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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MIND

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Discipleship1, 433:are negated by an inner attitude of mind. It is the cultivation of a detached attitude to life andDiscipleship1, 434:scientifically each day with the thought in your mind of those five climaxing days of esoteric workDiscipleship1, 435:After due composure and a clearing of the mind in any manner which may be to you familiar andDiscipleship1, 436:I do not seek to interfere or to complicate your mind in any way. The past three years have broughtDiscipleship1, 437:the science of sciences. Hence also your keen mind, your untiring search for truth and your powerDiscipleship1, 438:to throw light upon your way, and if you bear in mind the two suggestions I made to you earlier inDiscipleship1, 443:your personality and soul and to coordinate your mind and brain. First month - I am the Observer,Discipleship1, 444:to observe? What is the main hindrance? Is my mind the organ of observation for the spiritual man?Discipleship1, 444:this organ to the observer to use? Can I hold my mind steady in the light which streams from theDiscipleship1, 445:Observer. It works in [445] with the mind. Do I understand and wield this power? We areDiscipleship1, 446:proceed, unhindered by the activity of the lower mind. With you, as with my other disciples inDiscipleship1, 446:as time proceeds. It should always be borne in mind that when I speak of the rays of the variousDiscipleship1, 447:intelligent manifestation: the higher, abstract mind, the intelligent solar angel, and the lowerDiscipleship1, 447:intelligent solar angel, and the lower concrete mind. Intuitive understanding, love-wisdom andDiscipleship1, 450:when you have clarified the issue in your own mind, you will have cleared away one of the mostDiscipleship1, 450:and the presence of many questions in your mind, but your attitude towards them is definitelyDiscipleship1, 451:equally true of mankind as a whole. Bear this in mind. It is to this that those who would take noDiscipleship1, 451:some of the problems of your rightly questioning mind. There is a general principle of timingDiscipleship1, 452:brother, there are points which revolve in your mind and which, in spite of the application whichDiscipleship1, 452:and inclusiveness must be fought out in the mind and on realized mental levels; that is for youDiscipleship1, 453:the intuition more potently. By stimulating the mind to greater scope for recognition. By throwingDiscipleship1, 454:place to the sure knowledge of an illumined mind. You ask me at times: "What prevents fuller lightDiscipleship1, 456:the requisite motive, and this must be borne in mind when the strain and effort is at its height.Discipleship1, 456:your alignment, linking consciously brain-mind-soul, and producing a deepened and more stabilizedDiscipleship1, 456:down into the head center from the soul, via the mind, gathering thus mental intensity; through theDiscipleship1, 459:esoteric significance which may emerge in your mind need not necessarily be imparted to your groupDiscipleship1, 460:preserve more than the sense. Phrase I. For the mind. "Like a golden butterfly which flies in tileDiscipleship1, 464:focal point for us and yet you hold back in your mind and consciousness and seem to realize it not.Discipleship1, 467:of this group. The possession of a fourth ray mind is an essential factor in my planned work and IDiscipleship1, 467:this fact. You have, outstandingly, this type of mind, and it is going to be of real service toDiscipleship1, 467:be balanced by the attitudes of the fourth ray mind. I would like here to point out that Your soulDiscipleship1, 469:or to a particular attitude of thought and mind (which he with real difficulty has assumed), whenDiscipleship1, 470:from the thought-form-making faculty of the mind. In your case this faculty is swept into activityDiscipleship1, 472:this opportunity offered to you. The doubt in my mind arose from my knowledge of the two tendenciesDiscipleship1, 475:on the inner and the outer planes. Have this in mind in all you do. I seek this year to give youDiscipleship1, 477:people and your own critical, self-centered mind frequently relegates many to the limbo of yourDiscipleship1, 482:a paragraph in a book which illumined your mind. Write it all down so as to share it with yourDiscipleship1, 483:activities but through a poised attitude of mind which (sensitive to the call of the soul and theDiscipleship1, 483:be based on the reasoning of the lower, concrete mind and not on those simple impulses which bearDiscipleship1, 485:You now can be trusted. With that thought in mind I urge you to go forward. Only one otherDiscipleship1, 486:- first Ray of Will or Power. The ray of the mind - fourth Ray of Harmony through Conflict. The rayDiscipleship1, 488:opposites through the activity of a fourth ray mind which can, when united with others workingDiscipleship1, 488:and suffered so much, work now in the world of mind. Live on the mental plane, in the realm of theDiscipleship1, 488:plane, in the realm of the soul and of the mind. In closing, I would add for your help theDiscipleship1, 490:will. This you should most carefully bear in mind, for oft this directed power is not beingDiscipleship1, 493:will you accept it and use your intelligent mind to reason yourself out of your impasse? DisciplesDiscipleship1, 495:then upon the implications, using knowledge and mind as the method of understanding. Accept theDiscipleship1, 495:the O. M. as the soul and see it: Purifying the mind so that the illusion of the separated selfDiscipleship1, 500:I have not much to say to you at this time. Your mind and time and heart are fully occupied withDiscipleship1, 500:of humor and a tendency to play, bearing in