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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MIND

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Glamour, 61:a very highly developed soul contact, a potent mind control, a trained intelligence, a purifiedGlamour, 62:the idea. Its cause is a small and non-inclusive mind. Its cure is the training of the mind to beGlamour, 62:mind. Its cure is the training of the mind to be inclusive, well-stocked and well developed fromGlamour, 63:he should be working. The over-activity of his mind is probably responsible for his so seizing uponGlamour, 63:demonstrate this over-fertile, over-active mind, and arrive at no good constructive objectives, orGlamour, 64:a trained and rhythmic activity of the soul and mind, working always in the closest collaboration.Glamour, 65:I have referred above) is over-dominant in his mind. I could continue enlarging on the ways wherebyGlamour, 66:the mental plane can no longer deceive him. His mind is a pure instrument for the reflection ofGlamour, 66:illusion. It is the definition of the illusory mind upon the mental plane of that which we call theGlamour, 66:then regarded as consisting essentially of soul-mind-brain, within the body nature. This is a greatGlamour, 67:the thought-form-making propensities of the mind, so that light can flow directly, and without anyGlamour, 69:it, have the task of releasing soul energy and mind potency. Among these pioneering souls youGlamour, 73:two things: Stand in spiritual being. Keep the mind steady in the light. From this it will beGlamour, 73:by the bringing in of the higher energy of the mind, motivated by the soul. The glamors which holdGlamour, 75:center around substantial effects. Bear this in mind and sit not in the seat of the judge or theGlamour, 76:Thus he is liberated to live the life of the mind. Glamour, 79:of the disciple in the world of the illumined mind will dissipate this glamor which is part of theGlamour, 81:Only as the disciple learns to hold his mind "steady in the light," and as the rays of pure lightGlamour, 81:intuition must be cultivated and the illumined mind developed, asking yourselves if those purposesGlamour, 81:is illusion overcome by the use of the illumined mind. The intuition is a higher power than is theGlamour, 81:The intuition is a higher power than is the mind, and is a faculty latent in the Spiritual Triad;Glamour, 81:will then be as easily operative as is the mind principle in the case of an actively intelligentGlamour, 82:and they must cultivate the power to use the mind as a reflector of soul light, turning it upon theGlamour, 82:of glamor. It requires a quiet withdrawing in mind and thought and desire from the world in whichGlamour, 83:faculty of the intuition. It is the illumined mind which dissipates glamor. I would like here toGlamour, 83:in the soul, whereas they really need to use the mind correctly. When one is in the midst of fogsGlamour, 83:the effect of hard straight thinking, using the mind as the instrument whereby glamor can beGlamour, 83:to an intensification of the difficulty. The mind is the means whereby light can be brought to bearGlamour, 83:The process is one of linking up the mind with the soul and then focusing oneself consciously andGlamour, 83:oneself consciously and with precision in the mind nature or in the mental body, and not in theGlamour, 89:control. Students would do well to bear this in mind and to ponder upon the following phrases:Glamour, 99:glamor by dwelling in the light and holding the mind steady in that light, and by learning to throwGlamour, 100:the ancient way of Raja Yoga and bring in the mind as a dispelling agency and thus learn to standGlamour, 103:the final three initiations. You must bear in mind that none of these three stages are, in reality,Glamour, 107:racial consciousness became more subtle and the mind factor slowly became more active, then glamorGlamour, 110:beings. There is then a growing demand for that mind nature to be developed and brought into playGlamour, 110:them behind. He accomplishes this by using the mind as a distributor of the light which reveals theGlamour, 112:in their consciousness. This means that the mind factor is awakening and thus constituting aGlamour, 115:potent thralldom. [115] But it must be borne in mind that when a man is nearing the stage ofGlamour, 116:of God? [116] Many such questions arise in the mind of the aspirant. They indicate dilemma,Glamour, 116:of the lower mental nature, of the chitta or mind-stuff of which the mental body is composed. ThisGlamour, 124:are developed from the moment of impressing the mind of some intuitive? Broadly speaking, they passGlamour, 127:two things emerge with startling clarity in his mind: The significance of his own nature, with itsGlamour, 131:and studied in their relation to the [131] Mind of God Himself and to the planetary kingdoms. TheseGlamour, 135:and formulated thought-forms dominate the mind of an individual, a race or humanity in general, toGlamour, 135:an illusion for as long as they control the mind and method of life. They prevent the free play ofGlamour, 139:of the light (emanating from the soul, via the mind) upon the state of glamor - particular orGlamour, 140:define illumination, asking you to bear in mind that we are not here dealing with the illuminationGlamour, 143:to the world of glamor and with the eye of your mind focused on the soul, whose nature is LOVE. LetGlamour, 144:disclose. When this is clearly defined in your mind and inspired by