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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MIND

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Discipleship2, 296:centers) will concern the dual use of the mind, the nature of energy, the indication of anDiscipleship2, 300:yet been consciously employed. It is to the mind what the mind, as the common sense, has been toDiscipleship2, 300:consciously employed. It is to the mind what the mind, as the common sense, has been to all theDiscipleship2, 302:man. This is a point of importance to bear in mind, for it again indicates the distinction betweenDiscipleship2, 303:sentence I give you the hint which I have in mind for your consideration this year. The wordDiscipleship2, 303:the brain after they have been registered by the mind in the form of seed thoughts, hints orDiscipleship2, 306:matter and one which you should bear in mind. They are symbols of the future and not of the past;Discipleship2, 306:is a fully comprehended scheme in the Universal Mind; we call it Purpose when considering the graspDiscipleship2, 311:word you use. It should therefore be borne in mind that in this connection we are considering theDiscipleship2, 313:into the realm of pure reason from the realm of mind, and there he polarizes himself, and truthDiscipleship2, 313:the three worlds, to penetrate into the world of mind and the lower concrete mind has become hisDiscipleship2, 313:into the world of mind and the lower concrete mind has become his instrument, integrating hisDiscipleship2, 313:to make contact with the soul, the Son of Mind, who is himself, and has in time identified himselfDiscipleship2, 313:pure reason, and through these three aspects of mind he discovers that he possesses the "threeDiscipleship2, 313:knowledge, wisdom and reason of the Universal Mind. This is what is revealed to him as heDiscipleship2, 313:into what is called the Arcana of Wisdom, the Mind of God, the third divine Aspect. This isDiscipleship2, 321:stages of the impact of the revelation upon his mind. There are paralleling inner causes which areDiscipleship2, 325:the spiral, of the masses of men everywhere. The mind factor is today alert, trained andDiscipleship2, 326:system of Raja-Yoga, the Kingly Science of the Mind (started by the great initiate, Patanjali,Discipleship2, 327:his system will be used to train disciples in mind control. They will, through this system, achieveDiscipleship2, 328:test for all disciples. There is nothing in the mind of a disciple which cannot be telepathicallyDiscipleship2, 330:more rapidly transmuted into wisdom as his mind is subjected to the play of the higherDiscipleship2, 331:disciple may do this through misuse of the lower mind and its rationalizing capacity, which canDiscipleship2, 334:whom he is [334] associated, but his critical mind is not the determining factor, as it is withDiscipleship2, 335:ye shall not be judged," he indicated a state of mind where understanding so controls that theDiscipleship2, 336:for your comprehension - which is seated in the mind and brain instead of in the soul and heart. ItDiscipleship2, 338:thinking of the aspirant. It is connected in his mind with spiritual achievement, with theDiscipleship2, 345:Reality revealed by an aspect of the mind. Formula III... Deals with changes in the soul nature.Discipleship2, 345:which it is important for you to bear in mind. Discipleship2, 348:or from the crystallizations [348] of the lower mind. It is essentially triadal thinking and isDiscipleship2, 349:myriad thought-forms of the concrete or lower mind are seen as illusion, and the lower mind, theDiscipleship2, 349:lower mind are seen as illusion, and the lower mind, the knowledge petals of the egoic lotus, theDiscipleship2, 349:petals of the egoic lotus, the abstract mind and buddhi or pure reason are all brought intoDiscipleship2, 352:consciousness and into a closer rapport with the Mind of the Lord of the World. This the disciplesDiscipleship2, 355:apparent to you that you must always have in mind three things: A hint today will concern the groupDiscipleship2, 358:to present the truth in terms of the "newest mind" - as it is occultly called - the Master in theDiscipleship2, 373:to the Science of Impression, bearing ever in mind that the Masters of the Wisdom work in threeDiscipleship2, 373:projected on to a particular plane or into the mind consciousness of those disciples who are enDiscipleship2, 374:received energy. It must be carefully borne in mind that the energy to be used is not the energyDiscipleship2, 377:be rendered takes possession of the heart and mind of the initiate, the method is simultaneouslyDiscipleship2, 384:within the ring-pass-not of the Universal Mind." [385] I would have you give these words calm andDiscipleship2, 386:and its scientific agents are the "sons of mind who choose to be the sons of men and yet for allDiscipleship2, 386:eternity remain the Sons of God." These "sons of mind" were chosen, in that far distant time whenDiscipleship2, 386:of the first promise ever made to the "sons of mind" when they originally started their redemptiveDiscipleship2, 386:they will aid you in entering somewhat into the Mind of God, thus permitting you to penetrate atDiscipleship2, 387:hope (which is the hope of all the sons of mind) a material and racial distortion and a purelyDiscipleship2, 389:are already to be found in your subconscious mind - placed there through meditation, study andDiscipleship2, 389:is to prepare them for revelation. Bear in mind, brother of mine, that revelation is hard to takeDiscipleship2, 390:aided by the comprehension of which the concrete mind is capable. It is a result of the activity ofDiscipleship2, 396:Direction. Time. Space. With these concepts in mind, occult information