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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MIND

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Discipleship1, 721:the effects upon others when the fire of the mind is let loose with its destroying, burning andDiscipleship1, 724:through" to adequate recognition in the mind and brain of the aspirant. Today, this method stillDiscipleship1, 729:in the task of understanding the fires of the mind; these must be first comprehended and theirDiscipleship1, 732:only ask you to have these modes of approach in mind, remembering that they do occur and occur inDiscipleship1, 733:spiritual field should bear this carefully in mind and remember that - as a result of the war, ofDiscipleship1, 733:when astrally focused. Disciples need to bear in mind always that they grow by the answering ofDiscipleship1, 733:but to suggest or throw into the disciple's mind the type of question which warrants his thoughtDiscipleship1, 733:his thought and then to stimulate his abstract mind so that he can successfully find the answer.Discipleship1, 734:A Master has always two things to bear in mind: the group condition which is dependent upon theDiscipleship1, 742:of the higher consciousness. There is, to the mind of the disciple, only life and form and he isDiscipleship1, 744:the "smug recollection of the self-engrossed mind." It is a form of veiled pride which beginnersDiscipleship1, 746:sound the call when there is a question in his mind. It is a matter of clear intuitive perception,Discipleship1, 748:the greater relationship must ever be borne in mind. To the average aspirant, the implications ofDiscipleship1, 750:distinguishes the disciple who is focused in a "mind held steady in the light." The surface of hisDiscipleship1, 752:really contacts is an impression which the mind rapidly translates into the symbology of color,Discipleship1, 752:carried forward this time into the realm of the mind. This explains the truth lying behind allDiscipleship1, 752:"expansions of consciousness" to which the mind of man can respond; [753] he registers a constantDiscipleship1, 755:the Master is spiritually in touch with the Mind of God. I do not use the word "consciously" inDiscipleship1, 755:evokes a response from the embryonic abstract mind of the disciple when the antahkarana is beingDiscipleship1, 755:petals of the egoic lotus. The lower concrete mind "held steady in the light." The throat center.Discipleship1, 758:who form his group of active workers. Bear in mind, however, that these figures are symbolic andDiscipleship1, 758:of the Master, but of what is in the Master's mind. That means that he is telepathically en rapportDiscipleship1, 759:stages: He is telepathically en rapport. His mind and his brain respond to the Master's mind. HeDiscipleship1, 759:His mind and his brain respond to the Master's mind. He is, therefore, mentally aware of theDiscipleship1, 759:mentally aware of the content of the Master's mind. This affects his life and service and his mindDiscipleship1, 759:mind. This affects his life and service and his mind constantly formulates the telepathicDiscipleship1, 760:than by the intelligent thinkers. Bear this in mind at this time. It was not the cruelty of theDiscipleship1, 761:via the head center, but it should be borne in mind that after the fourth initiation and theDiscipleship1, 762:been slowly turning its attention towards the mind of the personality, becomes also aware of anDiscipleship1, 762:on both sides. That is the point to have in mind. This conflict culminates, prior to each of theDiscipleship1, 763:love-wisdom aspect. The knowledge petals or the mind aspect. This process will be affected by theDiscipleship1, 765:This is not the same thing as the triumph of mind over matter or the theory of perfect health; itDiscipleship1, 773:and is a focused point of thought in the mind of God. Can I say more than this? I think not, myDiscipleship1, 777:and of psychic work. Later, she changed her mind when I explained to her that telepathic rapportDiscipleship1, 779:control of his astral body, by the aid of the mind as that mind is, in its turn, illumined by theDiscipleship1, 779:his astral body, by the aid of the mind as that mind is, in its turn, illumined by the soul. Discipleship1, 781:appeal. This you must constantly bear in mind. The accepted disciples of a Master who arrive atDiscipleship2, 5:selected to work in this new group to bear in mind that they may quite easily carry their earlierDiscipleship2, 8:in the matter, but because if a student's mind is in true rapport with the teacher, then thatDiscipleship2, 9:to me? No, because as they filter through her mind and brain they would take on the powerfulDiscipleship2, 10:a symbolic aspect which conveys to the trained mind of the esotericist far more than does the outerDiscipleship2, 10:form of words convey meaning to the trained mind of the exoteric reader. One glance in theDiscipleship2, 10:direction of the disciple with the thought in mind of ascertaining the value of his contribution inDiscipleship2, 11:sentences which will express, to the mind of the amanuensis, the thought-form as I see it and buildDiscipleship2, 11:and endeavor to convey to the vision, to the mind and to the intellectual perception of A.A.B. anDiscipleship2, 12:of the trained disciple. Will you bear this in mind, and apply my suggestions to yourself and notDiscipleship2, 13:the desire, the loving heart and the consecrated mind are united in service. I ask aid in the taskDiscipleship2, 16:it is necessary for you to have this in your mind as you prepare for that moment. You must link upDiscipleship2, 16:can, endeavor then to hold steady, holding the mind unwaveringly "in the light" and letting theDiscipleship2, 16:of the blue disk. Whilst doing this, hold the mind