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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MIND

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Fire, 424:and study them separately, bearing ever in mind that: Each of them has swung into power duringFire, 425:in the third kingdom of nature. The spark of mind was implanted and the strength of its vibration,Fire, 427:Let us keep the numbering of the Rays clearly in mind. The numbers preceding the names have to doFire, 432:made anent the influence of this fourth Ray of mind, and primarily it might be pointed out thatFire, 433:This is a point of prime importance to bear in mind. His is the influence that leads to theFire, 438:of thought might eventuate if we ever bear in mind that all forms are dual, both in evolution andFire, 441:the seventh Ray (for it is necessary to keep in mind His dual position as one of the points of theFire, 441:action of the seventh, we may look to see the mind of man assume proportions, and attainFire, 442:with Him and this will be apparent if we bear in mind that the Lord of a plane is its embodiedFire, 442:the coherency of Their mutual work if we bear in mind that The Raja-Lord of a plane is the sumFire, 443:Fohat and His Brothers. When this is borne in mind it will be seen that each of the planetaryFire, 444:Life. Mahadeva. Spirit. With these thoughts in mind it should be possible to [445] see more clearlyFire, 448:essence they manipulate must ever be borne in mind. Finally. Certain Words or Mantric Sounds, 51Fire, 452:and Human Factor We must keep closely in mind (as we take up this matter of the incoming Ray andFire, 452:its influence) that We are only considering the mind [453] aspect in the three evolutions. I do notFire, 456:will not be so much on the development of mind, as it will be on the utilization of the concreteFire, 456:as it will be on the utilization of the concrete mind, and its acquired faculty, for theFire, 456:think in abstract terms, and to use the abstract mind. Their function will be to perfect (as far asFire, 465:will be brought about. It must ever be borne in mind that a building force is likewise a destroyingFire, 466:correspondence; the student should bear this in mind, and should therefore recollect that for allFire, 469:all that might be said. We should bear in mind that Karma is imposed upon the ensouling entityFire, 472:work which a man does with his body, speech or mind, whether it be just or unjust, has these fiveFire, 475:general outlines how it may be approached. The mind of the public turns naturally to theFire, 475:aim in view of the alleviation of poverty. The mind of the scientist seeks the universal solventFire, 475:the primordial base) the desired forms. The mind of the alchemist [476] searches for theFire, 482:soul. This distinction must be clearly borne in mind. It holds the clue to the non-interference ofFire, 483:aspect - internal and radiatory. The fires of mind. It is with these that transmutation concernsFire, 487:work of the second order. Only when the fires of mind in himself dominate, can he work with theFire, 487:postulates which must be carefully borne in mind when considering this question of transmutation.Fire, 504:the Logos is concerned, conjuring him to bear in mind that the analogy must ever be drawn with dueFire, 510:but for purposes of studying the aspects of mind, the above enumeration suffices. In the course ofFire, 513:[513] Therefore, it is necessary to bear in mind the relative importance of the permanent atom ofFire, 516:in deva essence, for it must ever be borne in mind that man is essentially (as regards the physicalFire, 521:Forces or Lives. We must bear this carefully in mind, remembering that to the occultist there is noFire, 522:of buddhi, intuition (Central) - Air. Plane of mind - Fire. Plane of desire - Astral Light. PlaneFire, 534:form, animated by purified desire, controlled by mind, and are the dispensers of love-wisdom byFire, 535:or of a system. This should ever be borne in mind. It is to be recognized that much that is writtenFire, 537:the question of the egoic Ray and the fire of mind from the subjective point of view, or in termsFire, 538:the fire of matter or substance and the fire of mind blended. This makes man the six-pointed StarFire, 538:for each of these fires is triple. The fire of mind is also in essence dual, bringing in anotherFire, 542:becomes sufficiently intense; when the fire of mind, or solar fire (which vitalizes the nineFire, 543:sphere in which they are contained; the fire of mind blends with its emanating source, and theFire, 543:on this subject of the egoic Ray and fire of mind, I would request the student to bear theFire, 543:the student to bear the following points in mind: First. That the order of the development of theFire, 545:of the radiatory fire come into action. Bear in mind here, that the permanent atoms are concernedFire, 546:personal application, the student should bear in mind the following facts: First, that according toFire, 547:These points should be carefully borne in mind by the student of egoic evolution. This wholeFire, 555:third factor of Initiation, it must be borne in mind that we are here considering only the greatFire, 557:buddhic plane the fourth cosmic ether. Bear in mind here that our astral plane is but the sixthFire, 