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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MIND

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Discipleship1, 173:to bridge the gap between the higher and lower mind can contribute much to our endeavor, for youDiscipleship1, 174:major objective. Also, in order to clarify your mind in this connection, I am going to ask you toDiscipleship1, 174:the astral. It is on the mental plane and in the mind consciousness that you must seek to live.Discipleship1, 179:bring about rapid contact with the soul, via the mind, if you apply yourself with diligence to theDiscipleship1, 179:conflict, silently waged in the shrine of the mind. Your astral or emotional body is on the sixthDiscipleship1, 179:seventh Ray of Ceremonial Order. The ray of the mind - the fourth Ray of Harmony through Conflict.Discipleship1, 181:already brought about an alignment between the mind and the brain. The higher needed alignment hasDiscipleship1, 184:of a critical nature, for it is the critical mind which separates and divides, as you well know. ItDiscipleship1, 190:usefulness lies in the over-activity of your mind; this does not make you especially critical ofDiscipleship1, 190:to define the undefinable and to measure the mind of immensity is futile. Work, therefore, at theDiscipleship1, 192:liking for your fellowmen is very real. Your mind is active and alert, and you are deeplyDiscipleship1, 192:between your soul and your brain, via your mind. Figuratively speaking, there is a lack of steadyDiscipleship1, 192:there is a lack of steady contact between the mind and the astral body. Here is the weak place inDiscipleship1, 193:the head as possible, and attempting to hold the mind steady in the light and aligned with theDiscipleship1, 193:month - May the light of the soul illumine my mind, and shed a light upon the way of others. 2ndDiscipleship1, 195:you know and as I have told you, a very critical mind; you are full of response to, and recognitionDiscipleship1, 196:why, in this life, this is so. The ray of the mind, the fourth ray, is the controlling ray of yourDiscipleship1, 197:life? 4th month - What effect will an illumined mind have upon my daily life? 5th month - WhatDiscipleship1, 197:to the light of the soul, for it gives you a mind nature which can react easily to your second rayDiscipleship1, 197:line of force. At the same time, it makes your mind a focal point for soul force in your fifth rayDiscipleship1, 197:fifth Ray of Concrete Science. The ray of the mind - the fourth Ray of Harmony through Conflict.Discipleship1, 198:emphasis is laid upon the critical, analytical mind. This leads you to watch and criticize and toDiscipleship1, 198:more definitely, working through your fourth ray mind and your sixth ray astral body, studying andDiscipleship1, 199:I not walk more definitely in the light? Is my mind the organ of vision for the spiritual man, andDiscipleship1, 199:organ to the higher self to use? Can I hold the mind steady in the light? As I review my day, whatDiscipleship1, 199:Experience of this light is achieved through mind control. What does mind control signify to me?Discipleship1, 199:is achieved through mind control. What does mind control signify to me? [200] By what problems andDiscipleship1, 201:(wrought out, therefore, in your case in the mind nature) and Active Intelligence. It will beDiscipleship1, 201:wherein comes opportunity for your fourth ray mind to produce harmony through conflict, and skillDiscipleship1, 202:and the brain, through the use of the illumined mind. You will see, therefore, why I asked you theDiscipleship1, 205:well as this planet, the earth; your fourth ray mind can always, therefore, put you in touch withDiscipleship1, 205:ray - second Ray of Love-Wisdom. Ray of the mind - fourth Ray of Harmony through Conflict. Ray ofDiscipleship1, 210:a thought - instantaneous and effective - in the mind of the planetary Logos. Think out carefullyDiscipleship1, 211:the result of any separate tendency of the lower mind, for that is offset in you by your deepDiscipleship1, 216:first ray energy can aid. From the angle of the mind, this soul activity and change of focus willDiscipleship1, 219:the first ray. This means that your intelligent mind can dominate at need and can be far moreDiscipleship1, 220:for the soul to control and [220] illumine the mind when the first and the second rays are asDiscipleship1, 220:Now the line of least resistance should be the mind, and your major objective in life and inDiscipleship1, 220:in life and in meditation should be the mind, and increased illumination - this in order to renderDiscipleship1, 220:but an intensified illumination of the concrete mind. Therefore, your rays are as follows: The soulDiscipleship1, 220:- the first Ray of Power or Will. The ray of the mind - the first Ray of Power. The ray of theDiscipleship1, 220:The soul is light. Light is reflected in the mind. Then automatically you become one of the LightDiscipleship1, 221:with the soul, holding these thoughts in mind. Then, consciously, hold the mind steady in theDiscipleship1, 221:thoughts in mind. Then, consciously, hold the mind steady in the Light. Give five minutes to: ADiscipleship1, 221:Note down any thoughts which may come into your mind on the beam of light from your soul. Discipleship1, 221:first ray attributes. Your personality ray, your mind ray, and the ray of your physical body areDiscipleship1, 222:effect when teaching you that "your intelligent mind can dominate at need." This was a statement ofDiscipleship1, 223:that inflow by an active concentration of your mind upon your chosen field of service, and developDiscipleship1, 228:do some mental work in meditation, holding the mind steady in the light; carry your service in myDiscipleship1, 229:is also good. Let there be no