positive and attentive, using simultaneously theDiscipleship2, 18:the second or the third initiation. Bear this in mind. Hitherto I have not taught you from thatDiscipleship2, 19:your personality, indicating certain brain and mind realizations which are essential for the rightDiscipleship2, 22:will only be possible to aspirants with an open mind. For this you must strive. This program is anDiscipleship2, 23:and sensitivity increases. Bear this in mind as you master the hard lesson of impersonality - anDiscipleship2, 24:time in relation to your own souls, having in mind the peculiar opportunities of the present cycleDiscipleship2, 40:to you directly from your own soul, via your mind. Instruction given by me to you in my innerDiscipleship2, 40:relapse of a tired humanity into the state of mind of [41] which inertia, a reverting to the old,Discipleship2, 47:influence in due time and leaving your mind free for the task in hand. I could perhaps word itDiscipleship2, 52:are, at this stage, essential to success: The mind must be "held steady in the light," and for thisDiscipleship2, 52:an essential factor in producing the desired mind control. The creative imagination, involving asDiscipleship2, 54:enabled the confident aspirant to "hold the mind steady in the light." Then, there were the twelveDiscipleship2, 54:by an inner attitude of registration (by the mind) of that which the soul has sought to impressDiscipleship2, 57:the kingdom of God, distinguished by spiritual mind, spiritual love and spiritual will (the threeDiscipleship2, 64:and rearranged in order to suit the modern mind and needs. Senior disciples are undergoing aDiscipleship2, 65:of Initiation. This is a useful point to bear in mind. There is much in them which can and willDiscipleship2, 66:hard, and the Masters bear this ever in mind. Also the strain of the world cataclysm has increasedDiscipleship2, 69:he is intended to form a part. Have this in mind and be, therefore, so occupied with the life ofDiscipleship2, 76:a statement which runs counter to the lower mind, then it is written by A.A.B. This situation hasDiscipleship2, 86:and not through planning. If this is borne in mind, you will see where some of you have been inDiscipleship2, 92:at the request of A.A.B., who knows the Western mind better perhaps than I do. (Such members wereDiscipleship2, 94:AS OF OLD: The thought constantly enters my mind as to what I can say in order to make the groupDiscipleship2, 100:any definite schedule of work outlined in your mind as your contribution to the activity of myDiscipleship2, 102:I would guarantee that they seldom enter your mind. Yet they are still an integral part of thisDiscipleship2, 104:meditation and service. You need to bear in mind that a Master of an Ashram may, for instance,Discipleship2, 107:of the seven - it is essential that you bear in mind that though its members may have the sameDiscipleship2, 108:leadership, and then plead with them to mind their own business where each other is concerned andDiscipleship2, 119:brother, very simple and uncomplicated in your mind. If you will follow the above instructions withDiscipleship2, 121:is of great importance and serves to clarify the mind of the aspirant because it is symbolic againDiscipleship2, 125:and consciously - it will create a state of mind and of awareness which will be enduring becauseDiscipleship2, 129:rapid results. It is good for you to have in mind that the better you do this exercise and theDiscipleship2, 129:upward through the astral body and the mind to the soul. Identify the personality consciousnessDiscipleship2, 130:of the alignment work, endeavoring to hold the mind steady in the light and to achieve as far asDiscipleship2, 130:or statement in what is called "the back of the mind." There it can gestate. In this way you willDiscipleship2, 130:pledged disciple. He carries on with the lower mind and the higher mind simultaneously, and theDiscipleship2, 130:He carries on with the lower mind and the higher mind simultaneously, and the stream of spiritualDiscipleship2, 131:would undoubtedly impinge upon your brother's mind. This could not fail to have effects. You mightDiscipleship2, 131:view a totally different application. Keep your mind, therefore, off your brother's instructions.Discipleship2, 132:yet all of them perforce finding place in the mind content of the One in whom we live and move andDiscipleship2, 134:in this case the soul, whose impression upon the mind is that of love, its manifestation and itsDiscipleship2, 137:be conditioned and controlled by the illumined mind. A second stage comes when the disciple, havingDiscipleship2, 139:holding the consciousness steadily in the mind, and not in the head. It presupposes an immediateDiscipleship2, 142:statements you have the goals which I had in mind when assigning the meditation last year. It isDiscipleship2, 144:and spirit or life; this you should ever bear in mind as you use them to open the door to a month'sDiscipleship2, 144:sound the 0M, and wait silently, holding the mind steady. This is "the pause of reception." STAGEDiscipleship2, 145:value to humanity as a whole. Holding the mind in the light, you will then write down the firstDiscipleship2, 145:matter what it is) that enters into your waiting mind in connection with the theme of yourDiscipleship2, 145:evoke the intuition and thus fertilize your mind. Again sound the OM, with the intent of refocusingDiscipleship2, 145:levels or to the levels of the higher, abstract mind, via the antahkarana. This must happen, inDiscipleship2, 145:ever in your thought that you must work as a mind, and not as an aspirant or from the angle ofDiscipleship2, 145:work you have done, and the ideas now in your mind, seeing them in a true perspective in relation
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