560:them. Certain factors must be borne in mind as we consider these words "specific purpose." By theirFire, 561:grade work as mental creators), emanate from a mind, are built for the purpose of carrying out someFire, 561:evolution of a definite plan originating in the Mind of the Logos, and slowly, and cyclically,Fire, 563:lack the correlating faculty and as the spark of mind is missing, they are held free from the lawFire, 566:those who are self-conscious and are a blend of mind, spirit and objective form. Only theFire, 569:connection with manas, the fifth principle. The mind controls and stabilizes, and coherency is theFire, 572:next round, the fifth, the fifth principle of mind, or manas, will reach fruition. Fire, 572:assume first that a Builder, or some Creative Mind, is working to bring about an orderedFire, 572:universe is but the product of some subjective mind. Next we must posit that the material for theFire, 573:forget that three great symbols stand, in the mind of the Logos, for each of His three systems,Fire, 577:trace the underlying correspondence, bearing in mind always that all that can be done is to pointFire, 581:workings are more apparent to the average human mind in its manifestations at this time on theFire, 584:and the descending Monad, using the spark of mind as the method of at-one-ment. Again we can seeFire, 590:gave the impetus which produced the spark of mind in animal man - a fact well known. It is also theFire, 590:of peculiarly strong development of the concrete mind. The Law of Analogy always holds good. WithFire, 598:Nor is it possible for even the highest human mind in the three worlds to do more than sense andFire, 599:in this round two things happened - the spark of mind was implanted and the door was opened fromFire, 599:lower manas approximate, and where the concrete mind, meeting its highest development of thisFire, 601:second section we are dealing with the fire of mind. This section, together with the nineFire, 601:it we have dealt with the nature and function of mind and with the egoic ray. We have dealt also,Fire, 602:glory; He is the fire of matter and the fire of mind blended and fused; He is the intelligenceFire, 602:which throbs in every atom; He is the Mind that actuates the system; He is the fire of substanceFire, 605:subrace - The Teutonic and Anglo-Saxon. Concrete mind. The 5th group of Devas - Fire Devas of theFire, 607:Heavenly Men. The seven Rays. The seven types of Mind. The Heart of the Sun. The seven RaysFire, 608:Will. Mental body. Electric fire. Lower Mind. Thought. Love. Astral body. Solar fire. Kama. Desire.Fire, 608:ninefold unfoldment. It should ever be borne in mind that seven is the number which governs theFire, 608:the three aspects of the Logos, and will bear in mind that as yet all that he can ascertain orFire, 612:It is absolutely essential that students bear in mind here that we are studying the mystery ofFire, 613:The Solar Gods give him two principles: Lower mind Higher mind The Monad is the unified two highestFire, 613:Gods give him two principles: Lower mind Higher mind The Monad is the unified two highestFire, 615:The building devas 96 are the Ahhi, or Universal Mind. They contain within their consciousness theFire, 617:with the Solar Pitris or Angels, who give mind to man, and create the relatively permanent body ofFire, 620:man in their likeness. They could not give him mind. - S. D., II, 82. They build his external form.Fire, 620:thou must destroy thy lunar body, cleanse thy mind body, and make clean thy heart." Fire, 621:who work in the three worlds, we must bear in mind the following statements: The First Statement.Fire, 622:or Second Aspect. The chief "Soul" is Manas, or mind." - S. D., II. 521. Fire, 625:Secret Doctrine. 3 We should therefore bear in mind that [626] the Deva Lords, Agni, Varuna,Fire, 629:atom. This needs to be carefully borne in mind and pondered upon. The seven Rays are the sumtotalFire, 630:or analogy, even further back and thus bear in mind the resemblance between microcosmic andFire, 640:with fire. - S. D., I, 112. The developing mind is cosmic fire. - S. D., I, 114. Fire, 645:out for himself, begging him again to bear in mind that we are dealing with the devas on theFire, 647:become apparent. It should also be borne in mind that these basic centers, wherein the [648]Fire, 664:Wheel produced the third." This conveys to the mind of the occultist the knowledge [665] that inFire, 666:of both evolutions. It should be borne in mind, as earlier pointed out, that: [667] Man isFire, 667:the first plane. They are the reflectors of the mind of God of which the first order is theFire, 668:met with in occult books. It should be borne in mind that the equilibrizing [669] type of force (atFire, 672:His Own high plane. We must ever keep clearly in mind that we are dealing in this section with theFire, 676:They might be enumerated as follows, bearing in mind the fact that we are but touching upon a fewFire, 678:coming in of the seventh. It should be borne in mind by all students when considering the planes,Fire, 683:Logos Himself. The student must here bear in mind the fact that the mental plane is the firstFire, 685:physical atom of the infant. It must be borne in mind that just as in each round all the preceding
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