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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MILITANT

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Astrology, 212:sex and its implications; it has emphasized a militant celibacy (militant where women and theirAstrology, 212:it has emphasized a militant celibacy (militant where women and their rights and natures areAstrology, 213:Mars upon Christianity, making it a definitely militant religion, oft cruel and sadistic (asAstrology, 523:Commentary phrases it. The sixth ray is either militant and active, or mystical pacific and atDestiny, 98:phrases it. The sixth Ray is either [98] militant and active, or mystical, pacific and futile, andDiscipleship1, 624:and to the vibration of his organism, the Church militant, you vibrate also with facility, for theExternalisation, 183:process of selfish planning and of economic and militant competition? This question must beExternalisation, 250:peace prayer. It was instead a great spiritually militant invective demand. This must not happenHercules, 35:characteristic in this sign is the pioneering, militant spirit. The mares were in the possession ofHercules, 36:to note that Mahomet, the founder of the most militant religion, was born in this sign, and legendProblems, 86:a conquered and a conquering people, between a militant [87] group and a negative, pacifist group.Problems, 108:white people. In Africa the Negro is virile and militant; in America and the West Indies he hasProblems, 129:very materialistic; both these faiths have been militant and political in their activities. TheProblems, 129:of truth; this was needed. It has been militant, fanatical, grossly materialistic and ambitious. ItProblems, 156:is the existent clerical organizations and their militant attitude to religions and to faiths otherPsychology1, 25:and vital expression of the divine nature. A militant focusing upon the ideal, a one-pointedPsychology1, 313:The Church of Christ, hitherto invisible and militant, can now be seen slowly materializing andReappearance, 110:of the evil of vicious conflict than has the militant Christian world. The history of the Christian
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