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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MIND

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Atom, 21:scientist recognizes; and this is the universal mind, or the Oversoul of the philosopher. This,Atom, 31:of matter" is beginning to come before the mind of the public through the investigations andAtom, 35:the thing that I am seeking to impress upon my mind and yours is that we scarcely know where weAtom, 39:The existence of such a God can, to my mind, be proved from chemistry."' In the long interviewAtom, 39:assemblage rather than as a unit; the body and mind express the vote or voice of the life entities.Atom, 41:- 'auto-determination,' or, if you please, 'mind."' Atom, 44:St. Paul may have had something of this sort in mind when he spoke about the Heavenly Man. By theAtom, 55:look elsewhere for a truer definition. To my mind, Plutarch conveys the idea of the manifestationAtom, 56:great Life, that all-embracing, [56] universal Mind, that vibrant center of energy, and that greatAtom, 56:are his poem, or idea," and the thought in the mind of the apostle is that through the medium ofAtom, 57:always a definite thought is conveyed to the mind, involving purpose, intent, or perhaps someAtom, 57:They have been shown to possess symptoms of mind and a rudimentary form of intelligence. The atomAtom, 68:sensitiveness of outlook, bearing carefully in mind always that only the ignorant dogmatism, andAtom, 68:it shows symptoms of discriminative mind, and the rudiments of selective capacity. Thus the tinyAtom, 68:it shows not only discriminative selective mind, but elasticity. Then in the vegetable kingdomAtom, 79:themselves possess quality, show symptoms of mind or intelligence, and can discriminate, select,Atom, 83:root 'man,' the one who thinks, is to my mind the most satisfying. Mrs. Besant, in one of herAtom, 91:it not be that this is what Browning had in his mind when he said: "Mankind, made up of all theAtom, 98:a spheroidal form, and showing the quality of mind; but the human atom may also be considered as aAtom, 102:but it also shows signs of intellect, or embryo mind. Instinct is a recognized faculty of allAtom, 104:of the human being develops, bearing ever in mind [105] that in the human atom is stored up allAtom, 110:by that word, a negative, receptive state of mind, or a state of trance. There is muchAtom, 111:requires the most intense application of the mind, the utmost control of thought, and an attitudeAtom, 113:the intellectual concentration which results in mind control, and the ability to think clearly andAtom, 119:Naturally it is not possible for finite mind to gauge accurately the plan of the Deity. All that weAtom, 135:the development of the [135] concrete or lower mind is the goal, and this we are developing eachAtom, 135:be capable of being inspired means that a human mind has reached a stage in his evolution where heAtom, 136:pass on the truth without the use of the lower mind. Truth lies within ourselves. When we canAtom, 137:consciously, but very few of us can control the mind. Most of us are controlled by our desires, andAtom, 144:kingdom a third quality, that of rudimentary mind, began to show itself, and that when we arrivedAtom, 144:the solar system, we had a great Intelligence or Mind; that the object of His utilization of formAtom, 150:plans within the planet. We must bear in mind also, that, though we human beings consider ourselvesAutobiography, X:through the years with the precision of her keen mind and filled it with the magnetic potency ofAutobiography, 11:sad or terrible things remain fixtures in one's mind? I do not know. Apparently on this peculiarAutobiography, 12:many times in life wondered what goes on in the mind of a child? Children do have definite ideas onAutobiography, 12:old before I really discovered that I had a mind and that it was something which I could use. Up toAutobiography, 12:I had been a bundle of emotions and feelings; my mind - what there was of it - had used me and notAutobiography, 36:He had made of me became uppermost in my mind. I decided that maybe after all I was not in theAutobiography, 38:make these statements with a definite purpose in mind. So much nonsense has been talked along theseAutobiography, 40:Deep and fundamental doubts were left in my mind. My life was henceforth colored (and is today) byAutobiography, 49:I certainly do not pretend to interpret God's mind and to say what God wants as do the theologiansAutobiography, 51:love of God is broader than the measure of man's mind and the Heart of the Eternal is mostAutobiography, 51:the German equivalent for the Anglo-Saxon word "mind" or "the mind." One of my books was beingAutobiography, 51:for the Anglo-Saxon word "mind" or "the mind." One of my books was being translated into German andAutobiography, 51:for what we mean when we speak about "the mind." The word "intellect" is not the same. TheyAutobiography, 53:translation difficulties. This was my state of mind when a great change took place in my life. MyAutobiography, 57:of a lecture - a time I always enjoy - I don't mind admitting I don't know when I don't and that isAutobiography, 59:grew accustomed to drunkenness and learnt not to mind a drunken man and I learnt, also, how toAutobiography, 60:checkers with?" "Well, my dear, would you mind looking at his forehead?" I looked and remarked thatAutobiography, 65:on it. Little things please little minds and my mind was very little at that time - practicallyAutobiography, 72:in the Quetta Soldiers Home stands out in my mind as one of the most interesting phases of theAutobiography, 