begins to assume a new andDiscipleship2, 398:three worlds is broken in order that the Son of Mind, the soul, may be substituted finally for theDiscipleship2, 398:for the concrete and hitherto directing lower mind. Again, through the Law of Sacrifice, theDiscipleship2, 399:the circle and into the cycle of the Universal Mind"; the initiate is then "caught up and liberatedDiscipleship2, 399:through the alignment of the concrete, lower mind, the Son of Mind and the abstract mind, a directDiscipleship2, 399:of the concrete, lower mind, the Son of Mind and the abstract mind, a direct channel for vision isDiscipleship2, 399:lower mind, the Son of Mind and the abstract mind, a direct channel for vision is created. TheDiscipleship2, 401:(in a measure) a correspondence to the concrete mind, with its capacity to interpret environmentDiscipleship2, 405:"within the ring-pass-not of the Universal Mind" which is increasingly employed by the higherDiscipleship2, 412:and intensified the strength of the mind, the mental search light, or the soul. Such hints are nowDiscipleship2, 413:the point of soul contact, so that the lower mind becomes the searchlight of revelation? Or has theDiscipleship2, 414:consciousness. I would ask you here to bear in mind that the point in consciousness is notDiscipleship2, 414:is apt to be much confusion when the concrete mind is unduly dominant (as it so often is); theDiscipleship2, 414:dominant (as it so often is); the abstract mind is likewise active, and faint indications of theDiscipleship2, 414:his way. He begins to understand that the lower mind, with its multiplicity of differentiations andDiscipleship2, 415:reason for the many complexities of the lower mind. He has to wrestle with the problem of thisDiscipleship2, 415:- for the slow and laborious work of the mind, with its deviousness, its illusions, its errors, itsDiscipleship2, 415:which appears to him to be present in his mind content. These factors should manifest if hisDiscipleship2, 415:Certain factors must, therefore, be borne in mind if the disciple is to be sure of the ground uponDiscipleship2, 420:significances. This must be carefully borne in mind when pondering upon the temporary staticDiscipleship2, 429:is dedicated to their service and can use his mind on their behalf - he is probably nearer toDiscipleship2, 431:plus the use of the trained discriminative mind. This leads eventually to the stabilization of hisDiscipleship2, 432:divine awareness and penetrating deeply into the Mind of God, or he is learning to live andDiscipleship2, 435:is a progress of penetration: first into the Mind, then into the Heart, and lastly into the PurposeDiscipleship2, 435:plane of the Soul, the mental plane; the Son of Mind is set free and then the higher initiationsDiscipleship2, 436:the initiate can grasp is the "circle of the Mind of God," as it expresses itself in the living,Discipleship2, 436:in such a way that the light of the divine Mind or the divine Intelligence becomes available forDiscipleship2, 438:is projected into the Past and the subconscious mind (as the psychologists inadequately call it) isDiscipleship2, 438:call it) is revealed to him; this subconscious mind relates him to all the four kingdoms in nature.Discipleship2, 444:of service and its correct rendering in your mind. You do so many things, my brother; if you lookDiscipleship2, 445:have this inclusive, radiatory will primarily in mind, and for the next few months I would have youDiscipleship2, 446:formulated by him as a soul and (bear this in mind) as a soul whose personality is initiate.Discipleship2, 447:will bear many similar trees. You have a fluid mind and can do much if your emphasis [448] isDiscipleship2, 448:I suggest - a fluid life. Otherwise your fluid mind will incite you to so many useful activitiesDiscipleship2, 449:each day, has your attention been, having in mind that a disciple's focus is frequently in oneDiscipleship2, 452:way, holding the suggested relations in mind: Inhalation... Focus... Life centralization.Discipleship2, 460:activity as the intelligence (focused in the mind) must condition it. I do not refer to [461] theDiscipleship2, 461:to an attitude assumed and held by the soul and mind in regard to the astral body which enables youDiscipleship2, 462:believe that contact has been made between soul-mind-brain. Then see yourself as focusedDiscipleship2, 462:interlude, after exhalation, go over in your mind (pictorially) as a sort of recapitulation, whatDiscipleship2, 472:body, in his emotional vehicle and in his mind. This makes what is sometimes called the "sevenDiscipleship2, 473:in aiding me to understand the occidental mind. I am an Oriental of the fourth root race andDiscipleship2, 474:and - if you will carry this realization in mind for the remainder of this incarnation - you willDiscipleship2, 475:life, I would ask you to have these thoughts in mind and begin to lay a planned foundation for theDiscipleship2, 475:in many ways, what I have referred to in my own mind as I have watched you, as a very well-managedDiscipleship2, 484:and is a branch of that aspect of the universal mind which we call truth. The power of correctlyDiscipleship2, 490:the OM three times, bearing these directions in mind. Take then the word Contact into yourDiscipleship2, 491:the stanza "From the point of Light within the Mind of God Let Light stream forth into the minds ofDiscipleship2, 493:I ask you simply to hold these possibilities in mind, to avoid fanatical conclusions, and to beDiscipleship2, 493:inclusive in its effects but that the separate mind (even at soul levels) can still differentiateDiscipleship2, 494:and glamor by the power of the illumined mind - an illumination achieved through conflict and
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