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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MILLION

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Astrology, 239:of life has taken place; since then, several million men have passed from Scorpio into LibraAutobiography, 134:began his talk with the flat statement "Nineteen million years ago the Lords of the Flame came fromAutobiography, 134:to God. The idea of the world being nineteen million years old was just sheer blasphemy. TheAutobiography, 226:I know that Terence is for Dorothy one in a million, quiet, clever, kind and firm in the rightBethlehem, 184:far more than the basis of the belief of several million people in their heavenly future Christ'sBethlehem, 240:It is a statistical fact that about fifty million people die every year. [241] Fifty million peopleBethlehem, 241:fifty million people die every year. [241] Fifty million people are more than the entire populationEducation, 119:as well as the descendants of the races which a million years ago made the South American continentExternalisation, 556:few known to you. Today its numbers are several million. The result of this solemn three days ofFire, 15:into life wheel the first. It circulated. A million fires rose up. The quality of matter densified,Fire, 25:The forms through which They work, the lesser million spheres, the cause of separation and theFire, 26:- Stanzas of Dzyan Stanza IX The thirty thousand million Watchers refused to heed the call. "WeFire, 26:the seventh aeon." The twice thirty thousand million hearkened to the call and took the formsFire, 211:He took form and came to our planet eighteen million years ago. Once in every world period it isFire, 348:individualized in Lemurian days (about eighteen million years ago), it was the application of theFire, 349:Man of our scheme took initiation eighteen million years ago. This initiation was brought about -Fire, 579:figures governing the Monads: 35 Thousand million Monads of love, 20 Thousand million Monads ofFire, 579:35 Thousand million Monads of love, 20 Thousand million Monads of activity, 5 Thousand millionFire, 579:Thousand million Monads of activity, 5 Thousand million Monads of power, making a total of sixtyFire, 579:of power, making a total of sixty thousand million human Monads. The Monads of power, though inFire, 672:become the seven and the ten; when the thirty million crores of deva lives repeat the revolution;Fire, 1084:less than seconds in the little day of man. Ten million millions kalpas pass, and twice ten millionFire, 1084:Ten million millions kalpas pass, and twice ten million millions Brahmic cycles and yet one hour ofFire, 1093:fires constructed of the sixty thousand million human Monads and the countless streams of devaHealing, 3:cause of all sickness is not as yet a fact. A million years hence, when the focus of humanHealing, 109:and it consisted of one hundred thousand million monads. In the present system, the second, thereHealing, 109:there are - as earlier stated - sixty thousand million human monads. Add to this the feminineHealing, 109:of the devas, consisting of 140 thousand million, and you have the necessary two hundred thousandHealing, 109:and you have the necessary two hundred thousand million. This elucidates my statement anent thisHealing, 110:will be the needed three hundred thousand million that perfection requires of the threefold Logos. Healing, 226:which flourished in early Atlantean times twelve million years ago; naught is known at all of theHealing, 226:civilization which goes back more than fifteen million years; still less is known of that twilightHealing, 226:of that twilight period which existed twenty-one million years ago when men were scarcely human andHealing, 230:are also helping, and during the next one million years we shall see syphilis (inherited fromHealing, 528:The percentage cured is less than one in a million "cures." These cures would have recovered in anyInitiation, 28:of the Lemurian epoch, approximately eighteen million years ago, occurred a great event whichInitiation, 34:is called in some books, but as this is several million years away from us at this time, we are notInitiation, 220:evolution of humanity upon this planet about 18 million years ago, during the middle of theMagic, 377:the spreading of the Secret Doctrine is eighteen million years old. 2. Only four of the originalMagic, 378:the Hierarchy 5. It was decided about seventeen million years ago (the coming of the Hierarchy andMagic, 378:of Shamballa being about eighteen and a half million years ago) to have on the dense physical planeMagic, 440:not the great event." This took place twenty-one million years ago. Cycles passed and when at aMagic, 440:date the sun was in Leo (approximately eighteen million years ago) the first instances ofMeditation, 34:As we have been told, there are sixty thousand million units of consciousness or spirits in theMeditation, 289:do more than widely generalize. Sixty thousand million souls in process of evolving, each followingMeditation, 355:evolution of humanity upon this planet about 18 million years ago, during the middle of thePatanjali, 216:to the egoic impression or swayed by the million voices of earth. It apparently has no voice of itsPsychology1, 265:governs all cycles such as those of one million years, one hundred thousand years, one thousandPsychology1, 265:cycles as seven thousand years, and seven million years. The interchange and interplay of these rayPsychology1, 357:race, the sixth. This takes us to a period ten million years hence, when the intellect will have inPsychology1, 400:relations and promiscuity during the past few million years have been so numerous that there existsPsychology2, 398:there is only a very small group (a few million would be an optimistic speculation) who have even aSoulall become intelligible. Posture, gesture, and a million subtle expressive changes of color and
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