agent. It might be stated that: Energy from the planetaryTelepathy, 191:Planetary Life - A Center in the Solar System It might here be added that the will-to-be is, from
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