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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MIND

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Healing, 379:and terms. There is no seed thought in her mind on which I can work or from which I can expand theHealing, 396:This should be remembered. In the interim where mind is not normally telepathic, there may beHealing, 401:gift to humanity is a developed and cultured mind, and that those who possess this gift areHealing, 404:(through the medium of the interpretive lower mind), usually have no sense of time. The initiateHealing, 408:theory) the levels on which the concrete, lower mind functions, the emotional nature reacts to theHealing, 409:the "kama-manasic body" or the vehicle of desire-mind. I have said elsewhere that there is no suchHealing, 409:a principle, so the astral body - as far as the mind nature is concerned - is in the same category.Healing, 412:will be no question in anyone's mind that the discarding of the physical body will leave a manHealing, 413:in the New Age, Vol. I: You must always bear in mind that the consciousness remains the sameHealing, 415:workings are more apparent to the average human mind in its manifestations at this time on theHealing, 424:phenomenon upon the planet. Bear that in mind. The act of dying is the great universal ritual whichHealing, 424:creation. The impulsive, directive force is the mind of God, of the planetary Logos, as He pursuesHealing, 425:as entered upon through the insistence of the mind in its higher and lower aspects, is beginning toHealing, 432:inward or to a new orientation of the human mind, with unpredictable results. The basis of all warsHealing, 435:be later mastered. One point must be borne in mind. The words "earth to earth and dust to dust," soHealing, 436:more surely and more sanely take shape in your mind. Seek to arrive at a new slant upon the subjectHealing, 438:no matter how clear the rationalizing of the mind may be anent immortality, no matter howHealing, 443:the omniscience of the soul, working through the mind - not by its omnipotence. In this is to beHealing, 446:is literally a sleep and a forgetting, for the mind is not sufficiently awakened to react, and theHealing, 447:of that which can effect a change." Bearing in mind what I have elsewhere given, it is obvious thatHealing, 449:the significance of this may come if you bear in mind that our seven planes are only the sevenHealing, 453:death ensues and the disintegration of that mind-image, the body, takes place. - Page 397. ThereHealing, 453:of light and of life. It should ever be borne in mind, however, that for the two aspects their ownHealing, 459:Know thyself to be the undying One. Control thy mind, for through that mind the undying One can beHealing, 459:undying One. Control thy mind, for through that mind the undying One can be known. Learn that theHealing, 468:second by the Word. The writing which I have in mind concerns the light, and the Word whichHealing, 468:the form or focuses it within the form. "Bear in mind, O Chela, that within the known spheresHealing, 473:your mental integrity, it will indicate an open mind, and at the same time it will protect you fromHealing, 475:death once and for all removed from the racial mind - the friends and relatives of the departingHealing, 487:practically non existent, though the "sons of mind" had their place on what is today the higherHealing, 488:differs in each case. I would have you bear in mind that where there is no physical brain and whereHealing, 488:where there is no physical brain and where the mind is undeveloped, the inner man finds himselfHealing, 489:He withdraws gradually and steadily into the mind body, and the astral body esoterically "dropsHealing, 490:the inner man. He can now stand, a free son of mind, within the Ashram of his Master and "shall noHealing, 494:into the stage where he knows - because the mind is now more incisive and dominating - that he isHealing, 494:but he is also conscious of himself and of his mind (or of the measure of manasic life developed)Healing, 498:of the integrated personality focused in the mind and achieving a constantly growing rapport withHealing, 498:into and absorbed by the soul. In this stage of mind development and of constant mental controlHealing, 498:the illusory astral body is dominated now by the mind, and the urges towards the satisfaction ofHealing, 499:of soul intention which subordinates the mind to its purposes. When this point in evolution isHealing, 499:light of mental substance. Later, when soul and mind are establishing a close rapport, the light ofHealing, 500:of the discriminative sense, developed as the mind assumes increasing control - an [501] awakeningHealing, 501:form has served its purpose. The principle of mind (the fifth principle. A.A.B.) then organizesHealing, 505:The significance of integration. The state of mind of the soul. The elimination of the thought-formHealing, 506:well-known personal self. It must be borne in mind that the life of a personality falls into theHealing, 508:stage and rightly so. The integration of the mind, the emotional nature and the brain is the majorHealing, 508:is a personality, with all the powers of his mind dedicated to evil purposes, with the emotionalHealing, 510:VII - The Processes of Integration The State of Mind of the Soul And whilst all these phases,Healing, 510:of all, a recognition of the three aspects of mind which are to be found upon what we call theHealing, 511:call the mental plane: [511] The