mind that relaxation is as much a part of the spiritualDiscipleship1, 500:the impulses of your second ray soul. Hold the mind steady in the light and thereby discern theDiscipleship1, 505:Lately, you have changed that condition and your mind and your astral body are now integrated.Discipleship1, 505:- as has hitherto been the case - but that your mind nature will come increasingly into control andDiscipleship1, 505:counts in the long run but service. Take your mind away from all your personality problems and theDiscipleship1, 507:ever in the fog. That sun is found within my mind. Within that sun, I stand." Discipleship1, 509:and if you could arrive at a stable, focused mind that the whole of life would simplify for you.Discipleship1, 509:potent than that of the average person. Your mind, as a result of the glamor, may be ever restlessDiscipleship1, 511:disciple's consciousness through those states of mind and those habits of thought which are soDiscipleship1, 511:the average disciple) three main attitudes of mind and of feeling which predispose him to beingDiscipleship1, 518:reproof of so gentle a nature that you will not mind. You have done much to dissipate glamor inDiscipleship1, 518:available but it should not be given when one's mind is bewildered by the fogs of questioning andDiscipleship1, 520:and, therefore, you have an intensely analytical mind. I would, however, remind you that you areDiscipleship1, 520:ray - the sixth Ray of Devotion. The ray of the mind - the fifth Ray of Concrete Science. [521] TheDiscipleship1, 522:a shrine of consecration and connect it in your mind with the thought of service. That which isDiscipleship1, 525:apt to refuse to recognize - a loving heart, a mind enriched by years of study and lives ofDiscipleship1, 527:- of love, courage and the soul. Use not the mind just now but simply be and let the love of allDiscipleship1, 535:your consciousness in the head. See in your mind's eye a lake of blue water, entirely surrounded byDiscipleship1, 536:learn to speak and speak aright. 5th month - The mind reveals the truth. That truth am I. My wordsDiscipleship1, 538:aspirant into the disciple whose heart and mind are aflame. Perhaps, however, you prefer to goDiscipleship1, 539:it will necessitate the effort of your soul and mind, working in conjunction, to bring about thisDiscipleship1, 542:MEDITATION Alignment. Focus attention in the mind nature to the vibration, the quality of theDiscipleship1, 545:and these will be based on a changed attitude of mind and a more positive inner focusing. ThisDiscipleship1, 547:astral body. [547] From the astral body to the mind. Then recognize yourself as being an integratedDiscipleship1, 547:body and know it to be there, illuminating your mind, rendering positive and quiescent your astralDiscipleship1, 549:to you as you learn to focus yourself in your mind. You will, therefore, bring in a fuller tide ofDiscipleship1, 549:would do well to bear these relationships in mind, for the lines of least resistance are seldom theDiscipleship1, 550:[550] and hold a steady contact between soul-mind-brain. You have much with which to work and forDiscipleship1, 554:teaching is so quick and so intuitive, and your mind processes are so apt rapidly to gripDiscipleship1, 554:understanding and let not the lower reasoning mind deter you from anticipating and expecting greatDiscipleship1, 555:of the experience when I have made it fact in my mind and brain consciousness? You see, my brother,Discipleship1, 556:of souls and servers. You have done much of mind preparation and of personality coordination. YourDiscipleship1, 560:If you are a disciple, you must bear in mind that you are such because of a capacity to serve andDiscipleship1, 561:will you use the following? 1st month - The mind reveals the Real. 2nd month - The Light is dual.Discipleship1, 563:what these ideas can do for you, illumining your mind and enriching, therefore, your service. AllDiscipleship1, 563:equipment; you have adequate outlook; you have a mind which can be illumined; you can teach and youDiscipleship1, 564:of your life. I have a definite purpose in mind as I give them to you. 1st month - The presentDiscipleship1, 565:in your heart or words and no thought in your mind of the little self. I give you no set study workDiscipleship1, 565:Fourth month... Let the vision of my mind be clear and sure; its outline true and real. That visionDiscipleship1, 567:of me. I forbade him to take me into his mind or to ponder upon me as his friend, his teacher andDiscipleship1, 568:not my words, and this I would have you bear in mind. Your sixth ray personality and your first rayDiscipleship1, 569:of those habits which tend to cloud the mind and render the man insensitive to the higher contact.Discipleship1, 571:to misinterpretation by your over-active, lower mind. I have asked myself the question: Can thisDiscipleship1, 573:but it has to be achieved through an attitude of mind rather than through relaxation exercises;Discipleship1, 576:out of all your problems? Your intensely active mind which moves from personalities to the Plan,Discipleship1, 577:the separated self, I pour forth love." Hold in mind: Your immediate family circle. Your fellowDiscipleship1, 579:solar plexus time to relax, and your brain and mind time to adjust themselves to the newer rhythms.Discipleship1, 580:incident upon the intense fluidity of your mind, is based on the fact that you are transferring offDiscipleship1, 580:of all criticism such as your over-active mind presents with constancy. This mental unrest (if IDiscipleship1, 582:know what it is that one has to do. [582] Your mind is ever a questioning mind. It is my dutyDiscipleship1, 582:has to do. [582] Your mind is ever a questioning mind. It is my duty always to throw you back upon
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