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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MIND

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Externalisation, 269:manifesting Son of God. The point to bear in mind is that this Rider on the white horse is noExternalisation, 272:(liberty). Perhaps with these thoughts in mind, this first stanza of the new Invocation will assumeExternalisation, 273:this Invocation would be wise to bear this in mind or they may fail to see and recognize theExternalisation, 273:been carefully taught that the right use of the mind in meditation and reflection will lead to theExternalisation, 307:to the ideas that are formulated in the mind of their particular Master in response to avataricExternalisation, 307:and become at times direct expressions of His mind, His energy and His plans. This is the spiritualExternalisation, 324:It employs the dynamic will and the focused mind, and is intended to evoke response from the ForcesExternalisation, 324:war. A focused will or intention, a convinced mind, a dedicated desire and a planned activity areExternalisation, 335:and it will be of value if this is borne in mind by all of you in all work connected with the newExternalisation, 341:the psychological care of the youth, the sick in mind and the bewildered, and the re-enunciation ofExternalisation, 342:elsewhere. One thing you must constantly bear in mind. When the war is over, when this time ofExternalisation, 342:be evoked by the soul, as it dominates the human mind and controls the [343] personality. TheExternalisation, 346:more than the casual use of a current word in my mind when I talked to all of you in terms ofExternalisation, 347:the Full Moon of June. I would have you bear in mind that time and energy are interchangeable termsExternalisation, 347:These are the points I would have you bear in mind as you endeavor to work through and in theExternalisation, 348:[348] of Love. The point to be borne in mind is that light is substance, and the BuddhaExternalisation, 349:to Shamballa. This is the point to have in mind as you prepare for the Wesak Festival and attemptExternalisation, 350:It is these which I would ask you to have in mind from now until the Wesak Moon and on until afterExternalisation, 366:and it is for them I write. Please bear this in mind. I am not writing for technical experts andExternalisation, 371:not a vengeful exaction, and if this is borne in mind, no serious mistakes will be made. The GermanExternalisation, 380:is recognized and the need to sway the mass mind, either bending it to the will of some leader,Externalisation, 384:do the same, finding two other people of like mind with you to form a goodwill triangle of lightExternalisation, 399:would ask all of you, therefore, to have an open mind, to redouble your belief in the fact of theExternalisation, 409:to the greatly increased power of the human mind and the growing sensitivity of the human soul toExternalisation, 410:the national controller took possession of man's mind, and the Jehovah concept (as depicted in theExternalisation, 412:its rightful task. Through discrimination, the mind learns to select the good, the beautiful andExternalisation, 413:that our present ideas of God as the Universal Mind, as Love and as Will, may be enriched by a newExternalisation, 432:They are concerned with the ability of the mind, or of the mind principle, to react to truth or toExternalisation, 432:with the ability of the mind, or of the mind principle, to react to truth or to lies; the mysteryExternalisation, 437:impression. Have the following statement in mind: The focused and concentrated work of theExternalisation, 438:of the individualization of animal-man when the mind principle was implanted. This was the birthExternalisation, 439:of goodwill. Therefore, get this clearly in mind, so that your cooperation can be intelligent andExternalisation, 447:This is a point which you should bear in mind as you study and read reports of these variousExternalisation, 447:this will evoke results suited to the type of mind affected. Response will be compatible with theExternalisation, 462:and they can do little with the type of mind that is concentrated upon personal or group problemsExternalisation, 465:These Force work entirely upon the level of the mind and with the minds of men; it is their task toExternalisation, 466:masses. This is a major point to bear in mind. If the thinking and executive people of the worldExternalisation, 467:you must work for an open and receptive mind, free from prejudice or national bias; as individuals,Externalisation, 469:as a whole, will accept theologically. In the mind of the narrow, fundamentalist theologian, ChristExternalisation, 483:consideration. It is essential that we bear in mind, as we face the activities of the futureExternalisation, 488:words: From the point of Light within the Mind of God Let light stream forth into the minds of men.Externalisation, 510:public serves or is dominated by the concrete mind and is unable to grasp abstractions. It is theExternalisation, 524:place, and I would beg you to have this ever in mind. I will, therefore, give you whateverExternalisation, 526:compulsory in their effects. Therefore, bear in mind that the adjustments which the Hierarchy mayExternalisation, 526:present agency of salvage and of service is the mind, as it expresses Itself through the minds ofExternalisation, 532:(the trained utilization) of the abstract mind can possibly convey to you even an embryonic factualExternalisation, 534:extend away from time and space into the Mind of God Himself. Externalisation, 544:ridiculous belief that they know what is in the Mind of God may be offset, in order that theExternalisation, 549:is lacking today, even among those who see the Mind