your desire and force, and whenGlamour, 144:when subjected to the potency of the informative mind, for the mind is essentially the subduer ofGlamour, 144:to the potency of the informative mind, for the mind is essentially the subduer of emotion throughGlamour, 145:admit mistakes, and this the false pride of the mind will not permit. Again, I would assure youGlamour, 145:in releasing the illuminating power of the "mind, as it reflects and transmits the light of theGlamour, 147:you have freed yourselves - emotions and mind - from any latent antagonisms, from any hatreds, fromGlamour, 152:of the Dweller truly arise, and only when the mind is alert and the intelligence organized (as isGlamour, 155:to steady the Dweller (by learning to "hold the mind steady in the light" and thus controlling theGlamour, 156:rays of the physical body, the astral ray, the mind ray, the personality ray and the soul ray. TheGlamour, 156:for transmutation into love-wisdom. The Mind ray - 5th - scientific achievement. The Astral ray -Glamour, 156:Personality ray - 5th - basic and determining. Mind ray - 4th - the creative effect. Astral ray -Glamour, 171:Light. By means of this technique, the illumined mind assumes control over the astral or emotionalGlamour, 172:subject, the student has three things to bear in mind: the existence of the Intuition, the fact ofGlamour, 172:which has been revealed, but it must be borne in mind that illusion is primarily concerned with theGlamour, 172:is primarily concerned with the reaction of the mind to the unfolding revelation, [173] as the soulGlamour, 173:self. Illusion is, therefore, the failure of the mind correctly to register, to interpret orGlamour, 173:factor of the gradual development of the human mind through the processes of evolution itself. ThisGlamour, 173:as the innate capacity of that which we call the mind, the chitta, or mind stuff, to become moreGlamour, 173:of that which we call the mind, the chitta, or mind stuff, to become more and more sensitive to theGlamour, 173:impression from the higher worlds of being. The mind is the instrument which registers the processGlamour, 173:of illusion, the instrumental nature of the mind must be remembered and its power to registerGlamour, 174:is the evolutionary process itself whereby the mind of the individual has been gradually unfoldedGlamour, 175:has led to the steady perfecting of the mind with its perception, apprehension, analysis andGlamour, 175:into the world of reality. The lower use of the mind and its processes of unfoldment have producedGlamour, 175:illusion whilst the unfoldment of the higher mind and, later, its use as the transmitter of theGlamour, 178:the thought-form-building activity of the lower mind. The masses are just beginning to use thatGlamour, 178:The masses are just beginning to use that lower mind and illusion is, therefore, for them aGlamour, 178:which all teachers of occultism should have in mind. It is essential consequently that the massesGlamour, 179:the Higher Evolution. [179] The holding of the mind steady in the light of the soul, which remainsGlamour, 179:careful preparation. Fire is the symbol of the mind and these are the first three stages of theGlamour, 181:some world problem, some design which his mind has evolved or his heart desired for the helping ofGlamour, 181:the light of the personal self, focused in the mind, the light of the soul, focused in the Angel,Glamour, 181:will suddenly dawn upon the disciple's waiting mind (which still remains the agent of reception)Glamour, 182:the influence of the Angel. The turning of the mind to the formulation of those forms of thoughtGlamour, 184:the power to recognize that which the lower mind cannot give him. Some thought of revealingGlamour, 184:for the helping of the many, may drop into his mind; some new light upon an old, old truth mayGlamour, 184:must also be the steady development of the human mind so that it can grasp and apprehend what isGlamour, 189:thousand years ago, and the development of man's mind and his responsiveness to truth has grownGlamour, 191:of their own life by the use of the light of the mind. The light of knowledge is a major dispellingGlamour, 192:to supersede the activity of the rationalizing mind and to dispel illusion, substituting for thatGlamour, 192:Masters, it should be remembered, only use the mind for two activities: [193] To reach the minds ofGlamour, 193:of an instrument similar to the disciple's mind. To create thought-forms on concrete levels whichGlamour, 193:of Light is more closely related to the mind and signifies the method whereby the illuminationGlamour, 194:light concerned is soul light, illuminating the mind and bringing about revelation of the world ofGlamour, 194:intuition is to the world of meaning what the mind is to the three worlds of experience. ItGlamour, 194:brings a knowledge of the astral plane; the mind brings intellectual perception, but all three areGlamour, 195:though necessary and inevitable when the mind controls) must be carefully considered. DisciplesGlamour, 197:untidily they will turn "the searchlight of the mind, reflecting the light of the sun but at theGlamour, 198:"Lead us from darkness to light" refers to the mind as it becomes eventually illumined by the lightGlamour, 201:to dissipate and can use the illumined mind as a searchlight. They will count among their numbersGlamour, 202:distinction from the animal, because it is the mind which reveals the existence of desire. The
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