lower concrete mind, which is the attitude of thought held by theHealing, 511:back to its originating source. The Son of Mind, the soul, the product of the thought of theHealing, 511:the product of the thought of the Universal Mind, the thinking, perceiving, discriminating,Healing, 511:aspect of the One Life is characterized by pure mind, pure reason, pure love and pure will. A "LordHealing, 511:higher planes of expression? The higher abstract mind which is to the soul what the lowest aspectHealing, 511:in the knowledge petals, is to the concrete mind. This abstract mind is the lowest aspect of theHealing, 511:petals, is to the concrete mind. This abstract mind is the lowest aspect of the Spiritual Triad.Healing, 512:about still higher activities. The state of mind of the soul during the processes of lowerHealing, 514:and three things then happen: The lower concrete mind becomes subject to illumination from theHealing, 514:awakening state of awareness, as the lower mind develops; the man no longer drifts - asleep andHealing, 515:done very briefly) two things must be borne in mind: That we are considering solely an idea in theHealing, 515:That we are considering solely an idea in the mind of the soul and dealing with the basic fact ofHealing, 515:on the Threshold, the attitude or state of mind has been inadequately portrayed as one of completeHealing, 517:registered in the brain consciousness or in the mind of the illumined personality. Theoretically,Healing, 517:the serving disciple in the three worlds, using mind, emotions and physical body to carry outHealing, 523:in form. This must be most carefully borne in mind. Disease is something which attacks theHealing, 523:law, and this you must have most carefully in mind. It is with these laws that the true healer mustHealing, 531:expression and indicate the ability of the human mind to search, to record, to discover and toHealing, 535:form has served its purpose. The principle of mind then organizes itself and then repeats thatHealing, 539:the transfer of energy from the soul to the mind, and from the mind to the astral body, and fromHealing, 539:energy from the soul to the mind, and from the mind to the astral body, and from thence to theHealing, 540:higher impressions which might come through from mind or soul bodies are quite unable to do so.Healing, 544:to remember and for the healer to bear in mind is that disease has its roots in the past (a groupHealing, 547:which the will works, and with this in your mind, relate the information given you anent Law One inHealing, 547:and an emerging technique will take shape in his mind and greatly increase his effective service.Healing, 548:facts: The fact of the soul, working through The mind and the astral body, whose energies conditionHealing, 551:other types. One reason for this is that his mind and his emotions present no real obstacles, andHealing, 553:to practice as a soul and also as a perceptive mind. [554] Another point should here be noted. OneHealing, 555:and one which must be most carefully borne in mind. The healer, therefore, uses two centers,Healing, 556:with himself: Rapid alignment between soul, mind, head center and physical brain. The use of theHealing, 556:head center and physical brain. The use of the mind, illumined by the soul, in the psychologicalHealing, 562:also in a dream life which links the brain, the mind and the organs of generation closely togetherHealing, 563:(as I have pointed out elsewhere) to bear in mind conditions which have been inherited fromHealing, 571:in relation to buddhi) referring to the higher mind and to man as he finally will appear. In theHealing, 571:and the left eye directs the energy of the lower mind. In between these two directing eyes is to beHealing, 574:there retained. It must therefore be borne in mind that this phase of the healer's work falls intoHealing, 577:cause and effect; the relating agent is ever the mind. In old Lemuria and Atlantis the mind wasHealing, 577:ever the mind. In old Lemuria and Atlantis the mind was practically entirely quiescent and notHealing, 577:interpretation of these rules (based on the mind principle) is now in order, and with this we shallHealing, 580:and when the astral body is quiescent and the mind is active as a transmitter of soul energy to theHealing, 583:for all future work. The main point to bear in mind is that this rule relates entirely to theHealing, 588:when brought into relation with the point of mind, with the third aspect of divinity, produce theHealing, 588:is demonstrated in the planet will, love, and mind or intelligence; or atma-buddhi-manas. As theHealing, 588:or karmically present in all substance, manas or mind; this is inherited or held in solution inHealing, 589:Its reaction produces what we call the higher mind, which is of so subtle a nature and so tenuousHealing, 589:impact on the three worlds; the concrete mind and the human intellect come into expression. ThereHealing, 589:is as follows: The monad - Abstract mind. The soul - Egoic lotus. The personality - Lower orHealing, 589:Egoic lotus. The personality - Lower or concrete mind. That vague abstraction, the monad, for aeonsHealing, 590:close fusion [590] or at-one-ment. The abstract mind remains also for aeons of time somethingHealing, 590:man who is kama-manasic (or emotion and lower mind) and then finally soul and concrete mind (or theHealing, 590:lower mind) and then finally soul and concrete mind (or the illuminator and the transmitter of
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