73:with a very grave face, and asked if I would mind coming out into the garden for a minute. IAutobiography, 74:managers sought me out and asked me if I would mind coming to the coffee-shop for a minute. There IAutobiography, 74:than it had ever been before. The question in my mind is: was I too terrified to bring the matterAutobiography, 75:got very heavy and I came to know the mind of the soldier very well and never found them talking asAutobiography, 77:this day that I do not understand the feminine mind. This, of course, is a generalization and likeAutobiography, 77:but, as a general rule, I prefer the masculine mind. A man will give you serious troubleAutobiography, 79:his young wife and child in a great state of mind. Suicidal mania had developed and the doctorAutobiography, 80:Fundamentalist, for no Fundamentalist uses his mind. I had many [81] arguments with liberal mindedAutobiography, 81:little, however, doubts began creeping into my mind and three episodes in my life began to assumeAutobiography, 83:next episode took place in Quetta. I made up my mind that it was absolutely necessary both for myAutobiography, 83:it was absolutely necessary both for my peace of mind and the good of the soldiers that I give aAutobiography, 84:So I decided to read up on hell and I made up my mind to find out more about it. I studied theAutobiography, 85:else was false? These three episodes threw my mind into the most violent questioning and helpedAutobiography, 86:with the work, I shouldered the blame in my own mind. I had still to learn the lesson that the onlyAutobiography, 87:was exceedingly good looking. He had a brilliant mind and was highly educated and got soundlyAutobiography, 91:and it arouses a question as to evolution in my mind. Also, I do not believe that, in the longAutobiography, 97:idea how my life would work out; making up my mind to live one day at a time and not to look aheadAutobiography, 120:questions, certain things have clarified in my mind and are - for me - part of the answer. The JewsAutobiography, 123:Let me say here that there is no question in my mind that the Church is playing a losing gameAutobiography, 126:arrived in America with much questioning in my mind as to the spiritual verities which could beAutobiography, 126:such in the Bible. Then came the question in my mind: Why did God speak only to Jews? I knewAutobiography, 129:learnt to like the sardines. I made up my mind that if I was going to be a packer I would make itAutobiography, 129:I wanted money for the children, so I brought my mind to bear on the problem of packing. I watchedAutobiography, 130:the kindest expression on his face, "Never you mind, Mrs. Evans, we here call you 'the diamond lostAutobiography, 133:experience; whilst five is the number of the mind and of that intelligent creature we call man. IAutobiography, 133:for the first time, discovering that I had a mind which I began to use, to discover its flexibilityAutobiography, 133:connotation and meaning. It stands in the public mind for so much which it essentially is not. IAutobiography, 134:Flame came from Venus and planted the seed of mind in man." Except for the Theosophists present IAutobiography, 137:I am gone. So I read and studied and thought. My mind woke up as I struggled with the presentedAutobiography, 138:that was beginning to satisfy my questioning mind and my disturbed heart? I had been [139] leftAutobiography, 142:it; but the intuition does not work unless the mind is developed and that has been a lot of theAutobiography, 147:I do not like a festering point of poison in my mind. I'm sure I am irritable and I know I amAutobiography, 167:and expressed ideas) as He dropped them into my mind. This involves the attaining and preservationAutobiography, 173:who came over to the Convention with an open mind, threw the weight of their interests and backingAutobiography, 179:of God. It is the mode of the head and of the mind and is greatly needed by the unthinking peopleAutobiography, 182:a trivial matter and that I had always had in my mind the work of a certain woman who was a wellAutobiography, 190:the Arcane School. It never was and I made up my mind that the old lady should have her wish andAutobiography, 193:have found myself embroiled. His clear legal mind, his impersonality and his constant failure toAutobiography, 196:meant to be derogatory in my statement for to my mind both groups are equally needed; both canAutobiography, 200:nation there is the demonstration that "the mind is the slayer of the real." They are such realistsAutobiography, 207:Even when she was dying she had me on her mind and only a few days before her death I had a letterAutobiography, 212:effect had solved the problems of my questioning mind. The Hierarchy was known to me. I had beenAutobiography, 222:describe the beauty of the Italian lakes. To my mind Lake Maggiore on the shores of which Olga'sAutobiography, 236:the fire of pure spirit or life; the fire of the mind that vitalizes every atom of the solar systemAutobiography, 238:would be more adapted to the Western type of mind and consciousness than the usual orientalAutobiography, 239:develop free will, to become an adult using his mind, making his own decisions, orienting himselfAutobiography, 245:and of psychic work. Later she changed her mind when I explained to her that telepathic rapport wasAutobiography, 247:control of his astral body, by the aid of the mind as that mind is, in its turn, illumined by theAutobiography, 247:his astral body, by the aid of the mind as that mind is, in its turn, illumined by the soul. The
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