doubt in your mind upon this point. But paralleling this steadyDiscipleship1, 230:On receipt of these instructions and having in mind their general tenor, choose six short passagesDiscipleship1, 233:and must be taken with the eyes of the mind wide open, so as to avoid the pitfalls of aloneness,Discipleship1, 233:offsetting tendencies to your personality and mind rays which are most valuable. As your physicalDiscipleship1, 233:of force. You should bear this most carefully in mind and cultivate the higher or group idealismDiscipleship1, 234:a mental type of disciple. The question in my mind which I bring to you today for answering isDiscipleship1, 234:a problem. The combination of a trained mind and an awakened heart is the objective of the discipleDiscipleship1, 234:in it. It is this relation of the trained mind and the awakened heart that constitutes the trueDiscipleship1, 238:attitude can be expected of anyone. Have in mind, however, that your physical body is not strongDiscipleship1, 242:You must struggle to shift your mind away from yourself as teacher, friend, wife, worker, orDiscipleship1, 245:you can keep a poised and steadfast attitude of mind and emotion and preserve yourself free fromDiscipleship1, 248:about the fact of the heart center and keep the mind predominantly upon the love aspect of theDiscipleship1, 248:with care the thoughts that have come into your mind in connection with this theme. This you can doDiscipleship1, 250:to mental levels and there learn to hold the mind steady in the light, your sense of proportionDiscipleship1, 252:of introspection too closely for your analytical mind is functioning adequately these days and theDiscipleship1, 253:these words of mine constantly recur to your mind, for thus will you handle the eventualities [254]Discipleship1, 255:Ray of Devotion or Idealism. The ray of the mind - the fourth Ray of Harmony through Conflict. TheDiscipleship1, 256:idea of the soul's intention. Can you cast your mind back to [257] the year in which thatDiscipleship1, 257:the control of the personality centered in the mind. That means a greatly expanded consciousnessDiscipleship1, 258:to shift your soul emphasis into the "mind area" and from there control the physical body insteadDiscipleship1, 264:as usually denoted. If this is borne in mind, much physiological danger will be avoided. RapidityDiscipleship1, 266:all proportion to the effort on my part. Bear in mind that as I think of you (when communicatingDiscipleship1, 267:for you at this time most developing. Bear in mind that in the interplay of love (that which goesDiscipleship1, 275:of your soul must pour through your fourth ray mind, galvanizing it into a renewed, inclusive,Discipleship1, 275:ray - the fourth Ray of Harmony. The ray of the mind - the fourth Ray of Harmony. The ray of theDiscipleship1, 276:things - brief and to the point - come into my mind as I look at you and feel for you a sense ofDiscipleship1, 277:values into being. Upon the planes of soul and mind, you still must stand alone and if you graspDiscipleship1, 279:must appear the concretizing faculty of the mind. This the intuition must both offset and at theDiscipleship1, 279:must both offset and at the same time use. The mind emphasizes form and the building of forms. TheDiscipleship1, 279:and the consecrated functioning of the concrete mind be deliberately applied. Remain ever theDiscipleship1, 279:Remain ever the Observer, using the concrete mind as a divinely organized instrument. Work withDiscipleship1, 279:a focused center through which the illumined mind can pierce. Ponder on this. Will you for sixDiscipleship1, 280:others; some function primarily on the plane of mind, others on the plane of the emotions. You haveDiscipleship1, 280:usefulness, remembering that the blending of the mind and the intuition produces a consequentDiscipleship1, 283:any of you knew at the time? If you cast your mind back over the past three years, you will note aDiscipleship1, 284:I would suggest the following procedure. Bear in mind that I but make suggestion. It is for you toDiscipleship1, 288:your own soul. I foresaw your present state of mind when last I wrote to you, and it was theDiscipleship1, 289:The more your soul grips you, the more your mind will awaken, and feeling (in the personal sense)Discipleship1, 290:and organization." I would ask you to bear in mind that group work involves sacrifice and oft theDiscipleship1, 292:and the germ of your decision is already in your mind. I give no definite instructions at any timeDiscipleship1, 292:instruction. I would remind you to ever bear in mind that I but make suggestion, and thatDiscipleship1, 294:is a clear channel from soul to brain, via the mind. Then forget the differentiations which areDiscipleship1, 294:stimulating the ajna center and in focusing your mind more firmly in the head. I have watched theDiscipleship1, 296:thought life - the creative imagination, the mind and the intuition - and it is the bringing aboutDiscipleship1, 296:is my present objective with you. Bear this in mind and learn first of all to discriminate betweenDiscipleship1, 297:and not too great a use of the analytical mind. Love reveals far more clearly and definitely (inDiscipleship1, 297:devotion and the increasing "lucidity" of the mind which must constitute the goal for all of youDiscipleship1, 298:suggest that you concentrate upon "holding the mind steady in the light." This will involve renewedDiscipleship1, 298:and in the conscious refocusing of the mind towards reality. It is the activity of the inner,Discipleship1, 299:When to this is added an intensely critical mind, the problem is doubly hard. But, brother of old,Discipleship1, 300:Questions and problems of various kinds fill my mind, and how - troubled as I am - can I be of
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