of Christ and the Plans of the Hierarchy asExternalisation, 552:It is with all these foregoing factors in mind that we [553] approach the next two great Festivals:Externalisation, 554:continue to invoke for many decades. From the Mind of God, Light will flow through Him to theExternalisation, 560:dependent upon your domination by the separative mind, for in reality the work and the activityExternalisation, 561:It is distinctive of the hierarchical type of mind: concerned with itself as a divine group,Externalisation, 563:to keep the following ideas constantly in mind; I will enumerate them sequentially and for the sakeExternalisation, 567:of humanity. Added to this, it must be borne in mind that we are entering another greater round ofExternalisation, 572:and inclusive consciousness, and a well-trained mind with an obedient brain. This stage ofExternalisation, 579:and free also to unfold the higher abstract mind and to interpret its conclusions through theExternalisation, 579:through the medium of the trained lower concrete mind. The united work of these three groups ofExternalisation, 583:a brain which is responsive to a well-developed mind. They will, normally and through naturalExternalisation, 584:comes; he regards it as an activity of his own mind acting as a directing agent in all the plannedExternalisation, 585:busy, energetic people, gifted with a good mind, profoundly interested in their chosen life taskExternalisation, 586:and the vital fresh concepts are foremost in his mind. [587] He almost automatically repudiates theExternalisation, 587:plans for the future, has a completely open mind as regards the growth of true psychic powers. HeExternalisation, 603:body, emotional controls and the obstructive mind. Its citizens are those who today (unknown to theExternalisation, 611:will see Him, every ear will hear Him, and every mind will pass judgment upon Him. Externalisation, 611:possible, surely, that the ancient truism, "the mind is the slayer of the real" may beExternalisation, 618:the acceptance and the development of a state of mind which will be founded on a belief in theExternalisation, 637:range action. I would ask you to have this in mind. The vision stands even when immediate action isExternalisation, 647:of the world. It is interesting to have in mind that today labor functions internationally; it is aExternalisation, 654:into effective service. It must be borne in mind that I am here referring to the use ofExternalisation, 655:is equipped; when combined with the energy of mind, it produces a magnetic personality, and this inExternalisation, 659:fruitful in results. It is well here to bear in mind that (to quote an old sentence by one of theExternalisation, 665:line with the divine Plan. It is well to bear in mind that all great movements on earth demonstrateExternalisation, 666:and of great importance in preparing men's mind for the return of the Christ and for the New AgeExternalisation, 675:modern civilization. I would have you bear in mind that all that I am here giving you anent energyExternalisation, 681:with the illumined and rightly oriented mind as the interpreter, the analyzer and the transmitter.Externalisation, 682:to the Christ, for it is in the solitude of the mind, and as far as possible in the solitude ofExternalisation, 694:mental levels. The possession of the abstract mind is not sufficient. It is useful, in that itExternalisation, 699:disappointed (so futile and silly is the human mind in so many cases) because I do not choose toExternalisation, 700:and serve the Hierarchy must ever have in mind and at [701] heart is the defeat of totalitarianism.Fire, vi:many cases the expression by the lower concrete mind (often with the insuperable restrictions ofFire, VII:she obtained through contact with the Tibetan's mind, of limitless vistas of spiritual truths whichFire, VII:safeguard against that quality of the concrete mind which constantly tends to produce sectarianism.Fire, viii:while of undoubted value in the training of the mind, is gradually being transcended. In its placeFire, xii:the Treatise deals primarily with the aspect of mind, with consciousness and with the higherFire, xiv:this treatise the student is asked to bear in mind certain things: That in dealing with theseFire, xiv:and the man who keeps the recollection in his mind that the truth is progressively revealed, itFire, xvii:(Secret Doctrine I. 112) II. The Fire of Mind or Solar Fire The fire of knowledge burns up allFire, xviii:F. The Law of Economy SECTION TWO - THE FIRE OF MIND - SOLAR FIRE Introductory Questions DivisionFire, xviii:Questions Division A. The Nature of Manas or Mind Division B. Manas as a cosmic, systemic and humanFire, xviii:elementals Division E. Motion on the plane of mind Division F. The Law of Attraction SECTION THREEFire, 26:time be lost for aeons." The obedient Sons of Mind connected with the Sons of Heart, and evolutionFire, 26:At the fourteenth seventh aeon, the Sons of Mind and Heart, absorbed by endless flame, will joinFire, 33:an elucidating nature, and which also, when the mind has familiarized itself with some of theFire, 38:may be regarded as the sumtotal of the sparks of mind, the fires of the mental bodies and theFire, 40:be said about this ray. It is the ray of cosmic mind and in its evolution parallels that of cosmicFire, 41:Rotary motion Economy Fire by friction. 2. Of Mind Love Intelligent Love Spiral cyclic motionFire, 41:The seven Builders are the Manasaputras, the Mind-born sons of Brahma, the third aspect. (S. D.,Fire, 44:of the intuition - Buddhi - Air. The Plane of mind - Mental - Fire. The Plane of desire - Astral -Fire, 44:in a twofold manner: First, as the Fire of Mind, the basis of all expression and in one peculiar
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