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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MILDRED

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Autobiography, 112:He was always lovely to children. My daughter Mildred was born in August 1912 and it was then IAutobiography, 112:forgotten to be Alice Evans, a human being. When Mildred was born I was very ill and it was thenAutobiography, 112:I discovered the people of this little town. Mildred was ten days overdue; the temperature was 112Autobiography, 113:days. I did not much care; I was far too ill. Mildred was an instrument baby and I had two seriousAutobiography, 113:really was. I was up on the ninth day after Mildred's birth, without any nurse or help of any kind.Autobiography, 143:her and she is sure of me. My second daughter, Mildred, has a very close karma with me. We areAutobiography, 160:symbolically, she has been there ever since. Mildred was frightfully ill when he first saw her. SheAutobiography, 160:Foster walked in and started in to help us. Mildred gave him one look and they have beenAutobiography, 181:Foster with Ellie in his arms and Dorothy and Mildred hanging on to his coat tails and how glad weAutobiography, 187:can get proper attention. I remember asking Mildred one day why she was not doing her homework,Autobiography, 227:service abroad. One year, my second daughter, Mildred, came back with us to the States and thereAutobiography, 227:which were so drastic that within four months Mildred was engaged, married and divorced and herAutobiography, 227:with the details of the story. On all counts Mildred handled a most difficult situation with poise
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